Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 ShadowBane Breakup. (TW Fighting and breakup)

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Thana Semele
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Wormwood Prefect
Thana Semele

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PostSubject: ShadowBane Breakup. (TW Fighting and breakup)    Wed Aug 27, 2014 6:20 am

Thana had had enough, Lucas couldn't help but be annoying! Every five minutes he was checking on her to make sure she was okay, he wouldn't even let her lift weights. He constantly stopped her from hanging out with her friends and everyone that was there. He even tried to make her take naps. She was sick of him treating her like she was useless. Yes she been stabbed, yes she had been hurt.

She didn't need him treating her like a useless child. Thana tried to escape him by going to the West Wing, the one place she had banned everyone from going. Lucas broke the rules, he followed her up one night to speak to her. The one person who she had trusted to obey her rules, because he knew more than the others what it meant to her. She heard him come in and immediately went off at him. "One place, the one place I ask anyone NOT to come and you can't obey it Lucas? " She asked, hurt more than anything.

I...I just wanted to make sure you were alrig-

"You've been making sure I've been alright since I got released from St Mungo's I can look after myself!" Thana retaliated, Lucas simply stared. They never fought, never.

Thana you don't know what your saying, its understandable you were attacked you poor thing Lucas said softly, earning a glare from Thana.

"LUCAS ENOUGH! I do not want your help! Do you not see that? I am not a poor thing! I am more than capable of looking after myself! Just leave me alone!" She yelled, getting furious at him.

I am just trying to look after you, please ....Get some sleep for the night, you have to get ready to back to school. We are going to have to figure out how we are going to deal with your

"LUCAS THERE IS NO "WE" I am not going back to Hogwarts. Do you not understand that? I don't want your help!" She said, throwing an envelope on the table. In It was her acceptance letter to Salem. "IM TRANSFERRING AND GETTING THE HELL AWAY FROM YOU!" she said, Lucas tried to touch her, to calm her down. It only made her more angry, she stormed down past everyone. Past the lower levels and out into the night, Lucas followed.

Thana wait! Thana please stop! Lucas yelled, too much exercise would send off a trigger which would be extremely painful for her.

"NO LUCAS YOU STOP! LEAVE ME ALONE! I DONT WANT TO BE NEAR YOU ANYMORE! I DONT WANT YOU TO LOOK AFTER ME! YOU LEFT ME ONCE! NOW I AM LEAVING YOU!" she said, as he tried to calm her down. Thana quickly lost control, the wolf in her coming out. She changed into her Wolf form, she growled at him and advanced. All shred of niceness gone.

Lucas backed up, Thana had never taken wolf form in front of him. True he had seen her in her form, as she had seen his arms change. But she had never actually turned in front of him, nor ever advanced on him growling. He sadly looked down, admitting defeat. He didn't want any more damage to be done that what had already been.

Thana stopped advancing, but not growling. Her teeth were bared and she was angry, after she saw that Lucas looked down in defeat. She quickly turned from him and ran off, running past her workers cottages and to the lands beyond.


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ShadowBane Breakup. (TW Fighting and breakup)
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