Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 But it was an accident ( Closed)

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Claire Valentina
Claire Valentina

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PostSubject: But it was an accident ( Closed)   Sat Oct 25, 2014 10:17 am

Claire was upset and decided to go out for a hunt. Laf wanted to be a father to her three girls. But he had only wanted a one night stand. And she was starting to feel like he was trying to replace Nic. Claire loved her mate, but he was dead and she was moving on. And she was sure that Laf wasn't her mate. But it seemed like he would be more in her life. Since she was moving the girls and herself into this new home. Claire loved the mansion that she was living in. But she was going to have to give it up. But she would still keep it since it was where the coven would meet when they had meeting. And she was going to let Lizze and Rosalinda know that if they needed a home that they could stay there. Since that was were Claire went after she was turn. Actually she was still a home when she went in and became a vampire there because of Zairah. But this was a life that she wanted. Claire was glad that she decided to change, because she really didn't like her old life. And it seemed like she didn't have any family anymore. Nic was going to be her family and they wanted to start a family of there own. But it seemed like he was killed in the line of duty. And it wasn't like Claire stopped talking and seeing his family. She knew that they loved her and knew that Nic loved her. They were even going to give her Geo. And that was something that was close to Nic. And she knew that Geo loved her.

Claire then seen her victim. This was going to be just like always, she was going to drink a little blood and then leave. It was something that she had been always doing. Because she remembered that Alex would kill who she was feeding from. And she knew that she would get in trouble. And it would be Claire who always had to babysit her. Which it made the most since because it was Claire that turned her. She knew that her life was different now but she wouldn't change it for the world. Now she had three beautiful daughters. But she had to figure out how Laf was going to fit into the picture. She was sure that he wasn't the marrying type. But she was told that they only thing that he did was only have one night stands. And that was because of his rock and roll lifestyle. Right now she wasn't going to think about that. Right now Claire was hungry and she was starting to let her feeling get overwhelmed. She wasn't herself right now. And she could feel like something bad was going to happen. But she didn't know what. Looking at the man she knew that this was going to be easy. She was going to walk over and charm him and she was going to use mind control. Drink a little bit of blood and then she would be on her way.

She then walked over to him, but she was being very seductive. This was one way to get your prey attention. And it didn't take time for the guy to notice Claire and she could tell that he thought that he was going to get lucky. She wasn't in the mood for sex, or she would let him have what he wanted. Right now she just wanted his blood and nothing else. But she the looked at him in the eyes. " Do move or don't scream because this isn't going to hurt you." That is when her fangs came out. The man was perfectly still but that was because Claire told him to. And she also told him not to scream, she remembered how Nic loved it when she would drink from her. And she really did love his blood. Claire was loving this man blood and she was trying her best now to take to much. But she could tell that she didn't want to let him go. She could feel the life leaving him but she was still drinking his blood. Claire wanted more and wasn't going to stop. It was like she wasn't the Claire that everybody knew and loved. This was the side of Claire that she didn't even know about. The one that could kill people that she was feeding from. Because she knew it the man was lifeless. She had accidentally killed him and now she realized what she had done. Now she started to hide the body and she had to cover up the bite marks. She knew that hunting a killing wasn't allowed. And this was something that she didn't want to remember. Because she had just killed an Innocent man.

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But it was an accident ( Closed)
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