Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Constance Vale

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PostSubject: Constance Vale   Wed Mar 27, 2013 4:50 am

Constance Jane Vale

Full Name: Constance Jane Vale
Birthdate: 20th of June
Age: (if an adult) 22 Years Old
Country of Origin: England
Current Home: Manor
General appearance: Blonde Hair, grey eyes, toned slender body.
Special Features: Slits at her shoulder blades where her wings are.
Blood purity: Halfblood
Sexual alignment: Pansexual

Constance is an unruly sort of person and is critical for who she chooses to be in her life. If someone is as thick as two bricks she will easily shut them out, if they pester her then she will torture them to ways that is cruel and bloodcurdling. For those who she does accept into her life, she treats them with loyalty and devotion. It is rare that Constance accepts anyone into her life and being alone, not having many friends from being different to others. To the people who stand by her side is another thing, they already trust her but she would not hesitate to turn her back on them if they were to attack her in a vindictive way.

Most people think that Constance is a temperamental type of person but she has a soft spot that is very hard to reach, it is for love. She hasn't loved anyone and no one has to her but she is a down right flirt and mingles with men who happen to be around. There are many different qualities that Cosntance possesses but even she is finding them out herself.

Constance was born to a strong bloodline; the Vales were a halfblood family steeped in history. Their family used to be great supporters of the Dark Lord that were not mentioned in any tale told because they were unknown, the poisoners of the Dark Lord and his assassins they have held to their traditions since, training one child to poison and one to kill with magic as they have since the birth of the family. Constance was the killer, trained to slaughter without remorse, though training wasn’t much required in the area of emotional detachment.

She was fascinated with harming helpless insects and other such animals from a very young age, which contributed to a love for violence and pain, as well as emotionless rationality. Unlike most killers before her time, however,  Constance was considered an above average genius. This reflected in the way she planned theoretical assassinations, choosing to perform more theatrical and still, perfectly achievable jobs. She has a circumstance in which she cannot help but show off to people, in order to prove her intelligence. Her genius was balanced out by her madness, particularly in the instance where she killed two innocent people. Whether it be that little interest was paid to the family, maybe that the legacy of providing assassins resulted in a lack of obvious fame, but no matter the reason,  she got away with the murders. Constances' trademark from the tarot deck is The Emperor. It shows her lust and arrogance.

Having started Hogwarts, it was clear Constance stood out and by the end of her time there, she achieved high grades in all of her subjects, particularly charms and philosophy. Unlike other people she met, she decided against leaving Hogwarts with another killing under her belt. Having killed many in the years gone by, Constance has a surprisingly charming attitude, punctuated frequently with robotically rational observations. This is the only obvious marker for her insanity in normal situations. In different circumstances, however, she is calculating, openly evil and more than a little happy to cause pain.

Family: Janette Leveque, 45 years old, alive, fallen angel.
Father: Lucas Brooks, 40 years old, dead, pureblood.
Siblings: None
Pet:   Black Wolf, Cale.
Other: None.

Family Background:  
Constance was surrounded by the Dark Arts and talks of blood supremacy since birth and believes she is better than everyone else. Her parents spoiled and pampered her so she is now very arrogant and stubborn. She’s commanding, insensitive and manipulating. From a very young age she learnt that she could make people do what she wanted as long as she walked, talked and glared just right. Now she gathers followers about her easily and inspires fear and awe where she wants.

She had many a hard night in her youth. Her parents loved her and pampered her, but her father believed she needed to come stronger. She was beaten, cursed and bruised for hours on end by her vicious father in an attempt to make her hard and oblivious to anguish. It worked to a point, as now Constance is strong willed, hard hearted and practically immune to pain, but it also caused her to resent her father for all he had done.

Her father was a Death Eater in the Dark Lord’s inner circle, highly trusted and praised, she was born to rise into her father’s place. Her father died two years ago, on a mission for the Dark Lord and she shed no tears for the man. Her and her mother are happier without him around and Constance can’t wait for the opportunity to raise higher than her father did in the Dark Lords circle. After the fall of Voldemort, she tried to work out plans to continue this. It was too hard though, diseases were spreading through her body. She wasn’t immune to this kind of pain at the least.

Extra Information:

One of her secrets as to why she calls herself a halfblood is that she is a fallen angel. Her mother slept with her father and had Constance. Now constance is technically a 'halfblood' with angel blood running through her veins mixed with wizard blood. Furthermore, she was born with her own wings. Her wings are a dark grey with black ends dipped in red. Similar shape here:

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Constance Vale
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