Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 ShadowBane Manor.

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Thana Semele
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PostSubject: ShadowBane Manor.    Thu Jul 03, 2014 7:04 am

Thana had gone home for the Easter Holidays, not to the Library she now owned. Not with the Faowinds, even though they had invited her. Not to the Leaky Cauldron..But home. The mansion her parents owned before they were killed.

Thana had spent a few weeks cleaning it up, restoring it to its former glory. It could of been done in a few days if she had help, but she didn't want it. This was something she had to do herself.

Finally, on Good Friday the house was complete, restored. Only the left wing remained the same, the same as the night the house had been attacked. The grounds had been covered, new grass and plants put in.

The house had one hundred and ninety-four rooms, two hundred and ten if you counted the sheds and underground levels, plus the new additions Thana was adding. On top ground was three floors, underneath was another two levels.
(front view)

The above floors were kept simple yet elegant. Electricity was abundant in the house, with Televisions and Music players everywhere. Thana didn't care that she was a pureblood, or that her family went a long way back. It was her house now, she was the last Shadowbane, or as the Original name went. Stenwulf.  and she had made it the way she wanted.

Thana was currently in the process of making the back more to her liking, she was planning on making it a resting home, somewhere where people could come and feel relaxed. She had already had a slide and a pool built at the back of the new addition to the house.


(not the ocean)

Despite changing as much as she could, Thana still couldn't bring herself to go to the West Wing, where her parents and herself used to mainly live. Instead she simply locked the entrance door, building additions on the other side of the house.

On the day of Easter Thana got up and went to the dining room, there she sat in silence at the head of the table. A large amount of food was there, way more than Thana was going to eat.
"Sebastian!" Thana called out to her butler (NPC), shortly a small stocky man arrived.

"Why is there so much food?" Thana enquired of her butler,

"It was thought by the staff that you might have guests" the small man replied.

"Well I do not plan on having guests, nor shall I ever eat this much food" Thana told the small man, she didn't want to waste it however. "Sebastian, take the day off it is Easter after all. Oh and for goodness sake, give all this food to your family and the other staff's" she asked nicely.

Poor Sebastian didn't know what to do, Thana doubted he had ever had so much food, but there again not many people had the money Thana had. "Go please, feed your family and your friends, I shall get something from the kitchen later if I am hungry" Thana said, watching as a few other staff came in and took the food away to their families.

Thana had hired only a few staff. Choosing to be alone, she payed them well, asking only three things. One, to never go to the West Wing, Two, to leave her alone unless she asked for them, and three, to never ask questions.

All Thana had really hired the few staff for was to keep the grounds clean, and the pool. There were several cottages about a kilometre from the main house that Thana had built for the staff. Several had families so she had paid for a playground to be put in and a pool for them as well. She wanted to be liked, but she also wanted to be alone.





Unlike the rest of her long dead family, Thana liked electricity and muggle inventions, still keeping with tradition however. The ShadowBane  mansion was built in the countryside, technically they owned over ten kilometres in every direction.

The only form of civilization that Thana had was the cottages she had built for her staff. It was the way Thana liked it, peaceful and quiet. The ample space also gave her time to practice, in whatever took her fancy on the day.

And so Thana sat, alone for Easter at a big table that could seat over fifty. She enjoyed it though, this house was her home.

Long weekend with Lolly Lou*


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ShadowBane Manor.
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