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Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Conner Bailey

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Conner Bailey

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PostSubject: Conner Bailey   Sat Jun 01, 2013 1:16 am

Full Name: Conner Sean Bailey
Birthdate: 12/14
Age: (if an adult)
Country of Origin: Liverpool, England
Current Home: Hogwarts
General appearance: Black/Brown hair, blue eyes, always wearing comfortable clothing.
Special Features: N/A
Blood purity: Halfblood
Sexual alignment: Heterosexual

Personality: Conner is very outgoing, and has a great sense of humor. He wants to know everyone and anything. He is naturally charismatic, and always tries to find the best in people. He might not be the brightest person in the world, but he has the best intentions.


Born in Liverpool, Conner was always surrounded by music. His mother raised him alone, and she had decided to not surround him with magic and instead chose the muggle world as his environment. Being a happy child he rarely showed any signs of magic which was a relief for her, that is until he got in a bad mood. Whenever he was in a bad mood things would fall and the house would shake. It was until, he turned eleven that she knew that it was more than just a coincidence.

At eleven Conner got his letter and he was confused at first. It turned out his father was a wizard, but after his father broke his mother's heart she moved to the muggle London world and try to give him a normal life. He forgave his mother and he decided not to search for his father because it was useless. The best thing he got from him was nis last name.

Now in his fourth year he's pretty happy with his life, no real complaints. He has a love of Quidditch and that's his main vice. He might not be the brightest student, but he tries and he's just in love with the atmosphere and magic itself.

Family: Mother: Name: Eleanor Bailey / Age: 40 / Living or dead: Alive / Blood status or species: Human
Father: Name: Sean Collins / Age: 44/ Living or dead: Unknown/ Blood status or species: Human
Siblings: (if applicable) Name: / Age: / Living or dead: / Blood status or species:
Pet: (if applicable) Name: Trevor / Age: 4/ Living or dead: alive / Blood status or species: cat/kneazle
Other: (if applicable) Name: / Age: / Living or dead: / Blood status or species:

Family Background:

Bailey is a fairly new name. His family originates around the 1890's and most of them are part of wizarding sports. His grandfather was a Seeker in the Appleby Arrows. And his father was a Chaser himself. All family members are into games and in his muggle side, all of them are doctors or pharmacists.
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Azalea Harrington

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PostSubject: Re: Conner Bailey   Sat Jun 01, 2013 1:34 am


Profile ~ The Jazalea Effect

Signature by my darling Jess!<3
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Conner Bailey

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PostSubject: Re: Conner Bailey   Mon Jul 29, 2013 2:37 pm

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Conner Bailey

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PostSubject: Oneshot after breakup   Mon Jul 29, 2013 10:10 pm

Beautiful Goodbye

I count the ways I let you down
On my fingers and toes but I'm running out
Clever words can't help me now
I grip you tight but you're slipping out

Throwing the ball in the air, Conner caught it swiftly. Ever since that whole fiasco, he had found himself staying indoors longer than before. He would go to class, force a smile, and be his happy-go-lucky guy, but at the end of the day he would curl up in his dorm and think. Even Watson had seen some changes but he hadn't mentioned anything which he appreciated greatly.

Ever since the 'incident' as he had dubbed it, he couldn't help but replay it over and over in his head. And worse of all, he played the worse moment of his life so far, and then the good. He wondered what he had done wrong. It all seemed so simple, at first. He had just met the girl, liked the girl, moved forward and asked her out, and when everything was looking good, it had blown up in his face. He wondered that maybe if he was taller, more confident, had more experience in knowing what girls liked. Maybe if he tried harder and was smarter she would have stayed longer. But at the end of the day he was used to people leaving. They always leave at the end. His grey-green eyes teared up a bit and he sighed throwing the ball with a little more force.

After it had happen he had done the most emasculating thing ever. He cried. He had learned that actually being vulnerable just ended badly because at the end no matter how he grasped what he could have fixed it wouldn't change a damn thing. He had owled his mother and she had been the only one to know. She knew she couldn't head to Hogwarts, so she did the next best thing. She had sent him a care package, some baked goods, and a letter. He remembered her words perfectly. "Oh my baby, I know that you're taking it hard, love is the most precious thing in the world, and also the most painful. No one is going to rush you to feel better, you take your sweet time and heal. No one will know when you're ready but yourself."

He had scoffed at first when she said this, but it had been true. A month had happened and he hadn't felt better. For one thing those baked goods had been untouched. He hadn't eaten, and he found himself losing seven pounds over it. He had just wanted to sleep. Sleeping was his only comfort away from his thoughts. He asked himself if he had loved Rhian Kael, and that was a question he hadn't wrapped his mind around. He cared about her, but love seemed like such a big thing, at the end of the day he figured that yes he loved her, but he didn't know whether he was in love with her. His mother had told him he would be in love 'When all the songs make sense and at the moment every sad song made him curl up and just ignore the world.

And I remember your eyes were so bright
When I first met you, so in love that night
And now I'm kissing your tears goodnight
And I can't take it, you're even perfect when you cry

Beautiful goodbye
It's dripping from your eyes
Your beautiful goodbye
It's dripping from your eyes

Rhian Kael had been the best and worst thing of his fourth year. He remembered the day he had met her, in the kitchens. He remembered how he had dubbed her the new girl, and both were not shy about showing their appetite. He had liked her over her confidence, that was his favorite thing about her. And then there were those eyes. Those blue-green eyes showed so much interest in what he had to say. For once someone cared to listen and had laughed with him and he felt himself grow in confidence.

He remembered the first time he saw her cry. It had made him so sad. Death was never something that he liked to deal with, but when he held her he decided that he wanted to protect her. He wanted to hold her and make her smile once more, and see the shine in those eyes. She had introduced him to his deceased parents and he had felt honored. Then again any moment that she pulled a curtain in her private life for him he saw it as an honor.

When did the rain become a storm?
When did the clouds begin to form?
Yeah, we got knocked off course by a natural force
And we'll, we'll be swimming when it's gone

And I remember your eyes were so bright
When I first met you, so in love that night
And now I'm kissing your tears goodnight
And I can't take it, you're even perfect when you cry

All the pain you try to hide
Shows through your mascara lines
As they stream down from your eyes

He wondered when he had started to feel something for her. He figured it was during their Hogsmeade outing when she had laughed and showed genuine curiosity over the things around her. He had tried to make it the best day of his life. He had then decided that it was the right time for him to make his move. The secret admirer letter had been the moment when the love songs he heard as a kid were starting to make sense. Little by little. He had fallen for her the hardest when she had been wearing the gorgeous dress on that debutante ball.

And they had danced, and she had taken the lead. Despite everything he smiled softly thinking about it. It was a good night despite feeling inferior. And then the kiss, his smiled dimmed a bit and he closed his eyes. That kiss had made his heart beat faster, his face become redder and slowly fall for her even more.

The moment they had broken up, she had ruined him. Even her eyes watering and looking so forlorn at him had not soothed the pain. In fact she inflamed it. If was hurting her then why would she do that to him? Why would he rip out her heart and stomp on it and blame herself. He didn't fall for that crap. He felt his eyes shine and they grew heavy as tears rose. No he was done. He wished that he had taken it better and not yelled at her, but she was always telling him how he was supposed to feel. Part of him wished to have ended amicably, to have still had her in his life. What he wouldn't do to just hold her and kiss her once last time.  

The ball fell hard on his chest and he threw it across the room angrily. His thoughts had led him to forget about his little game. He hated to say that even today, if she asked him to come back, he would crawl back to her. Slowly, just crawl back to her and to his budding feelings. He sighed and closed his eyes wondering when he could just forget her.

And let them go, let them fly
Holding back won't turn back time
Believe me, I've tried

Your eyes were so bright
And I remember your eyes were so bright
And I remember your eyes were so bright
When I first met you, how in love were we that night?
And now I'm kissing your tears goodnight
And I can't take it, you're even perfect when you cry

He had to let go of Rhian, and as this year was ending he figured it was for the best. It wasn't as if he could just avoid her till the day he graduated. If he saw her right now he'd probably just run for the hills. Screw going against stereotypes for Hufflepuffs, any boy would avoid someone who'd stomped on them too. But slowly he'd heal and he would no longer have his heart beat faster if he saw her beautiful eyes. Soon he would feel nothing, and that, seemed like the silver lining in his depressing storm.

He turned on his side and threw his covers over his head. The curtains were closed, no one was around, and he liked it like that. This Saturday, he would do nothing was sleep, and hope that she wouldn't be looming over his head. Maybe one day he would agree with her and decide it was better that they broke up, and one day he'd maybe believed that it was her. For now, all he wanted to do is no longer feel like someone was sitting on his chest.

"One day" he groaned before throwing a cover over his face.

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Conner Bailey

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PostSubject: Re: Conner Bailey   Wed Aug 21, 2013 12:41 am

Moving On

This summer was by far the laziest summer of Conner Bailey's life. When the school year ended, he had promised to send owls to Watson, who had ironically been dealing with his own issues. He'd passed by and heard him mutter things about "girls" and how confusing and frustrating they were. He and Watson were no where near close as others were but there was a mutual respect, at least enough to talk to one another comfortably. Both paid respectful farewells, and as he went to look for his mother he had found himself smothered immediately. She had taken him home and tried to make him cheer up.

It was three weeks in and not much had changed. He laid in his bed throwing a ball around, or online scrolling through things that now seemed unimportant. Being in the muggle world sure seemed sadder now that he miss her. So far he had gone from sadness, to anger, then acceptance. Or so he thought, except he knew that still missing her was definitely not moving on. His mother was patient but now she was starting to get annoyed at him being so sad. It was at one Saturday morning during breakfast that she had finally snapped. He was spinning the cereal around in his bowl, with his head leaning on his hand, and his eyes downcast.

"Conner Sean Bailey I am sick of this!" She screamed.

Conner jumped immediately and stared at her. His mother in his eyes was a saint, and she never lost her patience. But as she stared right at him with bright blue eyes glaring, her hands on her hip and straight lips. He looked around the small flat wondering what he'd done wrong.

"What did I do mom?" he asked confused.

"Oh Conner you keep moping around the house, it's making me sick. For one little girl who is obviously not good enough for you if she hurt you!" she yelled, before simmering down and walking over. She placed her hand on his shoulder and kissed his forehead. "You need to get out there honey, it's summer. You haven't even touched your bike, and you love that thing"

He closed his eyes as his mother hugged him and sighed. Even at fifteen, her hugs were the best that he could hope to have. And even if she smothered him. Knowing she cared for him he knew he'd have to go outside and at least try for her.

"Okay let me finish the cereal and I'll be out of your hair mom" he muttered against her.

She laughed and kissed his cheek before cleaning. It was after breakfast that he took a shower, got clean and was off on his way. He climbed onto his bright red bike and he began to ride towards Fort Rock Beach. He had to admit the weather was nice, much nicer than he thought it was in his room. A genuine smile came onto his face looking at the area, that is until he looked ahead and noticed a girl crossing the street with her bike.

He immediately pulled on the breaks and was launched forward. Despite his great control he found himself falling over. The girl screamed and immediately he felt warm hands on his face. He groaned hoping his bike was fine and no major injuries to him. Looking up he was greeted with green eyes and a small frown on plump lips. She was gorgeous, despite everything he knew that was clear. Seeing him react, a smile came to her face and a small laughed followed it.

"I'm so sorry, it's all my fault!" She said softly. "I'm so stupid, are you okay?"

Conner nodded and got up, with her holding his arm hoping to help him as best she could. He noticed she was wearing shorts and a tank top, her slipped showing bows that matched her earrings and her black wavy hair flowed in the wind. He blushed realizing he was a dork in front of her and immediately dusted himself off.

"I'm fine" he replied and walked over to his bike lifting it back in place. "And it was my fault no worries. I wasn't paying attention"

He was on his way to climb back on before her voice stopped him. It was light and airy and it reminded him of someone.

"I hope I'm not being too nosey, but I noticed you're sad, despite everything, your eyes just say you're sad"

He turned immediately to look at her warily. Was he that obvious? Based on the knowing smile on her face that much was true. Were all girls like that?

"I'm Melody" she said and stretched her hand out.

"Conner" he replied immediately taking her smaller hand.

She shook it and lifted her free hand to move some strands of hair away from her face, her gentle smile still in place. If his heart wasn't hurt it would have pitter-pattered all over her.

"Heading towards Fort Rock Beach?" she asked.


"Can I join you? Or are you meeting someone else?" she asked curiously.

"Yeah you can join me..and no..no one really wants to be around me" he chuckled.

"I'd love you" she replied grabbing her cream colored bike and climbed on."And on the way you can tell me exactly why your eyes just dimmed"

And on their way, he spoke to her and learned more about her. Melody was sixteen, and she was funny, outspoken, but knew when to just take in the information too. What interested him was one thing: she was a muggle, that he had to learn discretely as she said she'd never seen him at her school. Mentioning the name he knew it was a muggle one down the road. He said he went to boarding school, and was forced to talk about it without mentioning the magic, the flying, the trolls. Everything. Instead he talked about the people, and for once he was the center of attention. Melody listened and never once interrupted, except asking little questions here and there.

The moment he started talking about Rhian, their bike riding pace slowed down. They swerved to eachother then away and he talked about her. Rhian this, Rhian that, how wonderful she was, and then how she crushed him without a second to fight against it. And there was Melody not even defending Rhian, but rather, asking him how he felt, how he was doing. And he had to admit he felt great.

An hour after they finally reached the beach and Conner felt lighter. He was laughing at her jokes and she was walking right alongside him, their bikes now locked. She grabbed his hand and tugged him towards the rocks saying the view was better and less people to bother them as they talked.

"Isn't it beautiful?" she asked, as the wind pushed her hair back.

Conner nodded and bit back the pain of the sea reminding him so much of Rhian. Even talking to Melody helped little when it came to his emotions. He stared intently at the horizon wondering when it'd end.

"Have you done anything to move on?" she asked.

He tilted his head confused at Melody's comment. He had moped around his room like some fool and he knew that most definitely wasted his time. He flinched feeling her hands on his shoulder as she turned him around to face her.

"I'm out here aren't I?" he murmured staring at her.

She let out a short laugh before pulling him closer. She lifted her manicured hands on his cheek and rubbed in. He closed his eyes despite himself. Rhian never did that, did she rarely initiate contact, and it felt good.

"Yes" she whispered. "You are and I should thank you for that"

Before he could even ask what she meant, he felt her full lips on his. At first he tensed up wondering why she was doing this, but as she brought him closer, she pressed herself in a way that got his teenage heart beating faster. He placed his hands on her waist, and she did something with her tongue that left him breathless. Pulling back she pressed her forehead against his and smiled.

"Forget her...feel this moment, live it, cherish it" she whispered. "Now isn't this nice?"

Conner nodded gripping her waist tightly. She was his height making her make eye contact without any effort. Her green eyes were shining and she had an all knowing smile. She was giving him the comfort and he leaned forward taking into the warmth once more. It was new, it was different, but for once those blue eyes were out of his mind. Instead it was this green-eyed beauty who understood him and even took the lead. He wasn't so shy, she didn't think any less of him. He wasn't some awkward Hufflepuff, instead he was another muggle kid, having a snog session with a gorgeous girl. It seemed surreal.

"You know...it'd be fun if we continue this" she murmured against his lips as she slid down to kiss his neck lightly.

His eyes closed and he squeezed her tightly. It was too much, he was scared, but it was instinctual to copy her back, that is until she said that.

"Like..a boyfri-"

"No" she immediately interrupted. "No like a summer vacation, we take a break from real life. It gets you to stop moping around and..take it as a summer class hm?" she asked softly.

Conner looked at her suspiciously. What was so special about him? He was nobody, but the way she stared at him, made him wonder if there was something he was missing. He was tired of tricks and it might have seemed clear on his face because she added.

"Don't you wanna know about what I get out of this?" she asked.

"Fine then, what do you benefit?" he asked.

Melody laughed and ran her fingers down his back to pull him closer to her and gave him a peck on the lips.

"I get to snog a handsome, sweet guy, who honestly is the cutest boy in the neighborhood, how about that? No strings, we can stop immediately and I promise you, you won't think about her again"

Conner was nervous, not really seeing what she was seeing in him. But she looked so genuine, and they'd never see each other till next summer. And the thought of not feeling things for her again seemed like a good idea.

"Okay" he breathed out.

"Knew you'd say that" she laughed.

From then on, he began to meet her more often than not. Soon his appetite came back, his smiles seemed more genuine and his mother was glad that he seemed cheerier. Melody kept good on her promise, teaching him, and comforting him. Soon the ache dimmed, her name didn't make him want to push his food away. And he had to admit, he felt better about himself. If a guy like him could keep a gorgeous girl like Melody at his beck and call, then he was not some push over. The summer had taken a turn for the better.

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Conner Bailey

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PostSubject: Re: Conner Bailey   Thu Feb 13, 2014 12:42 am

Leaning back against the train he couldn't help but think of home. Conner smiled thinking about his mom who would probably have a meal prepared for him. He really missed the Muggle world, because as much as he cared for what he had in the Magical World, nothing beat sitting in front of the tv yelling at the game, and drinking some soda because it's just great. He knew that he would miss Rhian, but she was going off to do her own thing with her new family; it was nice to see how well they were taking care of her. He closed his eyes at the thought smiling lazily. The Hogwarts train was taking it's sweet time arriving and he just couldn't wait.

Snuggling more to the seat he found himself sound asleep without even thinking it. It was four hours later that he found himself being thrown forward as the train reached it's stop. Conner blinked a few times confused as to where he was, that is until everything clicked. Immediately he jumped out of his seat and picked up his bag, throwing it over his shoulder and picking up his second carry on before running out. He tried to push through the other students but it was no use, everyone was just as excited. He wasn't the most patient person, but fifteen minutes later he was out. He sighed in relief taking in the platform before crossing over to the Muggle world. He was still not used to it, but as he walked through the people, he looked for his mother. She wasn't there yet; he frowned and walked over to the bench to wait.

The waiting was a lot longer than he expected; and he was starting to get annoyed. She knew he was coming, why wasn't she here?! The train had arrived two hours ago and no sign of his mother. He groaned and knew that maybe the tube was the next best option, he was not looking forward to the near three hour tube ride, but his mother was just not answering his calls. He would give his mother such a rant when he got home to their flat. Walking over towards the street, he looked in his pocket hoping he had other money other than galleons, but surely enough he found thirty pounds and he sighed in relief. Walking towards the muggle train station he found the entrance and walked down the stairs, recharging his card before going towards the next platform. This was all too much, he thought tiredly. As if the trip wasn't painful enough, he found himself in Liverpool once more. He took in the city and smiled despite his frustration and began to walk towards his flat.

He wondered what his mother was doing that was so important that she couldn't meet him at the train station. After ten blocks he reached his destination, he immediately sped up and walked up to the complex imputing the key code to the place. He waited for her to answer, but again no response. He sighed and fumbled to look for his key, after a while and a mess in his carry on he found and and unlocked the complex. Walking up towards the fifth floor, he walked to door 64B and unlocked it. Entering the room, the first thing that he noticed was that something was off.

"Mum!" he called out, "You forgot about me! You had one job mum, seriously you dropped the ball today" he threw his suitcase on the ground and took off his coat, along with his scarf, but his conversation kept going at least with himself.

"Did you know I had to take the tube, you know how shitty the tube is when they're fixing stuff. Honestly mum, what was so important that you forgot me? What if I hadn't had anything but galleons, people would think of me as a freak"

He opened the fridge and took out a soda drinking it down and sighing as the fizzy feeling exploded his taste buds. There was no movement and he frowned tilting his head back to see if maybe she overslept.

"Mum! MUM!" he yelled.

"Oh-oh honestly who is it making all that racket?!"he heard someone that was clearly not his mother.

Conner tensed up and gripped the can tighter as he walked towards the footsteps. There before him was someone he hadn't seen ever but he recognized her from her picture. Her red hair, that he figured was dyed considering her age, her tall straight posture, her thin lips and her big green eyes. That was Gran, the woman had abandoned his mother when she had gotten pregnant with Conner. She had shunned his mother because she had gotten with a wizard, or what she had called 'crazy' for thinking magic even existed. He frowned waiting for his mother to follow the older woman as well.

"Who are you?" he asked just to be assured.

"Conner is that you? My she never said how big you'd gotten, expected you to be a child. How's private school? Miracle how Eleanor could afford that with how simple this home is" the old woman said pompously.

It was then that Conner decided that he didn't like the woman; she was looking down at the home that he and his mother had built with obvious love. The room was covered in her eclectic taste, with one wall dedicated to their painting spree, where they had filled water balloons with paint and threw darts creating art that was all them. Along the walls were pictures of the two, from him in nappies to his acceptance letter to Hogwarts, to silly pictures from the carnivals. He didn't like this woman judging what was so clearly his mother and his life on walls. He loved this place and not even his dorm that had other artwork was as homey as this place was.

"Where's mum?" he asked not bothering to even answering the tone of haughtiness.

"Oh dear, did she not send you anything? Honestly I thought she was delusional when she muttered something about owls but-"

"Where is she?!" he said his voice louder, panic clear in his face.

The woman walked forward and placed a hand on his shoulder, her face clearly stating that it was not good news. Conner immediately felt his whole world crumble at the thought of his mother not being at her best. He didn't even feel her remove his drink before she spilled it, or pull him into a hug.

You see she was on her way from work, the usual route, when a drunk driver- well you know how irresponsible those people are- and it was her right of way, she hadn't noticed. And your mother is so careful it just-it was not good. I'm sorry."

Conner's bottom lip wobbled and he began to sob not even registering she was still talking . No, this was not happening, his mother was the most wonderful woman in the world. She had a wicked sense of humor, the best smile in the world, she listened to him rant on and on about things she didn't understand, and would always give him a knowing look when it came to talking about Rhian. She would do anything for him, and yet as often as she was always there, as much as he clung to her, she was gone.

"-oh darling we can visit her now if you'd like, no need to sob over me sweetie"

He pulled back, shaking as he looked at the woman he had just met, who was giving him hope, hope he desperately needed and nodded. His hunger, his need to just relax and watch the tv all disappeared at the thought of visiting his mother. He barely grabbed his jacket as his Gran was rambling about things he didn't give two shits about, instead running towards the street. From her raising her hand towards the street it was clear she did not drive. He sighed copying her movements and before he started cursing at the drivers did he manage to get the cab. He almost pushed the woman in as he followed behind and barked the orders Royal Hospital. His gran was talking, he knew she was but he didn't care at the moment, he wanted to get there, his thoughts swarming around memories of his mother as if it was the last time he would see her.

He remembered her attempts to cook, and the fires they nearly caused at their stupidity. His mother was a terrible cook in their first years, he remembered how often cereal, biscuits and teas where their meals until she buckled down and learned how to cook. She wasn't the best but the moments when she looked so excited to have him try her new recipes that he couldn't shake out. Her big eyes shining brightly as he smiled back and her words of love clear. He would have smiled, had he not been wary of what he was going to see.

He remembered the time she taught him to to swim, both didn't know how to swim and they had taken lessons together, both laughing at each other's missteps. He never once judged her for not being perfect, that was her perfection wasn't it? She was always quirky, loved cats, loved old American jazz, having them play over and over on lazy sundays as they ate fish and chips and then a tub of ice cream. He felt his eyes tear up at the idea of losing those moments.

A shaking of his shoulders was what caused Conner too get away from his thoughts. They were there and he immediately climbed out, leaving his grandmother to pay for the cab as he ran in. The reception was full but he didn't care at the moment.

"E-Eleanor Bailey please" he rasped out, his hands gripping the counter tightly.

The nurse didn't even looked phased at his distraught nature, and took her sweet time trying to find her in the hospital. Soon enough his Gran was beside him and grabbed his hand.

"She's in the trauma department, come along" she said before the nurse would even find it.

Conner found himself pulling her along, though he had no idea of this place. He never did like hospitals, and unless it was for shots or check ups he never had a need to be here. As they got out of the elevator, his gran took a left and in 122 was a picture that he could never erase from his mind. There she lay, the most important woman in the world, laying in bed, her skin deathly pale, tubes on her arms and a bandage wound around her head. He felt himself take in a sharp breath and his gran simply told him that they had to wait until she woke up. He didn't want to, he wanted to talk to her, he wanted her to hold him like when he was young and promise him another star. He wanted those cheesy promises, he wanted to hear her laugh again, sing off pitch he wanted her in one piece.

"Conner please-" but it was no use he pushed the door opened and walked towards her bed. Pulling the chair closer to the bed he immediately went forward and grabbed her hand, a shaky smile on his face, as if it was going to reassure her that everything was good on his side. There was no grip on her hand, he followed up the trail from her head that was tightly bound, to the neck brace, to the wrapping around her abdomen that was clearly there despite the gown, to the brace on her broken leg. It all seemed so surreal.

"Mum" he whispered softly, "I-I'm so sorry I wasn't here for you. I-I'm so sorry I had stupid school, and other distractions and that I wasn't here for you. I love you, I love you so much" his voice broke, "You gotta be fine mum, I-I can't do life without you you know? You're so special to me and, god damn it I love you"

He let the tears fall, his hand never leaving hers as he lifted his free hand to wipe his tears. He was always told to not cry, being a guy but at the moment he didn't care. At sixteen he didn't dare think of losing her. He stayed like that for two hours, his grandmother having the decency to not bother them. It was near the end of the visiting schedule when he heard a noise.

"Conner?' and at the moment nothing seemed as beautiful as her voice all broken confused and tired whispering his name. He immediately squeezed her hand and leaned forward nodding.

Her big green eyes were blurry, he figured it was the drugs and smiled softly at him. Even in moments like these she was there acting strong, for him. He closed his eyes as her hand shakily went up to caress his cheek. Their love needed no words.

"Why are you crying my love? I can get out of this bed in a second if that's what you want." her tone happy as if nothing was wrong, but even the tiredness couldn't be hidden.

"Oh Mum" he whispered kissing her hand, "I'm so sorry I wasn't here sooner. I-"

"Oh I'm not, I didn't need you being a worried over me while I got the surgeries done. Plus darling, why tell you, I'm indestructible.." she wheezed and he gripped her hand tighter. [/i]"nothing could keep me away from you not even-"[/i]

"Don't" he stressed out.

She leaned her head back, and closed her eyes tiredly as he kissed her cheek. He told her promises of never leaving her side, and she merely told him to narrate his adventure at Hogwarts so far. He told her as much as he could, choking back tears as a small smile was steadily on her face, even as the monitored slowed. He kept going as they changed the fluids, as the doctor asked him to leave, as a conversation between his gran and the doctor kept going. He knew that she wasn't going to push through, so he told his story with conviction, with enthusiasm so she believed she could get better. There was still hope, a miracle, he just couldn't give up on her because she hadn't either.

This patterned kept going for a week, and on Christmas day, it changed. She looked like she was getting better, and that had surprised everyone. She was happy and teased him about wasting his Christmas wish on her. He merely told her he loved her more than anything and he had wished for extra time with his best friend in the world. At the end of the night, it was him who was getting as surprise.

"My darling"

"Yeah mum?" he asked confused at her teasing smile. Even at her weakest nothing could hide her glee.

"I have a present for you my love" she cooed.

She pointed towards the little box on the small stand and he picked it up. Conner looked up at her as she mouthed for him to open it. As he did so, he picked up keys and looked up at her confused. Where they moving? At his confusion, she laughed as best as she could before wheezing and shaking her head at him.

"You know how you were saving up for that big present of yours? I thought I'd help a bit" she whispered. "I only paid the difference, the majority of it was your money"

Conner's eyes watered and he looked at her flabbergasted. Why would she put the difference of the car when there were medical payments to pay? Why would she still sacrifice so much for him? He didn't deserve it, he didn't want anything but her health, that's all he asked. He wiped his tears as his mother squeezed his hand.

"A 67' Chevrolet Impala" she whispered with glee in her tired eyes. "You deserve the moon my love, the stars, you deserve-"[/i]

"I don't deserve you mum" he whispered softly.

She closed her eyes sleepily and shook her head.

"Shut up stupid face" she chuckled and they talked about school once more, she enjoyed the stories of magic.

The next night, was when her battle ended, no one was expecting the brain hemorrhaging would stop the flow to her brain killing her in her sleep. He had held her hand through all of it, and with her words of love she had gone as if it was in her sleep. There was nothing they could have done they assured him. That night, was the worst December 26th of his life. His whole world, the center of his world had been shattered. He had been held by his Gran and some nurses as he cried out for the nurses to let him hold his mother once more. He begged but no one listened, no one ever listened.

That night he had simply sat in her room, locked inside, as he held on to his keys, and her favorite perfume. The whole room was untouched, her smell still on the pillows, their pictures everywhere. It was just not fair, why her? It was then he sobbed, ugly cries that left him breathless, and no one, not even the knocking on the door stopped him. A week later was her funeral; the Impala had been black, a fitting color considering he was in mourning. In his suit, he had made sure that there were no roses. She had found roses to be so ugly compared to lilies. And so he made sure that only lilies and daisies were on her grave. She was eccentric all on her own and she would be buried that way. What had worried him were the bills of her funeral, but someone by the name of Sean Collins had paid for the bill themselves. He had dared make an appearance to the funeral, asking forgiveness for his error to the most perfect woman in the world, that was now six feet under.

He had promised Conner a home, a bed, but he had told him that he was sixteen years too late. His mother would never want that to happen and that he would betraying her by going with the wizard that abandoned her when she was with child. His Gran had asked for the same thing, asking to give him the world, but he didn't accept it, she too was late, for she was never there for any Christmas, birthday, and would never respond to his mother's teary attempts to contact her. They had hurt his mother, they had ruined them and his family was only made for two people, one that was now underground. On that very evening, he had got to the flat knowing that he would never be able to afford it and began to pack. His trunk was filled with their pictures, her sketchbooks, the letters she had saved from Hogwarts and a shirt he had gotten her that said Hufflepuff pride. He had held that and cried at the thought of it being the top thing on her drawer. He had taken their savings box, the code in the will his mother had left him. All was given to him, it was barely any real possession, but the car she had bought him complete with insurance, and a nice sum of pocket money that could help him survive. He placed a necklace around his neck, a weird little Tiki mask his mother had made him and he was out there, never once wanting to go back. The flat was empty and lifeless the moment his mother died.

His only family was now the road, because the only person that mattered to him had left to the other world. He couldn't help but think that what good was magic, if it couldn't bring back the woman that had given him unconditional love, the best laughs, the best hugs, and the most she could with little in her pocket. Picking up speed in his Impala he drove off, not wanting to look back.

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Conner found himself to be more of a pessimist since the death of his mother. This much was clear as he figured that he wasn't even going to get the grades he was hoping for. He was stupid, he knew he was. He wasn't a genius, those little shits that lifted their hand at every opportunity to show how smart they were. He wasn't...he wasn't smart, at least book wise. He wasn't stupid either, he'd survived a year without his mother, a year where he figured out money, real life as best he could and didn't drown under the pressure. He'd love to see some of those bookish people feel that out, they never would, and he was fine with that.

It took him a while to realize that he counted, he mattered and he was worth something. It was embarrassing to realize that it was based on another person's perception, but he was coming to his own. The first moment that he realized he was worth something was the fact that Rhian kept him around, and told him she loved him and hell meant it from the way she looked at him. He smiled at the thought.

But now, as he stared at the letter in front of him, he didn't want to open it. His grades were out, and yes he had graduated, but he didn't know with what. He had sent out his application immediately after the OWLs, at Ben's push, the grades would automatically be sent to the university. Now there was one letter on his left hand, of Hogwarts, the next the acceptance or rejection letter from Unseen. He took a shaky breath and sat down, wanting to really get a grip on things.

Obviously, the first thing that needed to be opened were his Hogwarts grades. He figured he'd get a feel of his chances once it was opened, but he couldn't....he was scared. Putting the university letter down, he gripped the Hogwarts envelop and traced the insignia lightly, the wax keeping the letter tightly held. Moving towards Rhian's desk he took the letter cutter and shakily slid the blade at the top of the envelope, careful not to rip it. It wasn't the swiftest movement, his hand not permitting it, but the letter hadn't been messed up.

Closing his eyes tightly, he tried to breathe evenly. This was basically the moment where he regretted his mistakes. He regretted not trying enough, he went to the mandatory classes, never really raised his hand, never really took a chance to take everything in. To really want to write the notes, do the work, instead left it to the very last minute. He could have graduated with good scores, or barely acceptable, or a troll in something like DADA. His breath hitched at the thought of even getting a troll.

'Come on, nothing will be changed with your worrying. The grades were already done, no amount of begging to the universe would change it.'

Taking out the letter he opened it and began to read the contents below.

Herbology Charms
Divination Transfiguration
Acceptable Exceeds Expectations OutstandingOutstandingExceeds ExpectationsAcceptableExceeds Expectations
"Holy Crap" he breathed out.

He hadn't gotten a troll, he had tried, hell even got an O in certain subjects. He wasn't the best, never would be top ten, but he'd gotten through it. Not perfect, but passable. The question then went to the next subject, the ignored letter on the desk.

"You can do it" he reassured himself.

Shakily the blade went through the envelope and he opened it. He gripped it so tightly, unsure to let his green eyes look down at the paper. He had done a back up; working and going to a muggle university. Was it his dream? Not really, he wanted to stay in the magical world, having nothing left in the muggle society. With his mother gone there was nothing keeping him there. He knew they could be forged to a muggle one and work within the simply level jobs. But still, this was the deciding fate.

"Fuck it"

To: Mr. Conner Bailey
From: Unseen University Admissions Office

Thank you for your interest in Unseen University, your application has been carefully reviewed. The credentials you shared  as part of your application barely meet the requirements for admission. However, we offer you admittance not just for your grades, but your application and persona. You write very eloquently Mr. Bailey and your plight is understood by our admissions office. Please know it is our job to make sure every admitted student to keep grades up and attendance through the year.

But after careful consideration, we want to offer you admittance to the school. We have created a financial packet to help you out as best we can, we ask that you keep attendance and grades as part of the scholarship. We hope you see you go far Mr. Bailey.



Unseen University Admissions office.

He'd actually gotten accepted. Him, Conner Sean Bailey had actually been accepted in the prestigious university. He'd been shocked and double checked the letter, making sure he hadn't read it wrong. He would later deny it, but his eyes filled with tears as he reread the letter. Despite his less than perfect grades he managed to get in, with financial aid. Lowering his head he let out a string of curses, trying to man up before he went over to tell Rhian. Merlin knows she had waited outside long enough.

Wiping his tears, his eyes trailed upwards and thought of his mother. She would be so proud. Thanking her for looking over him even after parting, he began to compose himself. Turning the doorknob he called out.

"Hey Rhian! Guess who's the girl dating a university student?"

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Conner Bailey
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