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Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Benjamin Watson

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Benjamin Watson

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PostSubject: Benjamin Watson   Sat Jun 01, 2013 1:36 am

Full Name: Benjamin Scott Watson
Birthdate: August 19
Age: N/A
Country of Origin: Yorkshire, England
Current Home: (same)
General appearance: Dark brown, almost black hair. Pale blue eyes. Toned for his age, with sharp facial features.
Special Features: N/A
Blood purity: Pureblood
Sexual alignment: Heterosexual

Personality: Most of Ben’s fellow students, and his professors, see him as a model student, one that does not let others stand in his way to the top. He is ambitious and observant. But underneath, there lies a fire. He is always seeking. Looking for that piece that will make his life complete. Very few know this side of him, and he prefers it that way.

Background: Benjamin is an only child, raised in a typical pureblood household. While his family would not state publicly their views on matters such as blood status and the war, they do hold themselves in high regard. His parents have ensured that he want for nothing and was given every opportunity to thrive as possible.
When Ben received his letter, there was no doubt that he would follow in his parents footsteps at Hogwarts. From the first day, he made connections quickly. He wouldn’t honestly call them friends, since most of them didn’t give to licks about him, but they were useful in their own ways.
Throughout his years so far, he has maintained the reputation that is expected of him: cool, collected, calculating. But as he grows older, realizing his own power and independence, he is more often striking out on his own. He understands the benefits of his family life, and plans to use them to his own ends, while learning who he really wants to be.
Mother: Laurel Watson / 42 / Living / Pureblood
Father:  Jeremy Watson / 40 / Living / Pureblood
Siblings: N/A
Pet: N/A
Other: N/A

Family Background: The Watson’s are proud to say they had no part in the last wizarding war. They chose to stay calmly to the side, letting others worry about things like that. While they would never admit to certain views on blood and status, they are very particular in the way they represent themselves to public and friends alike. They expect much from their only heir, and he has yet to disappoint.

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Azalea Harrington

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PostSubject: Re: Benjamin Watson   Sat Jun 01, 2013 1:40 am


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Benjamin Watson

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PostSubject: Re: Benjamin Watson   Tue Jul 30, 2013 1:41 am

Timeline 2009/2010 - 4th Year



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Benjamin Watson

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PostSubject: Re: Benjamin Watson   Tue Jan 14, 2014 11:12 pm

Timeline 20010/2011 - 4th Year
Game 3



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Benjamin Watson

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PostSubject: Re: Benjamin Watson   Mon Feb 03, 2014 3:59 am

(Warning: Drug Use)

Ben's finger found the bridge of his nose, pinching it in a way to try to relieve the constant headache. His mind was constantly racing, but in jumbled thoughts that were too full of pain and sadness to be of much use. Annoying, that's what it was.

The sounds of his footfalls echoed off the dungeon corridors as he did his late night patrols. He didn't have to do nearly as much, now that he was Head Boy. They were usually left to the Prefects, with only a few nights where him and Scarlett were needed. Usually, like tonight, he opted for the dungeons. It was a bittersweet choice in that, while he was in his home territory, it also brought him closer to the girl he loved, and the girl who ruined life.

Sometimes he wasn't sure who the second part pertained to.

As the weeks passed, and he saw Tess's birthday come and go with no marked occurrence. Outwardly, anyway. In private, he'd snuck a bottle of Firewhiskey from the cabinet of confiscated things taken off the students and hid away in his room. He'd snapped pretty nastily at his dormmate when she'd come asking for him, but he didn't give a flying fuck at the time. He'd willingly drowned away the pain and memories of that wonderful, perfect day one year ago.

"All of this is perfect" she corrected him. "Just so you know...you being here was more than enough"

Her voice fluttered through his mind, crisp and so clear she may have been standing in front of him. Merlin, how he wished she were. Ben had been correct, that terrible day. That had been the last time he'd been that close to her. The isolation was driving him slowly mad.

His fists clenched at his hair as he turned on his heel, marching towards the nearest bathroom. It was up on the main floor, but down a corridor that few ever went to. Almost near the courtyards, it was drafty and always a bit too cold. In the ever growing cold of winter, students would choose to be late to class rather than deal with the bitter chill. It's perfect, he thought, practically running through the door.

A splash of cold water and I'll be set to go.

Until tonight...

That voice. Again. Always there, always waiting. Always watching. Finally reaching the far sinks, his hands gripped the porcelain tightly. Closing his eyes, a flash of blood soaked sweater flashed behind his lids. He bit down hard on the inside of his cheek, tasting the blood that brought his mind back to the present.

He was losing it. And fast. Everything was a memory of her. Every place. Every sound. Every word. Like something embedded in his soul since he was created, that he would willingly carve out with a spoon if that meant he could be free of it. Oh, the process would destroy him as well, but so long as he didn't have this constant pain any longer.

"Wondered when you would find you're way here, Watson." A voice echoed lightly off the cold stone walls.

Ben's head whipped up so quickly his neck was sure to hurt later from it. His face was a quick mask of indifference. But not quick enough. Not for...

"Tsk, tsk, Benjamin. No need to hide it from me, now. I've come here to help you." The voice was familiar, vaguely. It had a melodic lilt to it, one he was not likely to forget. Dolan.

Turning in the directions of the stalls, he saw the lone figure leaning carelessly against one of the frames. As if he belonged there. Instead of his school uniform, however, James had traded his robes for a dress jacket. One that matched his trousers perfectly, fitting him as if it was custom. Ben did not intimidate easily, but there was something...off about the boy.

"What do you want, Dolan?" His words were civil, if not just this side of curt. The boy was a Hufflepuff, and he knew now not to underestimate them. They seemed harmless on the outside, but Conner had packed quite a punch when necessary.

James pushed himself into a standing position, his hands tucked neatly in his pockets as he walked easily over to Ben. "As I said, dear Watson. I'm here to help." With that, he pulled out a small leather pouch and tossed it to him. Catching it easily from a few feet's distance, Ben simply held onto it, not quite sure what to do. There was something eerie about the other boy's eyes. As if there was something moving behind their dark depths. "Come on, Mr. Head Boy. I've gotten you an early Christmas gift and you're not even going to open it?"

Brow furrowing at the boys words, Ben slowly opened the drawstrings. Inside was a small sample of off-white, grainy powder. He didn't quite know what it was. If it was some potions ingredient, he'd never seen it before.

"What is it?" he tried not to sound like a complete idiot.

"It's the answer to all of your problems, dear. Here...let me show you..."

*   *   *   *   *

Ben slammed the door of the common room closed, leaning his body weight into it. Thank Merlin Scarlett had gone off to Hogsmeade with a friend or some other useless thing. The sweat beading his brow, and the sickly pallor to his skin would be noticeable by the blindest of idiots.

Stupid stupid stupid!

He'd gone too long. It had been a week now, since that night in the bathroom. When James gave him that powder. What had he called it? Some stupid girly name... Heroine. The name meant nothing to Ben, since he didn't know muggle drugs, but he'd learned all he needed to know that night.

His rounds forgotten, the prized Head Boy of Hogwarts had spent that Thursday night sprawled out on a bathroom floor. His body lowering in temperature form the cold, hard tiles, while his mind finally started to shut up for a change. The needle wasn't a wonderful thing, but it was so inconsequential to the after effect that he couldn't care less.

The process was simple really. Nothing more than an experiment. A new potion. Heat the powder until it melted down into a liquid. Insert into syringe, then inject and let it all fall away.

That first night had been blissful oblivion. No more pain, no more sadness. No Tess. No Eris. Hell, he didn't even know if James had stayed for long after or not, only realizing hours later that he was alone in the bathroom. The days since then had been filled with a constant itch of questions in his mind. He experimented with doses, not sure how much James had used that first night. Starting small, he loved the feel of his inhibitions leaving, all those frivolously human things, while his mind seemed to speed up. His notes in class were a bit shaky, but there had been more of them than usual. His potion was flawless, even if his lips were a bit chapped from worrying at them constantly.

After that, he started increasing. Trying to find the right balance of emotionless numb with mental clarity. It wasn't until about a week after starting that he realized he was running out. He'd told himself that was fine. He would get more from James when he could, and that would be that.

It wasn't.

It seemed that, as each hour passed, he got more out of control. His stomach churned like never before, his head was constantly pounding. He was cold and hot and shaking and sweating all at the same time, and he felt like his brain was a rodent on a wheel. He'd ditched most of his lessons the first day after, and all of them the second, as he fought off sleep.

Sleep was worse. His nightmares were vivid, terrible things. Haunting images of Tess, and Eris, and deer and coyotes and nonsense. Finally, on the third day, he woke up ungodly early, having never really slept anyway, and tried to make himself look presentable. It was no good, but he didn't expect to meet anyone in the halls. Walking swiftly to the Hufflepuff common room, the portrait let him pass easily enough. Sneaking into the boy's dorm was a bit harder, and he had to use a few silencing spells to go unnoticed, though they didn't actually work.

He found James easily enough. The boy was sprawled out easy as you like on his bed. When Ben leaned in too close, however, there was movement so fast he almost fell over in shock. As it was, the only thing holding him to his feet was a firm hand wrapped around the front of his shirt. Cold dark eyes starred into his with a ferocious gleam he had never seen before. But he was so frazzled he didn't even think twice about it. All he could think was More, need more, more....more.

A few seconds passed like that, before James let go of Ben's shirt, pulling back as he slid into an easy half grin. "Watson, you startled me. Didn't expect you to be the sneaking type." He pulled himself into a seated position, giving a bit of room for Ben to sit down.

And he did so gladly. His knees were shaking of their own accord and he didn't understand it. Propped on the edge of the yellow sheets, Ben's fingers fidgeted with the fabric on the knees of his pants, biting his lip out of recent habit. "James. Hey, um...look. I was wondering if you maybe...had some of that stuff you gave me." He cleared his throat and tried to make his voice sound less jittery than it was. "I've been...you see, I've been testing it...experimenting, if you will. And, well, I haven't thoroughly finished doing so." Liar... "So, I was hoping you had another batch. For science, you know."

It was all a lie, but James simply grinned easily, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. "Of course! I'm always here to help out a friend." If Ben had been in his right mind, he would have noticed the strange inflection on the last word. But right now his mind simply latched onto the chance to get more.

James moved off his bed swiftly, his pajama bottoms tied neatly around his waist, torso bare as he padded around to his trunk. He didn't bother with his dorm mates, they were complete idiots anyway. Specially the Bailey kid. A few seconds passed before he stood upright and approached the bed to stand in front of Ben. The Head Boy had to contain himself, had to fight the urge to grab the slightly larger pouch out of the Hufflepuff's hands.

"One condition."

Ben's eyes widened at that. "What?" he asked.

James' friendly smiled changed, into a deadly smirk that was lost on the frazzled Slytherin. "You owe me."

Blinking in confusion, Ben wasn't sure what to make of it. He didn't understand what was being asked.

The other boy sighed dramatically. "Come, come, Watson, keep up." He tossed the bag a few times into the air with ease, each being watched carefully by glazed eyes. "One favor. Anytime I want. Anything I want. I call...you come."


Ben shivered now, against that hard door, still feeling the nerves itching under his skin. The leather pouch was a welcome weight in his hand. Mouth dry, stomach churning, he walked as swiftly as he could on shaky legs to his room. He'd kept the needle from that first night, tucked away in a safe place. It was a Saturday, and no one would come looking for him for hours.

Long, wonderful, blissful hours...

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Benjamin Watson

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PostSubject: Re: Benjamin Watson   Tue Sep 02, 2014 11:56 pm

Sitting on his bed, his possessions flying around the room, Ben wondered if he could have really anticipated this. He'd known for a few months now that he would be leaving the manor. He'd been planning it for a while now, that he and Conner would get a place. Even before...before things got bad, it had just seemed like the answer. They'd graduate, leave Hogwarts, go to Unseen, and get a flat together.

He hadn't seen the rest coming...

* * * * *

"You can't avoid this forever, Benjamin. It is part of your duty as our heir."

Oh how he hated that woman. Both of his parents, really. His whole life, it was all about duty and the family legacy. Honestly, he didn't give two shits about all that. But they did. And they never let him forget it.

Turning another page in his latest potions book, Ben attempted to tune the pair of them out. Again. This wasn't the first time they were coming to him with this nonsense, and it wouldn't be the last.

His father cleared his throat, clearly trying to get his attention. Ben refused to look up. "Son, you need to think about the company. About the continuation of our line. These young ladies," he indicated the letters in front of he and his wife, on the coffee table, "are singularly important to reach our goals."

He was always like that, for as long as Ben could remember. Always talking to him as if he were an employee. As if he needed pep talks and incentives to do the "right thing". And when he didn't, they would simply threaten. As they would a unruly worker.

When he still refused to respond, a loud smack of paper against paper filled the room. Of course, she would be the first to crack, he thought.

"You cannot simply ignore this, Benjamin! You are graduated now, heading on to Unseen. You need to find a wife, before they are all spoken for!" His eyes flicked up to catch the small shiver that ran through his mother's form. The very idea that they would be forced to choose any less than the very best of pureblood stock was more appalling than anything she could possibly imagine.

He sighed, setting his book aside. There was nothing more than to get it over with.

"I will not be choosing a wife. Now, nor in any foreseeable future, mother." His voice was calm, almost placid. Like the still water of a lake, lacking any trace of the dangers lurking below.

"Nonsense," his father interjected. "You've known this was your duty since you were five. Now, stop being a child and accept it." He stood then, making to leave, as he obviously felt the issue was settled.

But it wasn't. It never would be.

"I refuse to be a pawn to your games any longer," Ben's low voice carried throughout the large parlor, the depth of it sounding off the stone walls. "There is no one person in that worthless stack of paper that I want. And until I find someone of my choosing, there will be no engagement. No wedding."

He couldn't very well tell them there was one. One girl who he would gladly take by his side for the rest of his days. She would not have him. And even if she would, he would never be worthy of her. Nor would his parents accept of their union. Not that she wasn't everything they could want. But...he knew that fate was against them. It always was...

"Please, son." There it was. The backup kindness that came when his mother thought anger wouldn't win him over. Well if that wouldn't, this false sense of motherliness surely wouldn't. "This one here sounds perfect!" She slid one closer to him, trying to catch his eye. "She's even quite stunning, rather acceptable for a trophy wife, really. I heard she's passingly intelli-"

"No," his voice cut through hers, the first time he'd ever dared interrupt her.

His father was still there, standing over by the fire. Listening. As his mother quieted, lacking in a new tactic, his father spoke. "If you will not perform your given duties as our heir, I see no need for you to live here any longer."

It was cold and calculating, like the man. Slow to assess, quick to action. And when he made a decision, neither heaven nor hell could sway him.

"Jeremy," his mother implored. It wasn't the sound of a mother pleading for her husband to see reason, to not send their only child out into the world. It was the resigned acceptance of an outcome that was inevitable. Clearly they had seen this coming as well.

Standing, Ben picked up his book again. It was one of his own, after all, and he would not leave it behind. "I ask that you give me the week to arrange things. After that, I will no longer burden you." It was a reasonable request, one that he would be surprised if they would not meet. He didn't need the week, not really. But it would allow him time to track down Conner, if he needed it. And to find them suitable living space.

A small nod was all he received from his father. Not even a meeting of eyes as the man clearly dismissed him. Head held high, Ben left the room, already cataloging what he needed to take with him.

Laurel sighed, letting just a tiny bit of her real thoughts show. "Why wouldn't he even look at them, Jeremy? He wasn't even thinking rationally."

Jeremy moved back to the sofa, stoic as ever. "We knew this was coming, dear. He's been disappointing at every turn. I don't know where we went wrong, but he's too soft." There was no doubt on his face, nor in his mind.

"Pity," Laurel said, picking up the application Ben refused to look at, "The Holmes girl even inquired about him specifically. I do hope this doesn't ruin our business dealings with them..."

* * * * *

The last of his books settled neatly into his trunk as he stood. Looking around his room, a small sense of longing passed through him. He'd lived here his whole life, grown up in these rooms. Now...he didn't know when he would ever come back. It didn't frighten him. He'd been preparing for this for years now, saving up money that his parents didn't even know about. And he still had his given stock in their company, something they could not forcefully take from him. He would be fine.

Now all he needed was to find Conner. The boy had been annoyingly distant lately, taking longer to return his owls. Ben's last had given the address of the flat they would be meeting at. It was one he was sure the Hufflepuff would like. The landlady was nice enough, an older lady who clearly wanted people to look after. And it was even in a muggle neighborhood.

Shrinking his trunk and other luggage, Ben let out a small smile. "There's no place like home."

And he was gone.

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Benjamin Watson
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