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Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 The Quidditch Player's Handbook

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Azalea Harrington

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PostSubject: The Quidditch Player's Handbook   Sat Jun 01, 2013 5:50 am

The Quidditch Player's Handbook
which covers almost everything you need to know about playing Quidditch here at HAF

1. You must include at least two paragraphs (150 words) in your post – subject to normal role playing that shows what your player is doing/feeling during your post. This includes any moves you wish to show off.

2. Every post must include a dice roll. Any post not including a dice roll does not count as a valid move.

3. Each team must take it in turns to post, so no posting right after your team members!

4. As always in role play, no double posting please. This gives others a chance to play, but if a substantial* amount of time of inactivity ensues then we will allow players to post back to back. (e.g. Reni posts, Jake posts, Reni posts, Jake posts – this is acceptable in aforementioned down periods).

5. The number on the die (which goes up to ten) shows how successful your move was, the minimum points per action are as follows:
  • To successfully shoot with the Quaffle during game, you must roll a five or above.
  • To successfully intercept or save the Quaffle, you must either match or equal the dice roll of the shooter. (e.g. if the attacker rolls a seven, the defender must roll a seven or above to successfully block. A score of six will mean the attacker scores.)
  • Beaters need to roll a seven or above to hit a target successfully.
  • If hit by a successful Bludger, the player who is hit is not allowed to post for three turns. Beaters take note and state clearly who you are aiming your bludger at when posting (e.g Josh swung his bat, hitting the bludger with force and sending to squarely towards Evelyn).
  • To catch the Snitch during the game, the Seeker must roll a ten.

6. The referee makes all the final decisions – so, no arguing with his/her ruling.

7. Important Note: Do not edit your post. Should you leave out information, forget the dice roll, or misspell something, leave it. Editing your post for any reason is highly suspect and we want a fair, honest game. Preview your posts before hitting the send button but if you find something you don’t like after posting, please refrain from editing.

8. Please remember that being hit by a Bludger is not to be taken lightly, so even though you can still carry on, your skill will be somewhat depleted, and should be taken in to consideration in your posts.

9. And the most important rule, make sure to have fun while you play. Winning or losing does not matter as for the moment, these games are happening out of timeline. So any moves/points/glory you earn will be on a purely OOC basis. Wink

* As determined by the referee

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The Quidditch Player's Handbook
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