Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Mycroft Holmes

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Mycroft Holmes

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PostSubject: Mycroft Holmes   Thu Jun 20, 2013 1:49 am

Full Name:Mycroft Evan Holmes
Birthdate: 01/28
Age: 27
Country of Origin: London, England
Current Home: London, England , usually visits Salem, Massachusetts
General appearance:
Eyes: Ice blue
Body Type: Tall, Thin but muscular.
Hair:Black hair slicked back at all times.
Special Features:
Blood purity:Pure.
Sexual alignment: Heterosexual (but sees himself as Asexual since he doesn't find many people attractive)


Mycroft Holmes, is the carbon copy of his father. He is good at reeling in his emotions, and only shows what is needed at a certain time. If he does find someone worthy of his trust he does have a darker sense of humor. He is possessive of people he cares about, that being his sister more than anyone.


The Holmes Family is one of the oldest families. Being the heir of Holmes meant that he would be the perfect example as to what the family should be. His father worked in the Ministry, and cared nothing but his job, his mother and him.  He was a replica of the Ice Man, always taking every lesson his father gave him to heart. He was cold, calculating, and he was a master manipulator.

At eleven, he was sent his letter to Hogwarts. Once he sat down to be sorted, it took only seconds for the Sorting hat to name him into Slytherin. It was an obvious decision, especially with his ideals. His father had taught him that nothing good ever really came from the muggle world. He didn't outwardly hate witches and wizards that were unpure, but they were not part of his radar. He did not care about them whatsoever. And in Slytherin, he made acquaintances with only the purest.

At fourteen, his mother gave birth to his baby sister Tess. The moment she was born, he knew that nothing but bad would befall her. She was uneeded, after all they already had an heir. Still, he decided to become her protector, and promised that no harm would come to her, and he'd try his best.

Once he graduated he lived in France for a while, working under the ministry as an ambassador. But once he was offered something closer to home, he was happy to take it and work under his father. But when he was 22, he was offered a job of working between the States and the UK.  He worked with the government to see that education worked successfully.

At 27, he was asked to be Head of Slytherin. Being part of Slytherin once before, he was glad to have the opportunity. He accepted it and decided to take a break from the Ministry, and teach. His father wasn't too happy but he allowed it knowing that it was still prestigious. He decided that this travel could work in his favor and if he had a job in the US, he would teach Duelling in Salem and also in Hogwarts.

Mother:Name:Evangeline Holmes/50: / Living or dead:Living /Blood status/species: Pureblood

Father: Name: Sherringford Holmes / Age:55 / Living or dead: Living / Blood status or species: Pureblood
Siblings: (if applicable) Name: Tess Holmes / Age: 13 / Living or dead: Living / Blood status or species: Pure
Pet:(if applicable)Name: Fortis / Age:10 /Living or dead:Living /Blood status/species: Owl

Other: (if applicable) Name: / Age: / Living or dead: / Blood status or species:

Family Background:

The Holmes family are an old family. In the muggle perspective, they are aristocratic people, always living in the affluent society. They are of French and English descent, and all are taught at a young age to become as versatile as possible. All Holmes come with a trait that is all their own, that being that they must be taught to merge into society, all are analytical and oftentimes cold. In the Magical World, they are all in the Ministry field in one way or another, and all are known to have a successful future.

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Azalea Harrington

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PostSubject: Re: Mycroft Holmes   Thu Jun 20, 2013 3:01 am


Profile ~ The Jazalea Effect

Signature by my darling Jess!<3
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Mycroft Holmes

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PostSubject: Junky Past    Thu Jul 04, 2013 2:33 am

Year: 2002
Mycroft had conflicting emotions at the moment. He wanted to go back, wanting to get his fix wanting to feel her one more time. Evie. Merlin she was gorgeous, the way she held him, the way she whispered his name, the heat from her body that brought comfort. But she ruined it, she ruined everything. She had to bring up feelings and things he wasn't so sure about. She had to give him the ultimatum. That ruined it all, the thought of cutting him off made him mad.

Evie was the past, she was just some fuck, his first one and his last. He didn't need women anymore. He didn't want the intimacy, he didn't need them staring at him with hurt eyes and tears. He didn't need the screaming till they were hoarse in anger of him not being able to give them what they wanted. He never promised forever, he made sure of it. He never even said "I love you" not that he ever would.

He wasn't in charge of that, his parents were and so far he'd been escaping it as best as possible. He looked perfectly pristine, at least in his mind. His parents were thankfully neglectful enough to ignore him getting thinner, and sleeping longer. If his father noticed he'd stay quiet after all he had brought it to him. He had taken him to Evie. And now if he ever felt mad about meeting Evie, it was his father's fault.

It had been a month, and he still couldn't forget her. He had gotten lots of drugs since, and all laid in his room waiting to take advantage of every moment possible. He would snort here or there, letting it run through his system. His mouth watered at the thought of getting that feeling again. The feeling that nothing mattered, there was no pain, no regret just bliss. Evie wouldn't pop into his head, her crying face blotched red in anger wouldn't pop up either. The last time he mixed drugs, like cocaine he sobbed her name over and over again. Cocaine didn't need to happen again, no cross fading this time.

Lifting the brandy back to his mouth he chugged the drink once more. He closed his eyes and let a few droplets slid out of his mouth and down his neck. School had been over, and he would move to France in a month to continue this binge. He didn't give a shit about anyone, only himself. He just needed to be free away from the claws of his parents, and avoid those bitches knocking at their door wanting to part their legs for a ring. He would never fall for it.

Now his parents were gone for a month and he would delve into the high that came from heroin. He had snorted some earlier, but he needed to get it in his system faster. Pushing the door open he blearily looked into the room to see something he could never imagine.

His baby sister, at six was sitting there, singing softly as she touched his things. If there was one thing that he dreaded more than anything was bringing his baby sister down in this abyss. She was poking the top of his needles with her finger and jumping back when it hurt her. She looked up and he was shocked to see the bags of his heroin hitting the wooden floors. When Tess saw that it cut into her skin she let out a cry and he immediately sprung into action. He felt sick realizing he didn't know what he was madder about, her destroying his treasure, or him putting her in this danger. She was only a child and there she was sobbing her little lungs out.

He pulled her close and checked her over. Her eyes were filled with tears and there was nothing white in her mouth which he sighed in relief. She clung to him like he was the only person in her world. And for a moment he realized that he probably was. They had forgotten her, and he had ruined it by making her see him like this.

"Myce it hurts" she cried out pointing her finger towards him.

He kissed her finger softly and he felt tears rising seeing  two trails of tears sliding down her chubby splotchy red face. She didn't understand what had happened and he let out a louder sob in gratefulness. He hadn't broken into a sob with someone with him. He was always alone, he was always broken but never had someone close to him to let him break.

"Myce don't cry, Tess be fine" she said grabbing his face and pulled it up to face her.

She didn't understand what she had witnessed and he felt like such a failure seeing her look at him like he was her hero. She wiped his tears and she pulled him to a hug again. His bottle of brandy was spilling on the wooden floor but he didn't care. The Holmes siblings held on to one another one knowing that he needed to quit, the other just nursing a hurt finger.

"Never again" he murmured rocking her slightly into his chest. She let him cradle her to his chest and she buried her face into his neck hugging him close.

"I love you Myce, don't cry" she whispered softly and kissed his cheek.

He laughed before a sob ripped out again. He hoped that she would never remember this moment. He hoped she could still see him like her hero in the future. He held her tighter and promised himself he'd get clean. The night was spent in each other's arms and for once Evie wasn't in his mind again.

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Mycroft Holmes

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PostSubject: Re: Mycroft Holmes   Fri Jul 12, 2013 2:42 am

Character Study II: Year - 2003

Mycroft had finally found himself to be clean. He had a lot of failures; he had fallen into a need for cigarrettes, a need for marijuana, a need to drink, but each time he was at his lowest he thought of his baby sister doing the same to kick the habit. What took him back to the habit where the gaze that Evie gave him when they were in a mood.He had gained weight, which helped him look less sickly. He felt fitter and had worked out a lot of his frustrations through Quidditch. Now he felt like he had kicked everything aside.

One habit he could never push aside was his beloved Evie. During his cleaning process he was often times shaking in his bed with him sweating profusely having her name repeat over and over again like a prayer to the gods. He remembered her vividly in his dreams, and while he hoped to forget her when awake, at night she came stronger than ever. It had gotten to a point where Tess would ask him who Evie was. She had thought that she was his imaginary friend, so when he would finally break once more and cry out her name, his sister would push his door open and he'd see her chubby face looking at him. She would lift her hands up in a picking up motion and he'd lift his blanket and let her crawl to him. She could hold him as best she could and she'd say things that still made his heart clench.

'Evie is okay Mycee, don't be sad'
'Evie is sorry too Mycee'
'Don't cry Mycee I don't like that, she wouldn't like that'
'Stop shaking Mycee you'll drop us'
'I'll stay Mycee you'll never be alone again'

He took a shaky breath as he found himself once again to the place that had begun the best and worst part of his life. Pushing the doors open, he found it to be as frightening as it had once been when he was younger and a virgin.

Walking through he ignored the women clinging to him. He politely declined walking straight to the lady that kept the reservations. She looked in her mid thirties, who knew just how old she was. She looked fake, but then again everything about this place screamed fake. She gave him a predatory grin seeing him, so young, so breakable probably.

"Who you looking for hun?" she purred.

"Evie" he replied after a while.

"Look through here darling, if you need any help don't hesitate to holler at Ivy alright?" she said pointing to herself.

The woman, Ivy, it seemed ,look through the files of women. She handed him a binder with the profiles of all the women that worked there. He flipped through, each one looked more glossy than the next, each one being fitting a pleasure that a person sought, each one creating more a dent in a person's pocket. When he reached where she would be the sleeve was empty.

He felt his heart beating faster and he felt some of his sanity break. He tugged at it trying to make it appear as if that would work but nothing was working. His Evie was not there. What happened? Did she-did she really leave?

"E-excuse me, but Evie is not here" he replied like a lost child.

Ivy put her cigarette out and got up leaning over once more. Her breast were fully in display but he could not care for this moment. All that mattered was that her innocent face was not flashing back at him. Her beautiful eyes weren't calling to him. He took a shaky breath and she began to talk. He heard nothing that mattered, nothing that made sense to him.

"Oh darling she quite a long time ago" she replied. "Didn't have the tough skin you need to survive in a world like this. She was a nice girl, but then again we all start out nice don't we?" She laughed and soon it turned into a cough before walking away.

Mycroft felt tears rise up but be bit them back. She was the last thing he needed that he couldn't let go. But then again fate was making a decision for him wasn't it? He wasn't meant to find her, he wasn't meant to admit that he loved her. He gripped the sleeves of his shirt and turned trying to find the exist.

He felt a headache coming on. He felt the urge to just shoot himself high once more to feel that unbreakable feeling. He wanted to escape. But as he headed towards the usual vendor he heard a little girl crying. Looking across he found a little blond girl sobbing her eyes out as her mother looked frantically trying to shush her.

He bit back the urge and went into the Floo Network immediately. He needed to grip his little rock, who knew someone so small so oblivious was his support at the moment. He was stupid to leave her alone in the mansion. But he had the stupid idea of being Evie with him, having her be the nurturer that Tess needed desperately. Maybe they'd form a family when his parents if his parents ever returned.

Pushing the doors of the mansion he walked towards her playroom where he usually left her. He found her in a way he never thought would break him more. She was setting up a tea date with three cups there. She was dressed in a dress with pearls and a hat on and she looked up smiling brightly.

"Mycee! Where's Evie?! I made tea, see!" she ran to his side.

He immediately lifted her up and saw her holding a plastic tea cup to him. He took an imaginary sip and held her a bit tighter.

"She won't be joining us anymore, she made new friends" he said softly.

Tess frowned but threw the cup on the floor and hugged him tightly. She cuddled him as best she could and he forced himself not to break.

"We play tea party then. You and me!" she replied after a while.

"Isn't it always just you and me?" Mycroft replied with a small sad smile.

Looking up at him, her eyes widened and she gripped his hand tightly taking him to his spot and sat next to him.

"Mycee that's what makes it special" she replied in her childlike glee.

Taking a sip of pretend tea, he wondered what would have happened if he'd only gotten there earlier. Wondered if Evie ever thought of him, left him anything, but she'd disappeared. But then again so had Evan the moment he'd walked out of the bar.

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Mycroft Holmes

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PostSubject: Re: Mycroft Holmes   Mon Jul 29, 2013 2:27 pm

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Mycroft Holmes

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PostSubject: Re: Mycroft Holmes   Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:33 pm

In all honesty, Mycroft had never felt more at center than the moment that Teagan had said yes. He had a steady job, he was successful, and he was finally having everything he ever wanted. There was a thorn in his happiness and that was Tess. The person that was once very supportive was now the one that was slowly spoiling it and making him hurt. He knew he hadn't been exactly innocent about it all; Teagan was a secret that he regretted more than anything, had he been more forward perhaps it would have made it better.

As he closed the mansion door behind him, he knew immediately something was off. It was late in the evening, yet all the candles were not lit. The room was colder than usual, and from the door he could see that it was the room that held all the light. It was the ballroom, the door was always closed so he knew it meant something.

He knew that meant something and he walked towards it and he saw it unlocked. Pushing the door open he saw that there was his father Sherringford and his mother Evangeline standing there waiting for him. He knew that it was for him because Tess was nowhere to be seen. He saw his mother staring at him coldly, that was no different, but the disappointment was something new.

His father looked cooly at him, his hand clenched around the cane, the top of the cane made of steel, a fox head clearly gripped tightly. There it was, the very white hand that showed him that it wasn't good.

"Father" he started off easily enough, "felt like having a family meeting?"

His father lifted his head up, and made a good job at making him feel lowly. He was always good at that when he was younger, and it had been a long time since it had scared him; but now...it somehow felt even stronger than before. It seemed no matter how much he aged when he wanted to, his father could frighten him. He cleared his throat and closed the door behind him not wanting the help to hear.

"Mycroft, so I hear you have made a decision without our consent. And-"

"It's my choice father"  Mycroft interrupted.

"And your choice" he hissed,"affects our whole family."

He winced at the cool tone of his father voice. He was as cold as ice and as solid as a wall. He was the definition of cold, with his steely blue eyes, his chilly voice and his expressionless face. He was the definition of a Holmes, an imposing character with a cold heart, if it did exist.

"Teagan Finn is a good woman, she's the Headmistress of Salem, she is a former Cursebreaker, with credentials since her graduation, and she's intelligent, beautiful, statuesque and-"

"And a Mudblood!" his mother roared.

His mother never spoke during the arguments, it was a rare thing, but when she did speak, a new level of cold was reached. He knew from birth that he was the golden child, her preferred one because she was born exactly like his father. He had her paler skin and had the blue eyes of her mother, not his father grey ones. Tess was born more of her image, her brown hair, her ivory skin, and her brown eyes, but he meant success.

"Mother she-"

"No son of mine will marry a woman that has nothing in her name but muggle history. Muggle money, no power, a pariah in this family. You will not taint what your father worked so hard for, what I worked so hard for you stupid boy!"

"Evangeline" his father gripped her wrist as she began to move forward, eyes blazing.

Mycroft never felt so small in his life as his mother, the definition of a strong woman, made him feel so low. The word, Mudblood brought a chill down his back and a twitch that reminded him of how stupid he was. It was not the issue of wanting to marry a woman without their consent, it was the fact that she was a muggleborn. That stung more than anything.

"Mother" he pleaded softly,"she is a good woman, you would be proud of her, she is a worthy woman to become a Holmes"

Evangeline tugged her wrist from Sherringford's grip and walked towards him in a determined pace. Before he could even notice what was happening, he felt a sharp sting, his head swinging immediately to the left from the impact. He had never once been touched by either parents physically, but the stinging feeling was the worst of all knowing it came from the woman that gave birth to him. His eyes watered out of reflect; his cheek was clearly marked, the wedding ring mark along with her long nails and piano fingers. He twitched softly and looked right back at them.

"You gave her my mother's ring" she hissed close to his face, "you defile the ring that had been with us for generations. You break this marriage now, or so help me Mycroft Evan I will make sure you never step into this house again."

Taking a deep breath Mycroft knew that the ultimatum was clear; his life with Teagan, or a life with his family. He felt ashamed of himself for considering just giving up and following what they asked. They had given him so much, no love, but life lessons, and an education that he could never learn anywhere else. They showed him power, success, and a clear future. Now to throw that all away for Teagan...that was a hard choice. He was grateful that they were not pushing him, but as he thought of her face when she had said yes, and the idea of her realizing what the choice was, he couldn't do that to her.


"Before you say anything....you may come in now"

The second entrance door was pushed open, and before him was Tess. Her hair was up in a bun, her dress was black, like mourning, and what was clear that she didn't dare look at him. Her face was impassive and before he could talk aloud, he saw how she walked directly to their parents as they placed a hand on each shoulder. He saw how mother squeezed her shoulder softly but his father's free hand was gripping tightly on her left. It was then that she looked up and what he saw broke his heart; so cold, her brown eyes were lank, no gleam, no anger, just...nothing. There were many things that he had seen, but the way that she stared at him now, broke him more than anything.

"If you chose that mudblood, you will leave all this behind, leave us behind, leave her behind" Evangeline drawled out.

The ultimatum was never as painful as this. Her hands were clasped together in front of her dress and he wished he could explain to his baby sister why she should have supported him. But what was she to do, she was just a child. It was either his sister, who he raised, or the woman who he loved more than anything. He took a deep breath and knew that this was the day where he wanted to just run away.

"I'm sorry" he whispered softly, "I-I chose her"

Then it all changed, his father's face turned red, and her mother gave him a wild look in them, while Tess just lowered her head. He knew that it was the choice they weren't expecting, but it was the right one for him. This was where Sherringford took the lead and Evangeline did something out of character. She wrapped her arms around Tess' shoulders and whispered in her ear. He had no idea what she was saying, but it was making Tess keep control of her tears.

He was forced to look back at his father. Sherringford, snapped his finger and bags appeared around Mycroft. He knew that this was it, and he wanted to control himself as well.

"You will no longer be allowed in this house; you will no longer be allowed to see any of the members of this family" his father's voice drawled out, "you will return that ring, a mudblood will not hold that ring in the family and you, you are no longer our son"

Mycroft took in a sharp breath but nodded reassuring his father that he was listening, and allowing him to react in some way. He breathed in an out and he for once felt panic; he was losing all he knew. He tried to look over to Tess but his father was clearly blocking the way.

"You will hold the name, but all power is taken away, everyone will now. All you have to do is to never speak of us, our family history, or anything. Your funds are nonexistent from us, now you life with your impure woman, and if you ever gain some sanity and leave her you will be allowed back. Leave now Mycroft Evan, I don't want to see you ay longer. You have till the end of the week, to take everything out of this house, no memory of you shall exist. Goodbye Mycroft"

"Goodbye" he whispered back, more towards one person than anyone else.

He picked up the bags and turned his back walking out, his eyes shining with unshed tears. He would not cry, he was stronger than that he was a Holmes no matter what they said. He felt a deep ache, but he kept his head high. He had a home, a new home forced upon him, but he had made the right choice, that's what he kept telling himself.

As the gates of the manor closed, he apparated away, glad that he could have some time alone, some time to drink, and lose his inhibitions. Maybe then he could cry, but now he had to start all over.

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Mycroft Holmes

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PostSubject: Re: Mycroft Holmes   Mon Dec 30, 2013 10:57 pm

Who knew that a name meant so much; his whole life, six letters defined who he was and what his future would be. Holmes meant power; Holmes meant success and intelligence, and it bonded him with his father automatically being the heir of the name. Who knew that how a simple name had given him the confidence and self-assurance to do as he pleased. He never felt so powerful, but now, now the word stung. He was no longer part of the main family, he was the outcast, the unwanted bad seed of the family. He never expected to fail so hard, but to him there was no failure, but a choice. Teagan to him was his word, he loved her; he hadn't felt so connected to a human being in so long. She admired him, cherished him, and gave him domesticity that he never knew he wanted so much.

Now he had given up all that he cherished most; his family, his sister, his name. He would always have Holmes attached as a surname, but soon enough everyone would know that he wasn't good enough to be the heir anymore. It stung, it clenched his chest and made him unsure of his future. All he had now was his fiancée and his job, but he didn't have that support.

Work. That was his solace at the moment; he didn't dare go to Teagan and ask for the ring back, it would hurt her deeply. He knew that she'd blame herself, but that wasn't the case, his father who once had happily taken him under his wing and shared with him the family secrets. He had easily pushed him away like yesterday's trash with no inheritance, all his achievements meant nothing to him. He was grateful that he was frugal with his earnings; that and he was thankful that Teagan was independent as well. Everything would be okay, at least that's what he told himself as he looked down at the letter in his hands.

It was from the Ministry and he had yet to open it. It had two candle seals, one seal coming from the Ministry of Magic the other under it was the Hogwarts crest. He feared the worst; he feared that with his name now 'dirty' he would be losing his job. It wasn't below his father's actions, he was a vengeful man. He closed his eyes wondering if perhaps America was his best choice if he was forced to quit.

'Don't be a coward' he told himself.

Taking a deep breath he took out his envelope cutter and took out the letter. Taking a deep breath he unfolded the letter and began to read. As he read the words on the page his breath was getting shorter and he felt his whole world slow down. Mika Aulis had stepped down from his position at Hogwarts; that was shocking enough, but he knew that with recent deaths and the impact of the Deputy Headmaster's death had rocked him. It was sad, he knew how Mika was very determined to keep Hogwarts thriving, and despite everything he wondered what it had to do with him. The question was answered a few lines down as the Minister of Magic had asked him to take over the castle. His past work as an Auror had given him backing to know how to protect the school, and the Ambassador of Education job at the Ministry had shown the passion that he had. He let out a long shaky breath in shock. He, he was being recognized. Despite himself he wondered what his father would think, if he'd be proud, if his mother and sister would be too, but it stung to immediately remember that they wouldn't be sending praises.

He closed his eyes and gripped the letter tightly. This position was a sign of hope, he now had a way to thrive all the more, and Teagan would be proud. This position was a way to throw it in his family's face that he could be successful without their backing. He would marry the Headmistress of Salem and they would have that solid future. He felt that his spirits were lifted, screw his shortcomings, he was being honored with a position at twenty-eight. He never expected to even have that position in his seventies let alone now.

"Yes" he breathed out.

It was clear enough that he was getting a second chance and he was an idiot if he said no. He immediately pushed his hair back and ran towards the room; Teagan was getting the school ready for the new school year. He looked in the mirror and looked at how ghastly he'd become in a few days. Throwing the letter on the bed, he knew he needed a good shower. He hadn't let himself go since he had lost Evie. He didn't want to think about that. Ripping off his tank top, his pajama pants were soon to follow; and as he slid into the shower he sighed as the warm water his his back like a caress. A lot of scrubs and cleaning later, he was out, a simple towel around his waist as he looked for his best clothing.

He wanted to make a good impression on the Minister; he wanted to show that he was responsible enough to take on such an important position. He could never be as successful as Albus Dumbledore was, he loved that old man, the way he had a gleam and warmth that many saw, even in the Slytherin house. He would never be Severus, who despite his sharp edges, was the most influential man he ever knew. He could only be himself. And if his father didn't think that the honor would be given to him by his family he would earn the honor through his own work. Other people had done it and he'd do the same.

With one last look in the mirror he grinned despite everything. He looked like a new man and he felt like a new start too. He rushed over to grab the letter and was off to accept the job. Hopes were high, and he knew that he would bring honor to his new family, his Teagan.

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Mycroft Holmes

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PostSubject: Re: Mycroft Holmes   Sat Apr 05, 2014 12:47 pm

Mycroft stood before his father, his face not even changing as the glare was more and more eminent. He was not going to waver, not so much as the Minister stared at the two before him. He had never wanted to do this, not really, but enough was enough when it came to his father, and like any good Holmes, the ends justified the means. He told himself that he would not regret this, that this was for the greater good, and if his father was surprised…well then he hadn’t realized he raised another him.

His posture was straight, he never slouched when it came to business. Everything was planned to perfection; he had worn his Headmaster cloak, showing his power, the influence that he had, and he would use it as his benefit. His hair was slicked back, his face devoid of emotion, knowing that it would be better to keep it logical. His arms straight on his sides, his shoes shining showing that there was no way that he was unprepared, at least physically.

His father was so similar it was eerie. His hair was quaffed elegantly, his posture equally straight, straighter even since their heights were equally matched, at least it was to one point, his age going against him at this moment. His face looked older, stressed, and Mycroft felt a hint of sympathy had it not been for business. His grey-blue eyes were in no way hiding his anger, he was angry, he was shaking, Mycroft could tell as his hand began to tremble a bit. But his father’s hand had trembled for a while, his age again going against him. He was no longer the predator, for his own son had gone against him and had made him the weak one. His chin was scruffy, he was taken so off guard that he had not prepared himself. Both men were too alike and yet one was winning.

’This is absolute nonsense’ his father scoffed.

Mycroft cleared his throat, ending the eye contact between her father and the Deputy Minister. He had played this perfectly; his father’s old age, his father’s quick choices and his pleasure to be elusive played for his benefit. He had noticed his father could not control the shake on his left hand, and because he had not been careful at keeping his networking and business up, he had let it rot, weakened because of his antisocial manner. Mycroft took that into his hand, ever since he was disowned, he had created these bridges with these men, these families noticed the benefits of siding with the younger Holmes. And they sided with him, and now they stood in trail behind him, supporting his decision to become head of the house. He was nearly thirty, it was time that he took over.

“It is not nonsense Deputy Minister, if I have shown not only my father’s incompetence to keep the Holmes name in the mouth of these gentleman that are vital to our ministry, but rather to be here, showing you support, keeping the tradition of having us show unwavering support and power within the ministry. My father has failed you, the Minister, and our family. The change in heir is in reality a mistake-“

”This is an outrage!’ his father cried ”In what crazy world would you let this happen! It all belongs to me, tradition, tradition dictates I am the one in command, how dare you let this BOY even be allowed to attempt to take what rightfully belongs to me! His sister is the heir, I have chosen it and tradition states-’

“Tradition states” Mycroft interrupted his father as he had done to him, “that the head of the house does have the choice to do as he pleases, if he is of sound mind and body, and I will not allow the Holmes family to have it’s power be weakened within our community”

He hid a smirk as the background began to murmur. They began to question whether Holmes Senior would be able and was even fit to support the family and be able to strengthen it.

“You sniveling little bastard!” his father snarked.

“My sister” he said not even bothering to listen to his father’s angry comments, “is not fit to take control of the house. She is only fifteen, not fit and has already had a broken engagement which we blame-“

”On you!” his father interrupted once more. ”You were the one to sully that bond with your stupid actions of having a dirty Mudblood as your choice of a wife”

The murmurs grew all the more and Mycroft forced himself not to be phased.

“As you can see, my father is perhaps too stuck to his traditions to be fit to work with a Ministry that is known to move forward and try to forget past mistakes. As for my choice to be with a muggleborn in no way should deter the power that comes with a name such as mine. Teagan Finn is the Headmistress of Salem in no way a measly Mudblood as my father so charmingly puts it. Either way, Tess Holmes in not yet ready to be the heir, but she can keep the position, what I ask to be head of the house. My qualifications is most strongly represented by my generation. I battled in the war against the Dark Lord, I have fought to not only protect the castle at seventeen, but also now with attacks coming many ways. Power is important, but loyalty is oftentimes stronger”

His father was becoming read in the face, he noticed this but he would not be swayed. His intentions were clear and put on the table, knowing that no one could deny that he had accomplished a lot, under his family name and things on his own.

“You ingrate”his father hissed. “ I have shown unwavering loyalty to you, to the Minister, to my colleagues and-“

“And while you have father perhaps it is time that you retire.” Mycroft drawled.

The gobsmacked and betrayed look in his father had a mixture of disbelief and pride. Mycroft looked at the deputy minister who looked ready to make his decision. At the end of the day, he had gotten his way. He was not only a Holmes once more, but he was the head of the house. Tess would remain his heir, even if he were to have children of his own, and he had gotten everything he asked. The position that is father held within the Ministry as head teacher of the Auror program, he kept his Headmaster title, and he now had a name with even more power.

His father walked out, more like stormed out, his mother looking at him with anger, and followed her husband knowing that they would need to plan what was to come. Mycroft would not be cruel as they had, he would give them a place to live, in the chateaux that they adored in France, and a home in Spain where they would spend his father’s retirement years. There would still be money under their name and would live their life of luxury. But he held the business, the power, and the name more than anyone.

Walking out of the Ministry, his hand gripped the umbrella tightly as he found himself wondering how his fiancée would take the news, and how his sister would. Nothing mattered, he was the one in control, and it seemed that his father’s planned betrayed him. For why raise someone in the spitting image of you, if you didn’t want him to take it. Mycroft took a deep breath and apparated towards his office. He had been gone a month, and he wanted to do nothing but return to Teagan and rest before the new school year began.

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