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Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 The Power User's Handbook (must read for everyone who has a special power)

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Azalea Harrington

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PostSubject: The Power User's Handbook (must read for everyone who has a special power)   Fri Apr 26, 2013 3:45 pm

The Power User's Handbook
which covers almost everything you need to know about having a special power here at HAF

So we all know how much fun it can be to have additional powers because sometimes, plain old magic just doesn't cut it. And as a result, your character might be an angel, a demon, an empath, a metamorphmagus or have any number of amazing powers that allow him or her to stand out from the crowd. Here at HAF, we allow that kind of thing because really, what's life without a few twists and turns, right?

What we do not allow, however, is that you use your powers to Godmod. We're sure you've already read our no GM-ing policy in the main rules but for the benefit of all power users - as well as those who don't have any particular power - we would like to reiterate it once again. Your powers, no matter how awesome, do not allow you to control others without their explicit permission Out of Character. Any duels, displays of power or affects of power usage must be 1. Agreed upon by all handlers involved and 2. Must be noted at the bottom of your post.

Your powers are not be used in site wide competitions, like Quidditch matches for example. You are playing as a regular student to make the game fair and fun for everyone. However, you may use your powers to your heart's content on your own where it doesn't affect other people or with people who have agreed to be your victims RP partners with regards to power usage.

So if you've understood all that, feel free to develop whatever kind of power you like and have lots of fun with it. If you have any questions regarding a special power, feel free to PM Azalea Harrington who will get back to you in a tick!

NOTE: Starting Game 3, each character will only be allowed to claim maximum of TWO powers. This is enforced so that all powers can be evenly distributed to all existing and new members of HAF. In keeping with this, we will also be permitting only ONE creature per handler starting Game 3.

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The Power User's Handbook (must read for everyone who has a special power)
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