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Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 These lazy crazy hazy days of summer (Victoria)

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Mary McNeely

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PostSubject: These lazy crazy hazy days of summer (Victoria)   Wed Aug 20, 2014 3:15 pm

Over the first two couple of weeks after Mary got released from the hospital, her parents' mood swung greatly. It was all very infuriating. Stephen spent half his time checking up on his daughter, making sure there wasn't anything she might need and bringing her bowls of soup. He changed his mind every two hours or so and instead of being concerned, he tried to teach Mary how to do work around the house. He showed her how to fix a shower, what to do if the drain doesn't work, how to assemble shelves, how to get rid of cocroaches in the right way, how to fix the roof (he had actually broken off a part of it just to show her this), how to fix a washing machine (again, it wasn't really broken, but he made sure it was) and other things like that. He didn't seem to really care that Mary would be living in an apartment and wouldn't have to fix a roof and would call the owner to deal with it if there was anything wrong with the drains.

Ann, on the other hand, had taken to leaving College leaflets all around the house in the hopes Mary would change her mind and attend a Muggle college. She also kept talking about all the marvelous science programs the various Universities offered. When she wasn't talking about that, she was asking Mary what exaxtly went wrong with Lydia. Apparently Mary's answer that they were much better friends than girlfriend didn't satisfy her Mom.

Every time Ann started talking about either of these subjects, Mary tried to change the subject, or, if that didn't work, she simply left the room.

She seeked refuge in the new apartment and had brought over most of her books, clothes and personal items over the two weeks. So when the day of the actual move came, there weren't that many things to pack other than furniture. Victoria came to help and gave the new room her own touch. Meaning she brought along a couple of pink throwpillows, a few ornaments and basically made everything more adorable. Mary liked it. She suspected all the little details would make her feel at home, especially during the times she would miss Salem the most. It would be like being back at school, studying in Victoria's room.

A few days after Mary was officially living in Boston with Gavin, it was time for the annual McNeely camping trip. Except this year, Victoria would be coming along. Both their parents have agreed and they made thorough plans.

Early on the Saturday morning, Mary Apparated on the little patch of grass behind her parents' house. She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, in one of her hands, there was a backpack and in the other, her purse. The witch walked in through the back door and was greeted by the smell of toast and coffee. She left the backpack and the purse on the floor in the living room and walked in the kitchen, kissing her Mom and Dad on their cheeks in greeting.

They had agreed for Victoria to side-apparate to their house with a family member in the morning and they would drive to the campsite together. They would take one car, because even though Mary had her license, they didn't really need two cars and anyway, the four hour drive would be a good time for her parents to get to know Victoria better and vice versa. They were going to Badin Lake, as they have gone in the summer before Mary started attending Salem. It'll be nice to go back, especially as the witch was once again starting a new school and a new chapter in her life.

As Mary drank her coffee and ate her piece of toast, Ann paced up and down the kitchen, trying to remember what it was she forgot -there was always something and Stephen made occasional comments as he sipped his coffee and read the morning paper. Suddenly, there was a familiar 'pop' outside the house and Mary went to greet her friend with a huge, excited grin on her face.


Thanks to lovely Ariel!
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PostSubject: Re: These lazy crazy hazy days of summer (Victoria)   Wed Aug 20, 2014 4:48 pm

After leaving Mary at the hospital, Victoria's nightmares had gotten worse each day. Comfort was not missing in her life, for Jake had made sure that he came home every night in case she needed him. Which, was always. Why she was being plagued so heavily, Victoria could not tell for even a moment, but she knew like all bad things, they would leave in due course.

However, Victoria was not short of distractions.

Moving Mary in to her apartment had been fun, and after a quick shopping trip with her mom, Victoria had picked out a few small items for Mary's home that she thought she might like. Namely, they were pink, and the ornaments were a little gimmicky, but Victoria liked them. Mary seemed to, too, Victoria decided as they had finished and ordered a takeaway for dinner and spent some time together. It was nice, and that night, Victoria had slept a lot better, not perfectly, but better.

Then Tristan had invited her over for a few days to England, and once again, that had been highly enjoyable and had taken her mind off of everything for enough time to have fun. But that had ended, with the only relief coming as Mary's letter had arrived confirming the dates for their trip.

Since then, a lot of Victoria's energy had come back in to her, having something major to look forward to. Her calendar had counted the days down and she'd managed to pack lightly and as conveniently as possible. Her dad had promised to drop her off before work, as she'd discussed with Mary. Checking over her dress, that was practical enough for camping, but still the usual Victoria girliness, they span on the spot, leaving Minnesota behind and heading to Mary's house.

It didn't take long for the older witch to appear, either, and Victoria grinned seeing her friend, hurrying in to her arms and holding her close. "I've missed you." Victoria breathed, despite it only being a couple of weeks at the most. Moving away slowly, Victoria motioned to her dad. "Mary this is my daddy, Henry, and daddy this is Mary." Victoria explained, picking up her camping bag - complete with pink roll mat.

"Nice to meet you." Henry acknowledged the older witch with a small smile before leaning down to address his daughter. "Behave yourself, be polite, and if Mr and Mrs McNeely ask you to do anything, you do it. Oh, and don't forget to give them the money for the trip we gave you, too." He instructed before giving his daughter a cuddle and a kiss on the cheek. "I'll see you in a week." He added, giving Mary a nod in goodbye before he twisted on the spot.

Turning her attention back to Mary, Victoria smiled warmly. "I'm so excited! I could barely sleep last night! What time are we leaving? Are your mommy and daddy ready? Do they need help with anything before we leave?" Victoria asked, making sure she made the right impression with Mary's family.
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These lazy crazy hazy days of summer (Victoria)
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