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Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Dimitri Dragomirov

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Dimitri Dragomirov

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PostSubject: Dimitri Dragomirov   Mon Nov 24, 2014 1:28 pm

Full Name: Dimitrius Alexander Dragomirov

Birthdate: December 18th

Age: 27

Country of Origin: Russia

Current Home: London

General appearance:

  • Usually spiked up hair or parted to the side
  • Blue eyes
  • Fair-skinned
  • About 6 foot
  • Wiry and thin

Special Features: Tattoo of a Celtic Raven and Wolf on his back shoulder to symbolize his parents

Blood purity: Muggleborn

Sexual alignment: Heterosexual

Wand Type: 12in Dragon Wing, Ash wood

Personality: Dimitri is more of the quiet one when it comes to him and his brother. While Carver is brash, outgoing, and more free spirited [like their mother], Dimitri appreciates the silence and solitude. His temper is slower to rise, but when he gets well and truly angry, you can expect a lot of attitude and backlash that you wouldn't expect from one so silent.

He can be seen as standoffish, but he's a kind and gentle soul who loves animals more than he loves people. Dimitri also prefers his violin to do the talking for him. He's got a poor sense of direction, and trouble just seems to find him, but Dimitri has always been a smooth talker for one who barely speaks.

Background: Born in Moscow, Russia, Dimitrius lived a life surrounded by the arts and culture mixes of both his parents. His father is a no nonsense Russian man who wouldn't take no for an answer, while his mother is a more docile Scottish lass who has a tongue of fire and is not afraid to use it. Despite all their differences, however, Bo and Aery were the perfect pair. Neither one bent over backward for the other, but brought their own strengths and faults to the table. Dimitrius' parents had met in Scotland, where Aery was born and raised, but had moved to Russia so Bo could pursue his career of violin making.

As such, Dimitrius was taught to play from a very young age by his father who considered himself a concerto of high musical origin. You wouldn't find Dimitri agreeing to readily, but he learned all he could. When he surpassed Bo, they procured him a tutor who continued to teach him all he could learn about the violin. Life was simple, except for the odd quirks here and there where things seemed...out of the ordinary. A falling plate from the table when nobody else was in the room if Dimitri happened to get mad, a dead flower coming to life when Dimitrius wanted something to make him happy. They were ignored and passed off as odd occurrences in the every day life.

When Dimitri was eight, his younger brother Carver was born to the family. Carver took their father's hair and eye color of black and green, while Dimitri had been blessed with the brown and blue of their mother. Dimitri was ecstatic to have a younger sibling, and he took to doing the little tricks for Carver whenever their parents weren't around. Dimitri found that if he concentrated enough, he could lift things with his hands - without touching them. However, he had to either be really angry or really happy to do so. Carver's presence was enough to ensure the boy was happy for days to come.

And then the witch came. The one who had to sit with them and explain exactly what Dimitri was while performing magic on her own to prove her point. Bo put his foot down and refused to leave Russia, so Dimitri attended a magical school back in his homeland. Dimitri moved to London with his younger brother after their parents died in a car accident. He currently looks after his brother, providing a home for him while Carver attends college.



  • Name: Aery Dragomirov (nee McCarver)
    Age: 47
    Living or dead: Deceased
    Blood status or species: Muggle


  • Name: Bo Dragomirov
    Age: 49
    Living or dead: Deceased
    Blood status or species: Muggle


  • Name: Carver Dragomirov
    Age: 19
    Living or dead: Alive
    Blood status or species: Muggle

Name: Maajik and Mirage
Age: 7 months for both
Living or dead: Alive
Blood status or species: Siberian Huskies
Maajik and Mirage:

Family Background:

  • Aery McCarver: A Muggle who had no idea that magic existed. Born in Scotland, she grew up around the folklore that most of the Scottish brood spoke of and while her interest in it was high, she focused more on helping people. She was a volunteer down at many of the shelters, and Aery was a familiar face no matter where you went. She had brown hair with red streaks running through her, a testament to the fire in her soul as her mother always said. She met Bo Dragomirov while attending a concert, and the rest is history.

  • Bo Dragomirov: Born and raised in Russia, Bo was a Muggle who was raised with only his father to look after him. He gets his tough attitude from dealing with his father while he was growing up, but didn't press anything onto his own children as his father did for him. Bo's father could play even the hardest instrument and he hoped to pass that to his son. Bo couldn't play for anything, but he could make the instruments his father adored playing. It was how he started working on violin's and why his name is still revered back in Russia for traditional Dragomirov works. He traveled to Scotland and England to try to drum up more business for his wares, and he met his future wife while attending a concert that he didn't mean to get wrapped up into.

  • Carver Dragomirov: He was born when Dimitri was eight, so he didn't get to see much of him as he was growing up. Dimitri was off at a private school, as his parents called it, and Carver didn't even know his brother could do magic until he saw him practicing one night. This brought bitter resentment to Carver's heart, even though he knew that it was up to fate just who was born with magic in a non-magical family. Because of this, things were terse when he was growing up with his elder brother, but he still loved him all the same. After they lost their parents in a car accident, Carver traveled with his elder brother to London after he had been accepted to the University of London for his interest in veterinary practices. He currently lives with Dimitri while going to the University, and he was the one who originally insisted they get some pets.
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PostSubject: Re: Dimitri Dragomirov   Mon Nov 24, 2014 3:27 pm



Thanks to lovely Ariel!
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Dimitri Dragomirov
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