Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Thana's findings. (Thana one shot)

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Thana Semele
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PostSubject: Thana's findings. (Thana one shot)   Mon Jun 23, 2014 6:44 am

Thana had decided to try and find out more about her history. Her parents, the Faowinds either couldn't, or they didn't tell her about her family. She didn't want to ask them anyway, all she knew was that her file was kept secret. She could understand her file being a secret..But not her parents. One way or another she was going to find out. She knew the one person that might let her go to the Ministry on a day when she didn't need to..Professor Aza.

Thana didn't want to go to Headmaster Holmes, it wasn't that she didn't like him. She did, she loved the way he taught. But she didn't want him to know about her search. Professor Aza knew of her past, and Thana hoped she would let her go. There was only one way to find out.

Thana snuck out after hours and went down to the Herbology Greenhouses, she used her Isolde to open the lock and walked in. She went to one of her favourite plants. It was WolfBane, since she had arrived the plant had thrived. She knew Professor Aza worked late.

She went and found her Professor, "Excuse me Professor" Thana said to the woman.

"Yes? Oh its you Thana, shouldn't you be inside the castle and asleep?" Professor Aza asked.

"Yes I am Professor, but there was something I had to ask..And it couldn't wait" Thana explained. "Professor I need permission to visit the Ministry" she said, "I need to find out about my family " Thana explained. "Please Professor" Thana said, the desperation clearly in her voice.

"Very well, I will give you permission. You may go when you have time" Professor Aza told her, Thana just nodded in appreciation. "But you have to go back to your dorm NOW" Professor Aza ordered.

"Thankyou Professor" Thana said. Before going back to her dorm, she hardly slept that night. She was too nervous. Thana got up before the crack of dawn and left, catching the train to the ministry. She went and spoke to some people, getting permission to go to the Department of Mysteries. Thana knew there was a department down there that she might get some answers from.

Thana went deep into the Ministry, past rooms that shouldn't exist. Thana went deeper and deeper, finally arriving at the room she wanted. She nodded to the guard, then went in. She jumped. Happily falling, she landed perfectly at the bottom of the room. It was very far underground. Further than what was believed. She had arrived at the Historical room, it had taken a lot of asking to even be told this room actually existed. It had only been rumoured.

She went to the restricted section, of a restricted section of a restricted section. It made her almost smile that thought. She went in. Not expecting a ...thing to be there.

"Who are you?" the blue thing asked. It had shape yet was shapeless, Thana felt curious. "Why have you come here??" The THING asked.

"My name is Thana--" Thana started. The thing interrupted. "I who you are, not your fake name" the thing said. Thana tried again. "My name was Emily-'' Yet again she was interrupted. "I know of your birth name, I care not. I know who you are called, who you served. I shall ask again. WHO ARE YOU?" The blue thing repeated. Thana/Emily didn't understand.

Thana thought over the question, before it clicked. "Your not asking my name, you are asking WHO I am" Thana stated.
"Now you are getting it" the thing told her.
Thana thought carefully before answering. "I am and have been many things, I am the darkness that haunts you, the horror old wives and widows dare not speak of. I am the Monster young children are warned of. I am pain, I am misery. I am DEATH" Thana told the thing. The thing disappeared for a moment, pulsating ..glowing......

"What are you now?" the thing asked her. Thana thought carefully once again. She didn't know of what she was now. Her memories of  her new time flashed through her head. Brooke, her house, the mysterious boy Thana felt a different connection with Apollo, Lucas, Skye...Professor Jake, failing his class....Shivia....Kedzie, Shawn Travers, Joe, Tristan, Louise, Professor Aza, ....There were others Thana thought about as well.

Thana thought of her new identity, the people she now knew, Keeping her secret...the struggle of keeping her powers under control. Acting normal, her scars. The smallest things meant so much to Thana now.  She looked forward to getting Apollo's letters, and Lucas's healing, sneaking out at night to go to the werewolf packs. Anything.  
 Thana finally answered the thing. "I am a new start, I am friends, I am ...I am hope Thana told the thing. The thing answered her.

"You are many things now young Celtic Woman, you have proved your heart. What is it you wish to know?" The thing asked Thana.  Thana told her heart what she really wanted. "Who were my parents?" she asked the thing. The thing disappeared again before answering.

Of a different age, of a different time.
The first one to hear the beginning bells chime,
Things of Blood and of a worthless dime,
The new ones shall wipe out the old blood crime.
To find the answer you do seek,
Unto the past you must speak,
Red Blood and Valeryian Peak.  

The thing told her. Thana listened carefully, remembering all of the words.

Thana knew that would be all the thing would tell her. "Thankyou" she told the thing. She was about to leave when she had a question for the thing. "WHO ARE YOU?" Thana asked the thing. The thing disappeared again, "I know the gift you bear, I am an essence of a time long gone. I like you, am a relic of another time. " The thing told her then closed the door behind Thana.

Thana went back to Hogwarts, with knowledge in her head. And a pride in her heart. She had found herself. She knew she would have to figure out the riddle. But for now, she was contented. She went back to Hogwarts, she was different to the girl that left in the morning. She was older, wiser.  For the first time Thana was happy. She knew it wouldn't last, but for now she would make the most of it.

A/n I have permission to GM Prof. Aza XD


Thanks Jules for the sig!

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Thana's findings. (Thana one shot)
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