Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Leia Diamanti

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Leia Diamanti
Ravenclaw Fourth Year
Ravenclaw Fourth Year

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PostSubject: Leia Diamanti   Mon Oct 13, 2014 5:14 pm

Full Name: Leia Elise Diamanti

Birthdate: July 18

Age: (if an adult)

Country of Origin: England

Current Home: Hogwarts

General appearance: Leia has blue eyes, brown hair, and is 5 fee, 7 inches tall. She weighs 166 pounds and is slender, but not overly skinny.

Other characteristics:
Leia's skin is slightly tanned and smooth. She has high cheekbones and a tiny mole near the corner of her mouth. As far as make-up, she prefers wearing whatever highlights her eyes the best, as she believes that those are her best features.

Leia's style is fairly consistent. When not in her school uniform, she can usually be found in T-shirts and blue jeans, with either flip flops or tennis shoes to go with them. She normally keeps her hair up in braids, as she finds that having it down in her face is quite annoying. As far as her clothes, Leia does her own thing, meaning simply that she doesn't follow any particular trend.

Special Features: (birthmarks, scars, tattoos, piercings, etc) A small birthmark near the upper left corner of her mouth.

Blood purity: Halfblood

Sexual alignment: Straight

Wand Type: 12", hazel, dragon heartstring

Personality: For the most part, Leia is a rather quirky young lady, although she does have moments where other people really would not want to be around her. She can be selfish at times, somewhat uncooperative when it comes to doing things she doesn't want to do, and very easily upset when there's any sort of change coming about. She prefers routine and hates spontaneity. For all of that, however, Leia does have a sweet side to her and often can be found helping out others from other houses, whether it's a first year who needs directions to a particular classroom or a seventh year who just needs someone to vent to during NEWT examination time.

Background: Leia Diamanti was born in London on July 18 to a wizard father, Gerald, and a Muggle mother, Isabelle. An only child, she was the apple of her parents' eyes and had a very comfortable, very happy childhood. From the time she was a baby, her father would show her all sorts of little magic spells and explain to her that she, too, would be able to perform the same spells when she got older. Her mother, however, disapproved of this and never missed an opportunity to tell her husband about the danger of magic around a small child.

Leia, however, paid no attention to what her mother said and spent her time trying to perform the spells. Her first sign of magic finally came not long after her tenth birthday, when she accidentally turned her mother's hair orange while having a temper tantrum. Isabelle Diamanti went to punish her daughter, but was held back by her husband, who had a hard time keeping a straight face. From that day on, Isabelle was forced to come to grips that yes, Leia was magical, and no, life was not going to be normal.

In a final, desperate attempt to keep her daughter from going to Hogwarts, Isabelle enrolled her daughter in an exclusive Muggle school. Leia, however, kept getting into trouble thanks to the magic that kept bursting forth. In one week, she had burned a teacher's desk to the ground, shattered several light bulbs, and caused an owl to sprout heavy black wings...so heavy that they caused the bird to walk all over the campus grounds, dragging its wings behind it. Not long after this happened, Leia's Hogwarts letter arrived, and, much to her delight, was received with much relief by her mother, who had gotten quite tired of receiving angry letters from Leia's teachers.

Family: Mother: Isabelle Diamanti /38 /Living/ Muggle

Father: Name: Gerald Diamanti / 40 / Living / Pureblood

Siblings: None

Pet: (if applicable) Name: / Age: / Living or dead: / Blood status or species: Morgana / 3 years / Living / Snowy owl

Other: N/A

Family Background:Leia Diamanti was born in London on July 18, 2017, to Gerald and Isabelle Diamanti. An only child, she was brought up knowing about both the magical world and the Muggle world, her mother being a Muggle, and her father being a wizard. Leia, although mildly interested in what her mother had to say about the Muggle world, was much more keen to learn about the magical world and how she was going to go to Hogwarts when she was older. She felt a stronger connection to her father and begged him to tell her all about his days at Hogwarts, which he did gladly.

From the time she was able to comprehend what was going on around her, Leia realized that something was not right in her family. Her parents were constantly in a state of disagreement over her future, and no matter how much she told her mother that she didn't want to be a Muggle, Isabelle would hear none of that and took the time to enroll Leia in a Muggle girls' boarding school when she was nine years old. Gerald was furious, and not long after classes had started, he took Leia out of the school and brought her back home, determined to teach her what she needed to know before her Hogwarts letter came. This was the last straw for Isabelle, who, after pulling her husband into one final, loud fight, left her husband and daughter to their own devices, preferring to live in her Muggle world instead of the very unpredictable wizarding world.

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PostSubject: Re: Leia Diamanti   Mon Oct 13, 2014 7:08 pm


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Leia Diamanti
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