Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Talk to me (Gwevan closed)

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Mari Caldwell
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PostSubject: Talk to me (Gwevan closed)   Sat Nov 22, 2014 10:38 am

Evan Caldwell stood in the bedroom he'd shared with his wife since they'd gotten married and reminisced. Gwen was out so he was alone. Closing his eyes he took a deep breath, the smell of her perfume still hanging in the air. He opened them again and his eyes fell on the shelf of home videos dating back to when they were 18 and 20. He could remember like it was yesterday.

Meeting her. Getting drunk in the train to Hogwarts and playing truth or dare, continueing their game in the room of requirement and just falling asleep with her in his arms. The look on her face that Christmas when he first told her that he loved her after they'd spent the night together, fully together, for the first time.

Making their first home video in a hotel room...

He found himself sitting on the edge of their bed and staring at the screen, at an 18 year old Gwen. They were in a hotel room in Hogsmeade, on her hogsmeade weekend, the girl was sat beside him on the bed, four months along and positively glowing, wearing a simple strapless dress. That and the image of his nineteen year old self in boxers reminded him of what they'd been doing prior. But Evan was ripped from his thoughts when he heard his young, then, girlfriend speaking.

"Hey Faith! It's so weird to use a name."
she looked at him, uncertain and excited, "Im your-your Mommy as you know. The handsome bum next to me-hey!" He watched as his younger self poked her teasingly and she laughed, holding both of his hands.

"The poking person here is your Daddy.
" The camera focused on a self conscious expression framed by shaggy blonde hair, smiling slightly at the camera.

"Uh.. well. I.."
Evan remembered how insecure he'd felt, speaking to their unborn daughter for the first time.

"I wonder how old you're going to be when you see this. Don't worry, you got your good looks from me."
The young man joked before growing more serious, "Nah. If you're lucky, you look like your beautiful mom."

"Anyways, to future Gwen... I love you, and you'll always look hot to me. Just as I know I'll always look hot for you. How lucky of you. All I know is, my wheelchair is better then yours. Love you!"

"That's my favorite,"
A soft voice spoke from the doorway, bring Evan back to reality, to his wife standing in the doorway. "That was the first time you told me you wanted to grow old with me," Gwen continued, walking closer, arms crossed loosely, "Funny thing was no matter how many birthdays passed...I never felt like we were growing old. Until now. Ev..."

Then man sat somewhat slumped, the video paused on Gwen kissing his younger self deeply, staring at it longingly, tear tracks marking his cheeks. His wife said his name again, softly, kneeling at his feet, hands on his knee.

"I miss her, Gwen."
He choked out, before the tears ran freely and his shoulders shook, Gwen wrapping her arms around his waist, her head on his lap, tears in her eyes. "Our baby girl..." He sobbed, clutching his wife closely, incoherant, holding her for hours. Apologizing over and over, shaking and letting go of all the hurt he'd bottled up since Faith's betrayal.

The couple remained in each other arms, laying on their bed and talking. As he gently pushed a stray curl behind Gwens ear he kissed her cheek, smiling at her for the first time in a long, long time. "You don't look old, Gwen, you're still as beautiful as you were that day we met." Gwen gave a watery chuckle and kissed him firmly, feeling their flame ignite again, just like they were supposed to.

Their Happily Ever After was back where it belonged.

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Talk to me (Gwevan closed)
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