Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 A concert of our own. (Closed Lafey and Thana oneshot and TW self harm. )

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Thana Semele
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PostSubject: A concert of our own. (Closed Lafey and Thana oneshot and TW self harm. )   Sat Sep 27, 2014 4:54 am

Holidays, something Thana loved and hated. It was only a two day holiday and Thana had appointments on both days so she couldn't invite Apollo over, instead she was at her Manor and was by herself. Or so she thought, in the early hours of the night a painting warned her that someone had come in. Knowing that there wasn't many people that knew the password to the Floo network, or actually knew where she lived. Especially because she was so isolated it left only a few options, at first she thought nothing of it until she heard Rock music being blared downstairs. Sighing she got up and slid down the bannister stairs, it was the quickest way for her. She heard the study slash music room  getting louder and louder the closer she went to it, walking in she saw her Vampire of a friend was comfortable in one of the chairs and was reading.

Sighing, she saw him turn around. "Laf what are you doing here?" she asked, she didn't mind her friend coming over but knew he was supposed to be in America. " I didn't think you would be here. I wanted to get away from the paparazzi" Lestat replied, only bringing another sigh from her. Normally he loved the attention that the media brought, so that only meant one thing. "Fang or bang?" Thana bluntly asked, one look on his face meant one answer. "Really? Both?" she said, shaking her head. "I'm not even going to ask. "

Hey, she said she was twenty one, " Came the fanged smirk from her friend, Thana just rolled her eyes. Years of being friends with a regular partyboy and Rock star had its price, "Why am I friends with you?" Thana asked out loud, before noticing what Lafayette was reading. "What is that?" she enquired, It is a very good read, I think it should be titled, "typical teenage girl with big secrets"" he answered, holding up her personal diary. Thana immediately narrowed her eyes, "Give that back." she told him. "and turn that goddamn music down!" Thana said, lunging forward and trying to snatch it. Unfortunately as a vampire Lafayette was too fast for her, Nice try but no, and why should I turn it down? We are in the middle of nowhere, come on Thana what happened to the tween girl who loved sneaking out and partying? Now your just boring." Lafayette jested, appearing behind her.

"That girl was put into stasis for almost twenty years and she had to create a new life." Thana answered, turning the music down herself. Oh boo, so you lost a few years, look. At least you can almost say your a vampire, you didn't age. Come on....don't be so boring!" Lafayette said, turning the music back on. I remember a girl that used to love to sing with me, come on I know you took up writing. ", Thana shook her head. "I don't have the pigheaded Rockstar fame like you Laf," Thana replied, Now that just hurt right in the heart" Lafayette said, putting his hand on his cold heart. Come on, one song you have to have one..What about this one?" he asked, picking up her song writing book. Ohh....bad girl huh? And here I was thinking you were actually boring!" Lafayette answered, showing her the book. You know I'm not going to leave you alone until you do. Come on one song, you have all this equipment and rarely use it. Why have music making stuff if you don't make music?" Thana sighed yet again, "One song, that's it..One." she warned, "HEY!" Thana squeaked, getting carried to the studio area and being put next to the microphone by her friend. Come on, you have it worked out lets go bad girl. Lafayette said, plugging in the amp and starting the song. Thana couldn't help but smile, as the into to the song started.  Together they rocked the song she had written, Thana was grateful that she lived far away from everyone. You know you could turn pro right? Lafayette told his friend, tossing a bottle of water to her. "Doesn't interest me" Thana replied honestly, "Fame isn't my thing." Well why don't you do some music videos? Just for fun, come on. Just to get your songs out, you don't have to show people them. " he suggested, Thana just raised an eyebrow. "Sometimes you have sparks of brilliance." she said, it wasn't a bad idea really..She loved photography and music so combining the two into a music video might actually be fun. "You still an idiot." she said to him, tackling her bestie. Together they decided to record a few songs, at least for Lafayette's purposes. He wasn't allowed to say who the mystery female singer was, Thana made strict certainty of that.

Early the next day just before dawn Thana found Lafayette was outside, it was almost dawn. "What are you doing out here, you know you can't be out in the sunlight." she said to her friend. Moving next to him, and staring out into the fields.  Just thinking. Lafayette replied, looking down. On something you said, I'm going to live long after you....and what will my life of been? He asked, Thana just stared out into the distance. "You say I always disregard my mortality..but really I fear it. " You know I would turn you, you need but only ask" Lafayette offered once again.
Thana couldn't help but smile, "Laf you know I would hate that, I couldn't handle living forever..No, no matter what I never want to be turned." she told her friend, before continuing. "Laf, you only live once, wether or not you are human, vamp, or werewolf. But if you do it once, your only need once. What we do, it doesn't matter if we don't make other people happy. Wether or not you have a beating heart, you still have a heart. Mine may be cold, and yours might not beat. But they still feel, " then looking down she finished what she wanted to say. "Laf, you asked me once why I hurt, why I cut.......I cut to make sure ....to make sure I still feel."

Lafayette looked at her, with disbelief and bittersweet emotions. A girl so young had so much pain, yet she still managed to move forward. Lafayette would never truly understand her, yet loved her as his sister. She meant more to him than he would ever let her know, but simply hugged her. "Come on, you have appointments and the sun is nearly up. I'm going to bed." he told her, picking her up and vamp running inside. Kissing her on the head before going and locking himself in his room, Thana on the other hand got ready for her appointments and got ready to go back to Salem.


A/n, once again I don't own this song its purely for rping purposes.


Thanks Jules for the sig!
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A concert of our own. (Closed Lafey and Thana oneshot and TW self harm. )
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