Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Damien Peat

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PostSubject: Damien Peat   Sat Nov 08, 2014 10:06 am

Full Name: Damien Elson-Robin Peat

Birthdate: 8 November 1985

Age: 29

Country of Origin: Ireland

Current Home: Hogwarts staff quarters, but he has a house in Ireland that he stays in during long weekends or holidays.

General appearance: With light brown hair (that is slowly growing darker) and very light blue eyes that are tinted grey to match, Damien stands at just under 6 feet. Fit from his years trekking the world, he has large muscles, but is overall fairly slim.

Special Features: Burn marks behind his right ear, leading down towards the back of his neck from a mishap with a fire-breathing plant.

Blood purity: Half-blood

Sexual alignment: Bisexual

Wand Type: Hornbeam, phoenix feather. 11”.

Personality: Damian was always considered the weird child growing up, having a fascination with plants from an early age. After discovering he was a wizard, he pursued Herbology with what most might call an obsession (hence his wand wood). Choosing to live a solitary life seeking out new plants was something he didn’t even consider to be a sacrifice. Due to this, he is very awkward around people, not fully understanding how most people function: his life has always revolved around the world of plants.

With very low EQ, he often says and does things that are what some might consider hurtful or rude. Underneath his socially-awkward self, he is a caring man, wanting to help people with whatever problems they may be facing – however, he doesn’t always realize that by butting in, he sometimes makes their situation worse.

Background: Growing up in a Muggle family, his parents sent him to numerous therapists and psychologists, concerned as he could not fit in with his peers. Receiving numerous different labels – some thought he was autistic, others said he was just a ‘slow learner’, and yet others said that it was just a normal stage – he was raised on different medications that never seemed to work. When he turned 9, he came home from school one day covered in mud; he had skipped lessons in favour of digging through the bushes in school. Telling his mother that he had “found a plant that made my cuts go away” only made her even more upset, thinking he was telling lies.

That very night, Damien was found watering the plant in their living room – via a small cloud that hovered over the pot. 10 minute later, someone from the MoM showed up to explain things to his very relief parents, who finally understood what had been causing the problems their son had been facing.

They homeschooled him for the remainder of his Muggle-schooling years until he reached 11; he went off to Hogwarts happily. Damien was, however, still a target of bullies; he failed miserably in all subjects but Herbology, for which he always received full marks. It was no surprise when Damien finished school with only one N.E.W.T – an Outstanding for Herbology; every other class had received a ‘Troll’ in his O.W.Ls.

Deciding on a rather different path, Damien worked a few small part time jobs to save up enough money before he embarked on a world-wide expedition to find new magical plants. At the young age of 20, he made head-line news for his discovery of the Peat Pear (which he named after himself), which only grows in bulks of 12 fruits during full moon every September in the mountain regions of Myanmar. It possessed a rather astounding healing property when the skin was removed and the fruit boiled for exactly 17 hours. However, the rarity of the plant that produces the Peat Pear made it far too expensive to manufacture, and so Damien spent a further 3 years coming up with a way of extracting the juice and making it into common medicine, which could then be made without the use of the pears. Successful, he was made a patent owner, and became a multi-millionaire in a matter of months.

Using some of the money – after converting it back to Muggle currency – to ensure his parents could live happily, he then used the rest to continue traveling the world in search of new and exciting plants, eventually writing a book based on his findings: A World of Plants - Discoveries that Changed Our Lives.

Many years later, sometime during his 28th year of living, he stumbled across a fire-breathing plant that left him with the scar. The fumes released by said plant was so toxic that Damien was left paralyzed for a week. After gaining back his sense of movement, he was devastated to find that the heat of the fire had affected his cochlea, leaving him unable to balance properly. While he is still able to walk and function adequately, any sudden movement on his part – or long periods of walking – leaves him dizzy. The damage was so severe that nothing could be done to help him, neither Magic nor Muggle surgery. Depression set in for about a year, with him not knowing what he could do; plants was his whole life, and if he couldn’t do that, he didn’t know if life was worth living. Fortunately, he heard that a position in Hogwarts to teach Herbology was open. Seizing the chance, he applied for the job and, with his extensive knowledge of all things related to the subject, was hired at once.

Mother: Name:
Amelia Peat/ Age: 65 / Living or dead: Living/ Blood status: Muggle

Father: Name: Jonathan Peat / Age: 68 / Living or dead: Living/ Blood status: Muggle

Siblings: N/A

Pet: N/A

Other: N/A

Family Background: Amelia and Jonathan met in their Sophomore years in University and just clicked. One might call it a typical love story, because a few months after they met, Jon asked Amelia out, and her reply had been an immediate yes. They got married as soon as they finished University, but decided not to have a child, instead focusing on their exciting jobs – Amelia was a social worker and Jon was a masseur. When Amelia was 36, she fell pregnant and had a child later that year. Giving up work, she devoted her time to raising him. While they were never a rich family – until Damien discovered the pear, that is – they had enough to live comfortably.

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Damien Peat
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