Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Old and New (One Shot)

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Mari Caldwell
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PostSubject: Old and New (One Shot)   Sat Aug 02, 2014 11:06 am

Marilyn bit her lip as she stared at the letter that had just arrived from her grandparents. The heavy stationary and Caldwell Crest at the top caught the light and illuminated the ink from behind.
“Dearest Lynnie,
Your uncle Jamie has sought us out, he’s been looking for you since he found out about Faith and Mona’s abhorrent the issue with Faith, Mona and the twins, but obviously thanks to our security he hasn’t been successful. He asked us for help and this is why I’m writing this. He misses you, Lynnie, and he wishes to help and support you. He says you’re family and as we’ve said many times, Familia Omnia est.  We are to ask if you would like to see him and if he could come to your apartment. The decision is entirely yours. We expect your answer and hope you are well. Your grandfather and I hope to see you soon.
Love always,
The witch had responded the day before and now was expecting Jamie to arrive any moment. Marilyn hadn’t had to tidy up the flat because it was never messy, so she’d just sat on the couch with Jagger sitting at her feet, head on her lap. She was nervous, a feeling that was more foreign than familiar. The entire business with her… former family had been as traumatizing as her year of torture and mostly the witch preferred to just pretend it hadn’t happened and just go on with her life. She still had her grandparents, though she did miss her Grandfather Felipe, who’d taken off the night she had run away.  The only thing she’d done that was close to acknowledging the break in the family had been her trip to Salem to collect some old possessions after the four women had left to New Zealand. And those things were in boxes in her Grandparents manor’s attic. Her flat was completely new, everything was. It made it easier, not seeing old things, to ignore the horrific events in her life.
The prospect of seeing Jamie brought up the fear that when he’d see her- when she’d see him, he’d fall onto the same track the twins had and blame her for, well, everything.
*knock knock*
The witch took a deep breath and opened the door to reveal a scruffy, yet elegantly dressed man in his late thirties, blue eyes meeting hers as he froze for a moment. Marilyn smoothed her dress absently and cleared her throat, *Are you going to stand there all day or do you want to come in?* she asked, falling into their usual French as an attempt to show him that she wasn’t all different and to diffuse the tension. Luckily that snapped him out of it and he grinned briefly, stepping inside and then pulling her in to a tight hug, holding her close. *Je suis désolé, Darling. Donc, désolé.*  Marilyn just relaxed into his embrace and had to screw up her expression to keep from tearing up, a huge burden suddenly lifted from her chest and overwhelming her as he moved them to the couch, still holding her. *Ce n'était pas votre faute. Rien de tout cela était.* It was like she was six again and her sisters had gotten her in trouble and he was comforting her. Jake had been her main source of comfort for so long, but she refused to burden him with anything if she could help it. But this was Jamie, her uncle, who’d seen her grow up. Who’d known the before and now the after. This was different.
So eventually she let the tears come and cried herself out and Jamie stayed and listened and reassured her when she’d fallen silent that she was loved and wanted and that it was absolutely not her fault. He let her fall asleep after hours and hours of talking and listening on both sides and made her dinner when she woke up a little while later, her dog by her side. It was as comfortable between them as it had always been and the witch could not have been more relieved.
“Nice bear you got there, what’s his name?” Jamie teased as they ate. Mari smiled and rubbed Jagger’s ears fondly, “His name’s Jagger, he’s a Newfoundland. Therapist thought he’d be a good idea and for once they were right.” Jamie smiled and nodded, then noticing a picture of Marilyn with another wizard of similar age that was on the counter. “So, who’s this one then? Therapist think he’d be good, too?” The witch nearly choked on her food, “Oh, no, it’s not- not like that. I mean, he’s my best friend. Jake Newbury.” The quidditch player?” his eyes widened, looking over the photograph again. Sure enough it was him... “Yep” Marilyn affirmed, not looking up from her food, “So how’s Cassandra doing?” she asked, trying to distract from the topic of Jake.
Jamie smiled sheepishly, “Cassie’s good. Weeeelll…we’re good. More than good, I mean. Still fight but that’s just us, but we moved in together. You sure that you and Jake aren’t-“
“100%. He just got out of a really long relationship and we are friends. Jake was- is absolutely invaluable in my recovery. He’s just always been there the whole time. Helped me train for the Auror program, helped me get on my feet again…” she trailed off before looking up at her uncle who had a familiar glint of mischief in his eyes. *oh taire.*
The rest of the evening was light, relaxing and in general a very pleasant experience. When the wizard left it was with the promise of visiting soon, maybe bringing Cassie and going to lunch. And that night as Marilyn went to bed she could feel a piece of herself snapping back into place.

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Old and New (One Shot)
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