Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Josh Murray

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PostSubject: Josh Murray   Mon Mar 18, 2013 7:41 am

Full Name: Joshua Ethan Murray

Birthdate: 25th November 1995

Age: (if an adult)

Country of Origin: Wales

Current Home: Hogwarts, Slytherin House

General appearance: Josh has rather straight blonde hair and deep blue eyes that can both be serious and full of mischief. At twelve, he already towers over most of his peers and is very active in sports. Josh aspires to Join the Quidditch team as beater because he believes the best defence is a bludger in the enemy’s face.

Special Features: The only permanent mark on Josh (who hates being called Joshua) is a mixture of a cut and a burn from when he was an over inquisitive toddler and touched a hot vial of potion in his father’s study. The concoction was cursed and for a while, it seemed like Josh would never be able to use his right hand but eventually his mother was able to contain the curse to a small area on his bicep which retains the mark of melted skin until today.

Blood purity: Pure blood, able to trace his ancestry back five hundred years.

Sexual alignment: Straight

Personality: Josh grew up around parents who were too busy finalising their divorce to look after the little boy who had came about as a result of their short lived marriage. They thought the various servants and elves would keep their son occupied while they settled the long, drawn out business of diving assets. They were right in a way, Josh was occupied but he also learned a lot about negotiating, cold treatments, manipulation and most importantly, how to get what you want. As a result, he grew up a selfish and demanding child who would throw tantrums when he didn't get his way.

When Josh started school however, he realised that his usual MO wasn’t going to cover it and after being sorted, decided to adopt his house virtues and make them his own. Today, Josh is extremely cunning, a natural leader and still hell bent on getting what he wants no matter what the price. But beneath all this, he’s still a lonely child who has no one to look up to and give him affection. At twelve, he’s learned to pretend he doesn’t need it from conventional sources but he’s open to exploring the unconventional ones.

Background: There are three incidents which define Josh Murray up until now
First, when he was five and his parents announced the divorce was final. A little part of the boy was grateful that all the fighting, squabbling, bickering and shouting would end but that was only the start. After the divorce, his parents found even more things (if that was possible) to argue about including who would look after Josh and at what times of the year. That incident taught that Josh that problems didn’t go away, they simply multiplied.

Second when he was nine and participating in the ridiculous sack race his mother’s club ladies were making all their children do in lieu of bonding with their children., Even at that age, Josh knew his mother  - and all the mothers there – didn’t give two knuts worth about their kids, they just needed an excuse to get together at the club and drink wine. Josh did his first bit of magic on that day by tripping every other kid in the race and then reaching the finish line at a rather leisurely pace. That incident taught him that the only way to get what you want is to not play fair.

His third defining moment was in his second year, when he was sitting in Greenhouse Two, a sketchpad and pencil ready to take notes when Azalea Harrington walked into class.

Family: Mother: Eleanor/ 40 / Living / Mediwitch at St. Mungo’s, director of the Dylis Derwent Centre for Post Mortem Investigations / Pureblood. Father: Layton/ 45 / Living / Independent Potioneer / Pureblood

Family Background: Eleanor and Layton were second cousins and knew each other very well growing up. Both families decided that there couldn't possibly be a problem with them getting married but perhaps the fact that they knew each other so well was what led them down the road to divorce. Today, they maintain brittle communication with each other and formal relations with their only son. Both are unmarried and both claim to be happy this way.

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PostSubject: Re: Josh Murray   Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:04 am

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PostSubject: An Azalea By Any Name   Sat Apr 06, 2013 5:02 am


(warning inside Josh's journal)

Azalea. Dear sweet Azalea. The one I love so much yet have no words....no. I have the words I just can't figure out how to express them to you. So I resort to the next best thing. Trouble. DAMN. Why do I resort to it? Sure it focuses your attention but it also annoys you. Causes headaches. I want you. Need you. Love. Is it real or just a cruel joke played on the eternally damned?

Am I damned? Will my parents' actions be the ruin of me? They couldn't show each other love. No they couldn't even give one damn minute of their lives to think about me. About what this is doing to me. (teardrop on page) fuckin with my mind. Making me choose. (pen smears from teardrop. Illegible writing) why do I even bother? Why do I not run away. Am i stupid? Crazy? Or is because I feel too tired? Maybe i am the only thread that keeps them sane. Maybe I am that love that will shine in the darkness they have wrought. Maybe that is why when I speak of you my beautiful flower I hunger. For more love. To join with mine and make me whole again. A rose by any other name has to be an Azalea. My sweetest flower. One desire. I only hope of being saved from this eternal night.

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PostSubject: Re: Josh Murray   Sat Apr 06, 2013 7:57 am

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PostSubject: Re: Josh Murray   Mon Apr 08, 2013 2:46 am

Write an essay (of no determined word count) on any one plant you've learned of over the year. You may write an academic review, a personal experience with the plant or even draw a diagram of it. You stand to get 20 points (and infinite glory) for your House and yourself.

My chosen topic is Azaleas.
An azalea is a plant comprising two of the Rhododendron species. An azalea takes the Tsutsuji (evergreen) and Pentanthera (deciduous) and merges them together. Usually, on the basis of American azaleas, the plant can be found most commonly in the spring months. Most azaleas stay in bloom for a few weeks, and can most commonly be found near or under trees.
Even though azaleas originate from rhododendrons, they differ in that they are much smaller, and only have one blossom per stem. Azaleas are also generally slow growing, but do well in acidic soil. The maintenance of the azalea in terms of fertiliser is minimal, but on some species that do need regular pruning.
Azalea plants are quite prone to diseases, the main two being leafy gall, which is highly destructive to leaves, and phytophthora root rot when they are planted in moist, hot conditions. Whilst the plant may sound weak, it is also highly toxic as it contains andromedotoxins. It is said that to receive a bunch of azaleas in a black vase is a well-known death threat.
The plant is highly cultivated throughout the world, and many places hold annual festivals to show off their flowers. The main ones are in Japan, Korea, and the United States.

Personal Experience
Over the year, I have had many personal experiences with the azalea plant. To many, an azalea is not a very pretty or interesting flower, but I would have to disagree with this. Strongly. I find the azalea to be one of the most alluring plants in the world. Surrounded by its mystery an azalea captures my attention. The many variations of colours it may perceive and the occasional hint of fragrance.
However, I have found that the azalea plant is very hard to read for what it wants, pushing me to limits I didn’t realise were there. Sometimes with an azalea it is hard to know when you aren’t doing enough and when you are doing too much. And as with the majority of the azaleas, you have to watch out for the surprise.
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PostSubject: Re: Josh Murray   Mon Apr 22, 2013 4:01 am

(other side of post card)

Hi Josh, in Spain for a few days. Hope you're doing okay and that you like the post card - I tried to pick the least girly one. Have a good summer!


Josh looked at the postcard he'd been sent for the umpteenth time and tried to work out just what he was supposed to do with it. The owl it had been sent with had been slightly confused and his mother had received the piece of card before him. Whether she'd read it, he wasn't sure, as she'd merely handed it over and asked no questions of him at all.

The trouble with the postcard was it didn't say anything that you could really reply to. The point of the card was lost on him, really. There were no questions, no detail. The lack of detail was the key to his block as he stared at the parchment in front of him. A list of things could have been written about, he could tell her about the garden, he could tell her so many things in one letter, but he didn't know what.


Did you had a nice time in Spain? I'm okay, and the post card is fine.

The boy scribbled it all out and then scrunched the parchment up before throwing it in the bin. Looking down at the paper with some concentration, Josh tried to think of a better reply. What did the girl want from him, really?


I don't know why you're writing to me. I'm fine. Have been for a while.


The boy read it and repeated the action of destroying the evidence, though this time he threw it in to the fire. The paper curled as it burnt, the ink shining as he watched the evidence disappear.

Why had she written to him?

He looked back to the postcard and read it through again, still nothing sparked inside him. Only frustration loomed over the boy as he continued to try and find something to tell her. Anything.

But the boy would sit there for the afternoon, continually writing short notes back, and then burning them. House elves would come in and check on him, he'd angrily dismiss them as they pushed food in front of him. His mother would come home, and not even know that her son was sat in the study, watching sheet upon sheet of paper burn in the flames.

And Azalea would never get a reply, because simply, he didn't know how.

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PostSubject: Re: Josh Murray   Thu May 02, 2013 12:59 pm

 Josh's Timeline 2009/10 - Third Year

Third Year

http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t644-lesson-1-mandrakes-first-second-and-third-years  (Herbology)
http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t666-lesson-1-3rd-years (Charms)
http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t659-lesson-1-3rd-years (Arithmancy)
http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t680-lesson-1-1st-2nd-and-3rd-years (Potions)
http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t907-lesson-2-gillyweed-first-second-and-third-years (Herbology)
http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t909-lesson-2-1st-2nd-and-3rd-years (Potions)
http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t1162-lesson-3-bouncing-bulbs-first-to-third-years (Herbology)

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PostSubject: Re: Josh Murray   Sun May 05, 2013 12:19 pm

Josh's signatures

Thank you to Jules for this amazing signature

Thank you to Jess for this fantastic signature!

Thank you to Jess once more! I loves it!

An addition by myself

Thanks to Jess for another fantastic signature!

Thanks to Ang for the signature!

Thanks to Margo for the signature!

Thank you to Jess for this signature!

Thanks to Margo for the signature!

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PostSubject: Re: Josh Murray   Fri May 24, 2013 12:45 pm

Fan Art

Thank you to Emma for this amazing piece of artwork showing the scene between Louise & Josh!
Link: http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t803-tgif-louise

^ Credit to Emma once again for this!

^ Credit to Emma for her amazingness!

^ Credit to Emma for this amazing piece of foresight! Razz

^ Credit to Emma once more!

Thank you to Emma!

Thanks to the wonderful Emma again! <3

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PostSubject: Re: Josh Murray   Sat Jun 15, 2013 9:53 am

People of Note to Josh Murray

Leyton Murray - Father *
Eleanor Murray - Mother *
Azalea Harrington - Herbology Sub that has turned in to his obsession.
Louise Grey - Annoying first year who seems to always be sticking her nose in to Josh's business. Always ends up in a sticky situation when around Josh. Also referred to as "little bird".
Joe Astrid - One of Josh's targets in bullying from trying to get close to Azalea.

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PostSubject: Re: Josh Murray   Fri Aug 23, 2013 3:22 pm

Burn it to the Ground

There were many things that Josh had over turned in his life through one mean or another. He'd overcome obstacles by sheer will to over throw the offending party and come out victorious on almost all of them. It was when he couldn't overcome an obstacle that Josh fought it with all his might.


No matter how much the boy tried to disprove the fact, his world had been overthrown with everything Azalea. The whore was supposed to rid him of thoughts of the American girl, but as he settled down that night, nothing had changed since the night before. Only his virginity had gone, everything else remained the same and it had been wasted on a whore.

The thoughts had troubled him extensively in to the night until at last he couldn't take it anymore. Tucking his wand in to his pocket, Josh hurried out in to the garden to the azalea plantation he'd grown the previous summer. How he'd dug the whole thing manually, nurtured it in to life, spent every moment with it as if it were her.

And where had that got him?

Anger fuelled inside the fourteen year old as he took in the varying colours of the flower he'd succeeded in creating. How they mocked him as they gently swayed in the mid-summer breeze, snickering behind his back as he turned around amongst them. "This is your fault!" The boy shouted at the flowers as if somehow Azalea would hear him. "If you... you..." If she what? The boy didn't know what he was angry for, what she'd done wasn't even her fault....

Reaching in to his pocket, the boy pulled out the small bottle of lighting fluid he'd found hidden in a cupboard and meticulously poured it over the azaleas around him. Crouching down, Josh pulled out his wand and touched the tip to the nearest flower. "Incendio." He muttered, watching as flames erupted from  his wand and took hold of the lighting fluid almost instantly.

Blue eyes locked on the fire as his hand moved out to caress the flames he'd created, each finger licked at his flesh, burning them slightly but the boy didn't notice. He wasn't interested in the dull pain pulling at his senses to react, the fire spread slowly, consuming each azalea stem  by stem. Everything about her would burn and leave him be, Azalea Harrington would never have existed in his life.

He'd be free of her...


Each turn of the page broke the nearly healed skin once more. John had tended to the wounds tenderly as he tried to comfort the boy who was more interested in his books these days than the pain he should have been in. "Have you found what you were looking for yet, Master?" The servant asked, but Josh shook his head. "Perhaps I could help?"

"I need you to take me to America." The blonde whispered, evidently concentrating on the book more than the conversation.

"But your mother..."

"You're taking me to America, John. Mother won't notice I'm gone." Josh growled, leaving no room for any further argument. His mother didn't need to know where he was going, likely he could tell her that he was with his father, and tell his father the opposite and neither would think to look, it was the way life worked.

No, it was how the Murray's worked.


"No, you listen to me, you're the one who made a mistake. The girl was adopted by Kenneth Harrington at the age of five." Josh seethed as the man in front of him either point blankly refused to admit he knew anything or genuinely didn't know anything. "Someone gave birth to her, and someone has to know who that woman was!"

"Mr Murray, like I keep telling you the legal proceedings could never find the mother or father of the girl and Mr Harrington gave up after a year. They were happy, she has never come asking questions either. If you'd like to get in touch with Miss Harrington, perhaps she's reopen the case, but until then we hold no information on her background because there simply wasn't enough to go on."

Josh sat back in his chair in a huff. His excruciatingly long searches of the libraries had pulled up yet more dead ends. He had the Harrington-Royce history back further than he could imagine. Information on Kit Harrington that would likely make his daughter look at him in another manner. Police reports from when the man had found her, but nothing on her real parents. The American witch had been brought up by a Pureblood somewhat excluded from his family, but the reasons for which were unclear.

But one thing that kept repeating itself was that nothing was adding up.

But, the Sheridan family had cropped up more than any other powerful wizarding family in the histories, something seemed to be pulling him towards that notion. There had to be something in that piece of information...

Or at least, it was worth investigating...
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PostSubject: Re: Josh Murray   Sat Sep 14, 2013 4:12 am

Josh Murray's 4th Year - 2010/11

School Year:
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t1743-trying-out-for-seeker-josh


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PostSubject: Re: Josh Murray   Wed Jan 01, 2014 6:38 am

Josh Murray's Fifth Year 2011/12

- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2078-welcome-students-to-hogwarts-feast
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2079-an-untimely-ending-josh-tess
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2080-my-most-precious-flower-closed
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2165-i-warned-you-i-was-trouble-closed-warning-contains-violent-scenes-sexual-assault-and-scenes-younger-members-might-find-disturbing
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2169-help-will-come-to-those-who-ask-for-it-josh

- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2208-of-invitations-and-insights-joshua
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2219-keeping-up-appearances-josh-louise
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2221-letters-of-concern-closed
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2226-and-cue-the-drama-belinda-cassidy-and-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2293-the-way-to-power-play-closed
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2238-hogwarts-vs-salem-quidditch-match-players-referee-only
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2314-and-when-the-bombs-come-down-we-ll-make-it-out-alive-invite-only-scenes-of-violence
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2333-recoveryii-josh-only
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2341-what-a-distraction-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2386-the-wrong-made-right-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2462-the-strings-of-my-heart-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2421-the-charade-begins-louise-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2534-the-engagement-invite-only

- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2074-duelling-lesson-1-all-years
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2085-lesson-1-blood-purity-all-years (Magical History)
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2098-muggles-one-and-all-1st-5th-years (Muggle Studies)
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2100-lesson-1-years-4th-6th (Charms)
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2107-lesson-one-snargaluff-fifth-seventh-years
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2116-lesson-1-years-5-7 (Transfiguration)
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2120-lesson-1-glumbumble-4th-5th-years (CoMC)
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2134-potions-lesson-1-years-5-7
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2142-lesson-1-dada-years-4-5

- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2247-herbology-and-dueling-lesson-2-1st-7th-years
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2294-team-a-mandrakes-josh-louise-lucy-tess
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2249-lesson-2-4th-6th (Charms)
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2263-potions-lesson-2-years-5-7
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2256-lesson-2-5th-7th (Transfiguration)
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2260-lesson-2-grindelwald-all-years-first-to-seventh (Magical History)
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2271-lesson-2-4th-5th-years (Care of Magical Creatures)
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2278-lesson-2-dada-years-4-5
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2291-dueling-lesson-2-all-years
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2300-movie-day-1st-to-5th-years (Muggle Studies)
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2346-lesson-3-dada-years-4-5
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2353-lesson-3-years-4th-6th (Charms)
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2361-lesson-3-years-5th-7th (Transfiguration)
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2366-lesson-3-plants-and-poisons-5th-7th-years
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2372-dueling-lesson-3-all-years
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2369-potions-lesson-3-years-5-7
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2362-lesson-3-all-years (CoMC)
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2375-lesson-3-4th-5th-years (History of Magic)

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PostSubject: Re: Josh Murray   Fri May 02, 2014 3:49 am

Josh Murray's O.W.L. Results - August 2012

Ancient RunesOutstanding
Care of Magical CreaturesOutstanding
Defence Against the Dark ArtsOutstanding
Magical HistoryOutstanding
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PostSubject: Re: Josh Murray   Sat Aug 02, 2014 10:34 am

Josh's Timeline 2012-13

- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2626-professor-faowind-s-first-lesson-all-years (Alchemy)
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2603-comc-lesson-1-4th-7th-years
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2578-charms-4th-6th-years
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2570-dada-lesson-1-years-6-7
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2564-lesson-1-devil-s-snare-5th-7th-years (Herbology)
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2560-azalea-s-notice-board (Homework for Herbology)
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2576-movies-and-magic-all-years (Muggle Studies)
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2605-potions-4th-6th
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2585-transfiguration-5th-7th-years
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2593-prefects-and-portraits-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2633-reaching-an-understanding-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2639-silently-the-senses-abandon-their-defences-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2644-well-nice-to-finally-see-you-again-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2647-opening-game-of-the-season-gryffindor-vs-slytherin-scenes-of-violence-closed
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2655-the-insides-are-outside-josh-aza-scenes-of-extreme-violence
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2657-right-on-time-clock-tower-cassidy-josh-language-warning
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2665-trying-for-keeper-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2666-quidditch-trials-for-beater-josh-and-lucy
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2662-product-testing-open-to-hogwarts-students-and-teachers
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2680-move-over-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2682-ruining-everything-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2688-under-the-serpent-s-spell-josh-and-cassidy
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2699-skyway-avenue-joe-brooke-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2700-seventeen-ain-t-so-sweet-josh-louise
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2709-you-can-take-all-these-letters-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2722-the-end-of-all-things-logical-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2730-let-me-show-you-how-you-make-people-scream-closed-scenes-of-sexual-abuse
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2753-mr-mrs-clause-make-a-visit-josh-the-press-and-lady-eleanor
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2841-christmas-holidays-murray-manor-closed
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2762-parade-of-ignorance-josh-warnings-inside
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2824-alchemy-lesson-2-years-5-7
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2744-lesson-2-6th-7th-years (Care of Magical Creatures)
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2773-charms-lesson-2-years-4th-6th
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2737-dueling-lesson-2technically-all-years
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2754-herbology-dada-lesson-2-all-years
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2811-herbology-dada-team-one-josh-louise-tristan-lucy
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2782-movies-cont-pse-all-years (Muggle Studies)
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2800-potions-lesson-2-years-5-7
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2779-transfiguration-lesson-2-5th-7th-years
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2822-we-r-slytherins-party-thread-all-hogwarts-students-welcome
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2838-edge-of-insanity-azalea-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2842-saving-the-only-thing-that-matters-to-azalea-closed
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2940-an-unwilling-favour
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2913-alchemy-lesson-3-5-7th-years
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2919-lesson-3-6th-7th-years (Care of Magical Creatures)
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2901-charms-lesson-3-all-years
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2947-team-blue-shiva-josh-and-georgina
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2869-dada-lesson-3-years-6-7
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2936-dueling-lesson-3-all-years
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2908-lesson-3-nurturing-and-survival-all-years (Herbology)
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2931-potions-lesson-3-years-5-7
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2904-transfiguration-lesson-3-years-5th-7th
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2884-question-time-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2829-chaos-at-its-best-invite-only-warning-mature-violence
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2962-solidly-familiar-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2974-wishing-you-well-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2969-end-of-the-year-ball-main-thread
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2985-new-perspective-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t3015-care-for-a-dance-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t3014-the-attack-main-thread
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t3021-what-needs-to-be-done-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t3032-termination-louise-grey-closed

- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t2629-island-of-misfit-toys-open-to-anyone-who-is-sick-of-being-an-adult
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PostSubject: Re: Josh Murray   Sat Oct 18, 2014 12:14 pm

Josh's Timeline 2013-14

- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t3133-alchemy-lesson-1-years-6-7
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t3136-charms-lesson-1-all-years
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t3116-dada-lesson-1-years-6-7
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t3174-history-of-magic-6th-7th-years
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t3152-potions-lesson-1-years-6-7
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t3159-tightly-wound-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t3158-some-things-can-t-be-avoided-forever-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t3250-getting-back-on-the-broom-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t3249-a-little-chat-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t3296-alchemy-lesson-2-years-5-7
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t3302-comc-lesson-2-all-years
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t3344-comc-group-2-elysia-bryson-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t3281-charms-lesson-2-7th-year
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t3263-dada-lesson-2-years-6-7
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t3317-potions-lesson-2-years-6-7
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t3376-polyjuice-brewing-murray-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t3286-transfiguration-lesson-2-years-5th-7th
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t3359-what-now-josh
- http://hogwartsafuture.forumotion.com/t3387-defence-against-the-dark-arts-lesson-three-all-years
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Josh Murray
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