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Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Dominus Lestrange, the Firehawk

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Dominus Lestrange

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PostSubject: Dominus Lestrange, the Firehawk   Tue Jun 04, 2013 12:01 pm

Full Name: Dominus Lestrange/Firehawk
Birthdate: October 13th, 1991
Age: 17
Country of Origin: Dublin, Ireland
Current Home: London, United Kingdom
General appearance: Dominus Lestrange could be described as a 'beautiful boy' who bares only minimal appearance similarities to his father Rabastan and sharing more appearance-wise with his Irish Mother. While his hair isn't red, it's a close enough shade with it being more of on the level of a bright orange color. His hair is exceptionally long, going all the way to his knees and it is very well-taken care of. He tends to wear an assortment of rather feminine things in his hair, like hair clips, ribbons and hairbows because he is really proud of his hair. His lips are rather full, his eyebrows are a bit angular, with his face and it's features bearing rather aristocratic, almost feminine features, like long eyelashes for example. His eyes match the color of his hair, being a bright orange, and they seem to always shine with emotion and confidence.

His skin is not the usual pale for either British or Irish origin, instead being more tan, though not in a racial way, more of in a way he was exposed to a lot of sunlight. His musculature, while not scrawny or skinny, couldn't be described as manly. It's very lithe, acrobatic and hints at a lot of flexibility, usually because he exercises a lot and participates in a lot of Parkour, Yoga and a bit of martial arts. Due to this, he has been teased a lot and repeatedly mocked with comments like people asking him if he was really a girl masquerading as a boy. However, his strength is much larger than his slim, borderline feminine musculature would indicate. He is capable of going toe-to-toe in fights with people of many sizes and weight classes and is capable of picking up, as well as holding up, people of heavier weight class than himself.

The clothing he wears are custom-made robes that he has gotten comments on as being 'too revealing' in the Pureblood Society. His shirt and outer robes have no shoulders with the back cut-out, much like a female muggle dress that shows off his abdomen and is rather tight on himself to show off his lithe muscular frame. He wears special gloves that go up to his biceps that would remind people of female gloves, really short pants with long socks that go up to his thighs and some custom-made boots. He also has a dragon-tooth earring hanging from his right ear.
Special Features: He has what is described as a 'cute' mole on his right cheek and a large muggle-style tattoo of a hawk on his back with wings extended outwards that extended to his shoulders. The hawk tattoo, combined with his Fire Elemental Abilities, earns him the name of Firehawk.
Blood purity: Pureblood, technically Squib
Sexual alignment: Heterosexual

Personality: Dominus is described as vibrant and full of life. He is extremely confident in his abilities and isn't worried about losing to anyone. He is known to be ill-tempered and very fiery when he's angry. He is a very heavy chain smoker, sometimes being seen smoking up to 5 cigarettes at a time without being concerned with any punishment the teachers and prefects might give him for his underage smoking. He is often seen as a rebel due to the way he dresses and acts, causing some women to view him as attractive because he's a 'bad boy', and is often unconcerned with what people think of him. He is very self-conscious about his appearance and goes out of his way to be as pristine and clean as possible, though he does admittedly hate being called a girl. He sometimes teases others, though this is a rarity, and finds it amusing to anger and annoy someone. While he is mostly a laid back, good person, if you anger him, you're in a world of hurt.
He is a black belt in multiple forms of martial arts, skilled in submission-style wrestling, excellent at take-downs, boxing, kick-boxing, MMA, and a great deal of other hand-to-hand combat styles. He has knowledge in gymnastics and acrobatics, allowing him to perform some crazy maneuvers. He also packs a very deceiving amount of strength in his body, and he can hurt someone if he actually tries. On top of that, he is very vicious when he fights and is very ruthless as well, often resorting to outright maiming and disfiguring people if he's angry enough. He's also deceivingly fast, and if someone isn't careful, he can take them down before they would have time to react. He is not someone you wanna mess with as he will hurt you, and hurt you badly, whether through his Fire Elemental Abilities, or his hand-to-hand combat.

Being the typical Irish-Born, he has a love of fighting and will often enjoy the thought of getting into a brawl, whether it's through magical powers or through his fists. On top of that, he's also skilled in Martial Arts and various forms of hand-to-hand combat. He is skilled in the arts of changing and mimicking voices, acting, and lying. He also enjoys a fine drink, and has a tendency to calling alcoholic beverages 'Pints', though he's far from being a drunk, so he avoids that typical Irish stereotype. He's not opposed to corrupting people and causing a bit of chaos. However, he is capable of being patient and cunning, and is also very ambitious, so it's no surprise he became a Slytherin. He likes to brawl, which is something that is considered rather stereotypical considering he's Irish, but desires to prove himself the toughest. He is a very loyal person, and if he's in a relationship, he will not flirt or tease someone, no matter how attracted to them he might be. He is skilled in many different types of dancing, including dances that wouldn't be approved of by the Pureblood Community. While he is a pervert, he is respectful of other people's relationships and will not encroach on them as he views such a thing as distasteful and dishonorable. Despite what his feminine features and small frame might make people believe, he is very dangerous even without his Fire Elementalist Abilities.

Despite being of Pureblood Origin, his Fire Elemental abilities have affected his personality to a point that he can be rather crude and foul-mouthed, sometimes showing signs that he is a pervert as well. He is known to do rude gestures like giving someone a middle finger and waving them off as if they were a minor annoyance. However, despite that, he can be very polite and even gentlemanly, as well as charming, so long as someone doesn't get on his bad side, which is actually very easy to do. Much like other members of the Lestrange Family, he has a form of mental illness as well, suffering from Pyromania and seeming to not have a problem with hurting anyone, so that makes him exceedingly dangerous when you take into account his Fire Elemental Abilities. Due to being a Pyromaniac, he has a certain view on fire, believing that setting things alight is a form of art, something that would stick in the minds of those who saw it and essentially make him immortal in a way, even going so far as to view himself an artist. Despite being from the Lestrange Family, he doesn't care about Muggles and Muggleborns. While he wouldn't support their views, he certainly wouldn't wish them eradicated. Even though he seems like a goofball or a joker, he can be very serious when the time calls for it.

Background: Dominus was born in Ireland to a female Pureblood named Aibreann O'Brien, and is also the illegitimate son of Rabastan Lestrange. Aibreann was a former Slytherin Student that was arranged to be married to Rabastan, but it never fell through due to the fact that Rabastan was carted off to Azkaban. During the beginning of the 90's, Aibreann had managed to arrange herself a visit to Rabastan after spending quite a few years getting the rights to visit him. She managed to win herself a few hours with him, and one of the things she had ensured was to sleep with him so that she could get a child from him.

She eventually bore his child and raised young Dominus in her Manor in Ireland. During Dominus's childhood, his Fire Elemental abilities were way out of control due to how powerful they were, and as such, he had spent the majority of his childhood training on how to control it. While he was bound to be a very powerful Fire Elementalist, his powers were immeasurably powerful due to the normal wizarding magic he inherited from his father inaccessible due to it magnifying his Fire abilities, which technically makes him a Squib. Due to the fact that he had Magic, he was accepted into Hogwarts, where his Parents had attended, and had eventually moved into the Lestrange Family Manor when he was old enough to.

Family: Mother: Name: Aibreann O'Brien / Age: 36/ Living or dead: Dead/ Blood status or species: Pureblood
Father: Name: Rabastan Lestrange / Age: Somewhere in his 40's / Living or dead: Presumably Dead/ Blood status or species: Pureblood
Siblings: (if applicable) Name: / Age: / Living or dead: / Blood status or species:
Pet: (if applicable) Name: Jasmine/ Age: 5 Years/ Living or dead: Living/ Blood status or species: Lioness
Other: (if applicable) Name: / Age: / Living or dead: / Blood status or species:

Family Background: Dominus Lestrange comes from two established families from the UK, one from Ireland and one from France that migrated to Great Britain. His Irish Origins comes from the O'Brien Pureblood Family, a well-established Neutral Family that had their roots in Fire Elemental abilities. Their families never participated in any wars and preferred to let the radical fools kill themselves while they remain safe behind their manors and wards. They are speculated to be descended of an extraplaner Demon King that was said to be unparalleled in the art of Fire Manipulation, causing the O'Briens to retain these abilities after who knows how many centuries and often be regarded as the most powerful Fire Elementalists in the World.

The Lestrange Family is a well-established Dark Family that was speculated to come from France before they eventually migrated to Great Britan. It is one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight Pureblood Families. It is a well-known family of Pureblood Supremacists and, as such, most family members of the House look down on Muggleborns and other Blood Statuses that aren't Pureblood. The Lestranges are a very old, and extremely wealthy family that, like most Pureblood Families, have a vault filled to the brim with treasure.

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Dominus Lestrange, the Firehawk
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