Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 The hunt begins. (closed)

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Aragorn Stormbearer

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PostSubject: The hunt begins. (closed)   Sun Sep 14, 2014 12:51 am

Aragorn had started his final year, and so far it had been very interesting. Between his classes and family drama, he had found a new fascination. A transfer student, Thana Semele. A sixth year ex Ravenclaw, he decided to make it his job to find her secrets. To help her, as he saw it. She obviously had some big secrets, that much anyone could see. Now it was up to Aragorn to find out what that was. Quickly he  had sent off a letter to a friend in the ministry, enquiring of the girl. Walking in to the Owlery he watched as his owl, a pure black one flew in with a letter in its beak. It was addressed from his associate, eagerly he took the letter and opened it to examine the contents.

To Aragorn Stormbearer,

Upon your last letter you asked of me what I knew about a certain girl, with the namesake of Thana Semele. I did as you asked, enclosed are the details of my findings.
It seems that she has inherited a large amount of money recently from an old deceased family. She also is under the paternal care of the Faowind family, the youngest son. Jareth Faowind also attends the same school, but not until recently. As I am sure you are well aware she transferred this year, the exact details are unclear. However during the attack at last years Ball she was severely injured, both of her adoptive brothers were there as well. The youngest, Jareth was also injured.
Her history is spotless, now it may be nothing however there is something interesting. I had some digging done, and it seems that up until a year ago Thana Semele did not exist. There are no school records, no birth certificate nothing. I cannot locate her real name, it cannot be found anywhere. All the ministry will say is that they know her name has been changed, and it is not of concern.
She as well as Jareth are both repeating this year, he failed every class and she got top marks. I believe it is because of her injury, as she is on highly restricted medication as well. If there is anything more you need, you need only ask.

Your helper

Aragorn smiled to himself as he read the letter, a new identity? That was certainly interesting, something he would have to find out more on. He scowled at Skylars offer for help, he meant nothing to Aragorn. He was merely a weak little man that Aragorn used as his pawn. A slave to do his bidding. Aragorn burnt the letter so no trace would be left, then walked down to observe his new target even more.
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The hunt begins. (closed)
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