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Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Polyjuice Brewing (Murray, Josh)

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Mycroft Holmes

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PostSubject: Polyjuice Brewing (Murray, Josh)   Sun Oct 26, 2014 1:52 am

OOC: I will make individual topics for each and every one of you with the schedule.  Note that I will put all the steps in the topic. You will be in the same classroom, but there will be no talking, and it will be your characters, successes, struggles, etc. You will need to make at least three posts. One for each week. Since this class lesson will end soon, keep in mind that it will carry over to the final lesson. That is when, if you've posted in your topics, you will pass this class. Seventh years, it's important to note that you HAVE to have three posts to pass the year in potions and get any points. If you will be away please PM me. If you have any questions feel free to do the same.

TIP: Again be realistic in your potions, if you are a better brewer then perhaps your potion might be more potent, but if you're younger, a bit wary, etc. it won't be as perfect. And that is acceptable too. You will receive credit either way so long as you try to do the three posts.

Post 1:Part 1, step one
Add 3 measures of fluxweed to the cauldron (must be picked on a full moon).
[10/25/14, 11:47:27 PM] Angie: Add 2 bundles of knotgrass to the cauldron.
Stir 3 times, clockwise.
Wave your wand then let potion brew for 80 minutes (for a Pewter Cauldron. A Brass Cauldron will only require 68, and a copper one only 60.)

Post 2: Part 1, step two
Add 4 leeches to the cauldron.
Add 2 scoops of lacewing flies to the mortar, crush to a fine powder, then add 2 measures of the crushed lacewings to the cauldron.
Heat for 30 seconds on a low heat.
Wave your wand to complete this stage of the potion.

Post 3: Part 2, step one
Add 3 measures of boomslang skin to the cauldron.
Add 1 measure of bicorn horn to the mortar, crush to a fine powder, then add one measure of the crushed horn to the cauldron.
Heat for 20 seconds at a high temperature.
Wave your wand then let potion brew for 24 hours (for a Pewter Cauldron. A Brass Cauldron will only require 1224 minutes, and a copper one only 18 hours.)


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PostSubject: Re: Polyjuice Brewing (Murray, Josh)   Sun Oct 26, 2014 4:32 pm

OOC Notes: I would just like to point out that Josh will have a high capability in potions due to his parents background in the field, not to mention the advantages of being brought up in the Pureblood world. Whilst I understand your note on realism, I would just like to make it quite clear that I have already made his capabilities realistic for the above reasons. Obviously, not always plain sailing, but it's nice to be on the same page!

Question: Part Four I'm not quite sure what you mean, please could you clarify, here or by PM would be great!

Also - are you posting in between? Again, PM is fine!

Part One

The explanation of what was going to happen had made Josh somewhat interested, finally they were going to be able to put their capabilities to a test. This was, of course, more than a little annoying that it would be taking up his already hectic free evenings, but Josh had given in to the idea. So after only enough time to eat dinner and quickly finish up his Charms homework that evening, Josh had left the Head's Common Room and moved down to the dungeons, slipping in to the classroom and taking up his usual desk where a copper cauldron.

After waiting only for the nod to get started, Josh had moved to the front of the class to collect the ingredients he would be using that evening. Fluxweed and knotgrass, checking that the fluxweed had been dated correctly and quickly rifling the most recent dates of the full moon, Josh was quite happy that he'd picked the right batch so he moved back to his cauldron.

Checking the cauldron was ready, the base potion was ready, but Josh took a moment to get a cloth and wipe down his station before he started. Yes, Professor Holmes was a tidy man, but Josh was not going to take any chances now they were under assessment. Once satisfied that his desk was clean, Josh too out the measuring cups and his wand, performing a quick cleaning spell to be thorough, and then very, very precisely measured out three measures of the fluxweed. Each of them were level, this part wasn't hard, and the Head Boy made sure that each measure was carefully poured in to the cauldron.

Josh didn't look around as he worked, completely engrossed in his own enough to not worry about anyone else. Sliding the knotgrass towards him, Josh checked the bundles for any grass pieces that had lost colour, knowing that anything of the wrong colour would have adverse effects. It took Josh a couple of minutes check the two bundles, carefully pulling out the bad knotgrass. At one point the Head Boy had to move back to the front of the class, collecting another bundle to make sure he had enough grass in each bundle. Once happy with the bundles, Josh added them in to the potion, taking up the stirring stick.

One quick glance at the board reminded him of the clockwise motion of the stirring.

Stirring three times, clockwise, Josh took the stirring rod out of the cauldron and waved his wand over the top of the cauldron. That was all he could do for now, and Josh took to tidying his desk of excess ingredients and anything he'd spilt before taking out the cloth to clean the surface. Clean, meticulous and ready for the next step the next time they were here.
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PostSubject: Re: Polyjuice Brewing (Murray, Josh)   Wed Oct 29, 2014 4:08 pm

Part One - Step Two

A week had passed since the first step of the Polyjuice Potion. Josh still wasn't overly keen on the idea, but then the Head Boy was never overly keen on anything. He would, however, admit that Professor Holmes had picked something to test them, which was good given the year he was in and the looming notion that he was moving out in to the wider world. Josh Murray pretended to know what he would be doing in six months time, but possibly for the first time in his life, Josh didn't have a clear plan.

Brushing such errant thoughts from his head, Josh stepped in to the classroom, not bothering to acknowledge anyone, before moving to his cauldron. The mixture sat the same as it had the week before, and Josh looked pleased enough with the outcome. The eighty minute brewing from the previous part had left his potion looking identical to the one in the book - not that Josh had expected any less.

Josh started in much the same manner as he had the last time, taking a cloth and cleaning his desk first. Cleanliness was the route to success in Potions, that much he'd learnt from a young age. It took only a few moments, so when Josh had finished he moved to collect the relevant ingredients for this stage of the potion. Leeches, and lacewing flies.

Putting the two pots on the table, Josh noted how the lacewing flies were dead, but the leeches were still moving. Great, Josh thought to himself. It wasn't that he disliked them, he just knew the moment he picked them up they were going to attack him. A nuisance more than anything. Picking up the tweezers, Josh carefully picked up his first leech and started to move towards the cauldron however, the Slytherin held on too tightly and crushed the being before it got to the cauldron. Now it was no good - he was aware that they had to be live when they hit the surface of the potion - for what reason he wasn't sure.

Wiping the tweezers clean, the Head Boy tried again, keeping a lighter grip this time. The second was as successful as the first, Josh dropped the leech in to the flames beneath the cauldron and it had popped with quite a disgusting sound. Pausing to steady to steady himself - Josh wouldn't get frustrated, because that would be unbecoming. It took the boy a relative amount of time, and a fair number of leeches to final get the four he needed, alive, in to the potion, and after scraping the dead ones in to the trash, Josh cleaned up again.

At times, Potions really could be repulsive.

But there was absolutely no time to waste, so Josh pressed on, taking two scoops (flattened at the top of the scoop as to not over or under measure) of the lacewing flies, Josh tipped them in to the mortar and meticulously crushed them. To him, this was strangely satisfying. How couldn't it be, you were reducing things to nothing but powder. Obviously, with such enthusiasm, it didn't take long for the desired effect, and soon Josh was added the extra two measures to the potion.

There was no stirring this time, simply a quick heating from the flames. Counting the thirty seconds from the point it started, Josh kept a keen eye on the potion, drawing his wand from his pocket. When he finally got back to zero, the Head Boy waved his wand, knowing this stage was now over. Placing the lid over the top of the cauldron, Josh picked up his bag and left without a word.
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PostSubject: Re: Polyjuice Brewing (Murray, Josh)   Sun Nov 02, 2014 6:46 am

Part Two, Step One
This was the last part before Josh would have to find someone to turn in to. He hated the idea of being anyone else, and quite frankly, he didn't want to. Why? Why would anyone want to turn in to someone else when they were Joshua Ethan Murray? The answer? Quite simply, you wouldn't want to. Josh was still trying to find a way around it, but he knew Professor Holmes would not take kindly to suggestions of giving it to someone else.

Annoyed was one word for his mood that evening.

Entering the classroom as the clock moved to ten, Josh moved quickly to the sink and grabbed a cloth, wiping down the desk as he had done before, Josh went over the instructions on the board before him. He knew them well enough, they'd been studying this potion for weeks now, so it wasn't exactly difficult to have learnt it from the book, but he wanted to be sure.

Moving to the front of the class where Professor Holmes had put out the ingredients they would need, Josh took up the best looking boomslang skin and bicorn horn and moved back to his station. Taking the lid of the boomslang skin, Josh used his cleaned tweezers to lower them in to the cauldron, careful not to get his hands to close to the hot liquid below as he let them fall in to the potion below.

Josh took a moment in between to loosen his tie and top button, it might be the middle of winter, but when you were brewing potions, not even the dungeons could feel cold.

Taking the bicorn horn, Josh poured one measure to his mortar and set to crushing it. It didn't take very long, something that Josh was glad about, he had more than enough work to get on with back in the common room. Once the fine powder had been established, he carefully measured out the required amount, flattening the top to perfection before pouring it in to the cauldron, making sure it all came out.

Once satisfied with that step, Josh had turned up the heat to high and looked to his watch, counting the seconds carefully before turning it back down to the simmering heat that had been suggested for the brewing process. Taking out his wand, Josh waved it over the top of the cauldron and carefully put the lid in to place. Ten thirty, that would mean... he'd have to come back at four thirty the next day to check on his potion and turn it off the simmer. Not a problem.

And he did, the next day, Josh came back five minutes early and waited until the clock struck half past before he turned off the heat. Now, he just needed to get a hair from someone, to turn in to. Joy.
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Mycroft Holmes

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PostSubject: Re: Polyjuice Brewing (Murray, Josh)   Sat Nov 08, 2014 1:24 am

All three posts were acceptable, full points awarded for lesson 2: 30 pts, plus 5 for answering questions in main topic. You are allowed to post in Lesson 3.

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PostSubject: Re: Polyjuice Brewing (Murray, Josh)   

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Polyjuice Brewing (Murray, Josh)
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