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Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Interrogation - Part Two Individual Assignment (Jake Newbury)

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PostSubject: Interrogation - Part Two Individual Assignment (Jake Newbury)   Tue Oct 07, 2014 4:54 pm

Interrogation - Part Two Individual Assignment

Jake Newbury

Mission Briefing (given on a piece of paper to the candidate):
Your mission is to bring in the head of a terrorist organisation in a stealth situation. You know that the man is setting up camp in a local house that is under high detail guard. The mission consists of intelligence gathering in the local area for use in a larger mission.

You are not to take the head of the group out, as the Ministry wish to interrogate him on their home soil.

The mission includes yourself and your partner (OOC: Please assume an NPC for this thread) and you will rely on one another to stay alive behind enemy lines.

The Ministy will expect updates at least every three days. Lack of contact for this amount of time will mean that a mayday moment is called and a full Auror squad will be sent in to find you. Therefore, this should not be tested unless necessary.

You have already reported back intelligence in regards to the guard each day, the day to day comings and goings in to the compound, and all relevant information. The means of information being sent varies, but must be verified as safe as often as possible.

Setting for Thread Now (shown in a video to the candidate):
It has been a long evening. Your partner is taking first watch and you have just taken to your bed for the evening. You know you have to be up in a couple of hours, so you are out like a light.

It's about an hour in to your sleep that the camp is being destroyed. Your partner lay dead and two men have stolen your wand (OOC: Assume wandless magic is not present in this thread, for simplicity) and have transported you to the compound you have been watching for the last few weeks. You have not seen their faces as you have been transported, and once you're in the compound, everything is dark.

OOC points:
1) Once the video has been shown, the student will be taken from the chair and put in to a dark room under the following conditions:

- Assume that you have been pressed in to the stress position (on your knees - with them at right angles, and your hands behind your head. Everything is kept straight, so any slouching will be corrected immediately.

- It has been what feels like hours since this has happened, your body is growing tired, and your body is feeling the strain of the treatment. (The lecturers would have started lessons at normal time and insisted on working in to the night - there would have been no pre-warning of this happening, so there will have been no preparation time.)

- Physical violence will not be resorted to unless provocation is given to the interrogator. It will be used as a last resort.

- The room will feel cold, and damp.

- The candidate will not be able to see.

2) It should be noted that the people taking this part of the training session are not Louis Clement. The character is simply being used as it is his class. The people have their faces concealed, and their voice resembles no likeness to Louis'. Louis will only be in the thread if specifically stated.

3) Should you have anything that you don't wish your character to be subjected to, please either PM Louis, or put an OOC note at the end of your post. It should be noted that lasting physical damage will not be inflicted on your character.

4) Explore your character as much as you like, and if you wish for something specific to be in your test, please let me know.

5) Should your character wish to leave the exercise, please have them raise one hand above their head, and tell the instructors that they do not wish to continue.

6) To pass this part of the course, it is not about seeing how far a character can be pushed before they break, it is about realistic reactions. If your character has to give in, but tried they're best, they can still pass.

7) Any questions, please ask, if not, please start writing!
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PostSubject: Re: Interrogation - Part Two Individual Assignment (Jake Newbury)   Wed Oct 08, 2014 3:20 pm

Jake had been quite interested in Interrogation. It was going to put him to the test. A lot. He knew, from past experience, that psychologically he might not be the strongest candidate for the job, but he was willing to put in the effort to get through everything that he could to become an Auror. Marilyn and he had been studying relentlessly for the exam that was coming up, and both of them could quite easily recite everything you needed to know about interrogation.

They had been warned that the next element of the lesson would be a practical, but they had absolutely no idea when it would be coming. Jake had noted some concerns with this part of the course with Marilyn, but she had told him he would be okay many times. Today, had been nothing out of the ordinary. They had class, Professor Clement seemed to be in a relatively good mood, and things were flowing nicely.

Jake had been going through the motions like everyone else, not being overly worried about anything other than possibly what he'd be having for dinner that evening, or what he would teach at Salem on Friday. So when he was handed a sheet of paper with a scenario, he had not been prepared for what was coming next. The video, had quite honestly, been shell shocking. It didn't matter that he didn't know the man in the video, it had gotten his adrenaline pumping. Figuring Professor Clement would come in to explain the situation, Jake had simply sat waiting, so when he'd been snatched by two men from behind, he had, of course, panicked. He'd tried to resist them, but with him being restrained before he could even move, Jake's chances had been none.

But he struggled, throughout the whole movement, he'd struggled. When they'd taken away his sight, he'd shouted for them to let him go, tried to resist walking, but nothing he did made a difference. The only thing that happened was he earned a very sore shoulder where he'd resisted too violently and he'd been pulled back in to place. Definitely something that would need looking at, Jake realised as the muscle pulled almost instantly.

They'd walked only a short distance, but the damp that met his nose through the hood made Jake aware that they were no longer in a safe Ministry building. Being forced to the floor in a rather aggressive manner, Jake noted there were no comforts as his knees ached from the contact. The position that came only a few minutes later was one that Jake knew from his reading. There was no getting away from stress positions. Almost instantly the injury to his arm flared up, the interrogators were not relenting.

It was a few long moments before everything went silent, apart from Jake's breathing which was heavier than usual as he tried to calm down, go back to the theory. Never, in Jake's min had he believed that it would have been a practical like this. Perhaps him interrogating, or calling out the moves in an interrogation, but never this.

How long he was left there, Jake couldn't tell, but it was long enough for his breathing to calm down enough, even if they were rather shallow breaths. Everything in his head was telling him to let his arms down, that he didn't have to do this, but he knew if he didn't stay still, more pain was coming. However, even the strongest of minds with the fittest of bodies would grow tired, and the pain was becoming unbearable. Slackening his arms slightly, Jake managed only two breaths before this was righted, hissing in pain as his shoulder screamed at him.

This... was going to be a very long evening.
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PostSubject: Re: Interrogation - Part Two Individual Assignment (Jake Newbury)   Thu Oct 09, 2014 11:55 am

It had been rather surprising for those watching that the young man had not been ready. Of course, it was noted that despite that, it had been difficult to remove the man, but with all the magical monitors on the room, the Healers on hand had pointed out almost instantly that the young man had sprained his shoulder. There had been a moment where the Ministry officials had spoken about letting him continue, but the Healers had said that so long as the young man wanted to continue, they were not going to ask him to stop the exercise.

The stress position was, quite clearly, causing the young man quite some distress, everything was being monitored closely and his heart rate was increased from usual as he breathed heavily in an effort to keep the pain from increasing. All that could be said was that physically, this man would take a lot to be broken. So they left him there, for a longer period than was necessary, letting him stew in the pain so that he was aware of what was going to come if he didn't play their game.

It was an hour after the first slump in the young man's performance that the men had entered the room, putting light in the room, but barely enough to make shapes clear. They pulled the hood from the young man's head and forced his arms down to his side. "Name, mission, the man you're working for." Came the demand from the man stood before him, giving only a minutes pause before his fist collided with the younger man's stomach. Pushing him fiercely to the ground a moment later, purposefully on to the shoulder they knew to be injured.

Interrogation wasn't light, that much was going to become clear very quickly.
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PostSubject: Re: Interrogation - Part Two Individual Assignment (Jake Newbury)   Thu Oct 09, 2014 2:53 pm

Hearing the door open once more, Jake braced himself for the next amount of torment. He knew this exercise wasn't going to be easy, but pain was spreading throughout his body. Knees were aching from the constant position on a hard surface. His thighs was beginning to tremble from holding his weight. His shoulder muscles were screaming, especially on his left hand side. Hands had gone numb ages ago, and his back was just begging for him to relax. But Jake refused to show weakness by giving in, every muscle could tremble in his body, but he would not give in.

Listening to the footsteps get closer, Jake flinched as the hood was taken from his head, not daring to look up at the man before him. It didn't matter what he saw. There was only a moment and his arms were forced down and Jake yelped in pain as his left arm screamed in pain. Shutting his eyes, Jake bit his lip, taking deep breaths to try to contain the pain, because he couldn't give up.

"Name, mission, the man you're working for."

Jake's mouth opened to reply, but a punch came to his stomach only a second later, doubling the man over in pain. Bile rose in his throat a moment later as Jake gasped for air, trying to decide whether to let his body succumb to that pain. Deciding he was better than that as he was shoved on to his shoulder Jake took the moment to get himself together, sucking in air as and when he could.

"Jake Newbury. Auror in training. Squadron six-eight-one-five." Jake told the man, knowing he could give nothing else to the man. it wasn't an answer to the question, so he knew he wasn't going to get any special treatment. But there would be people watching, and Jake wanted to show he knew precisely what information he could give. Nothing else would leave him, of that much Jake was sure as he sucked in another breath, wincing at the familiar bruising feeling was building in his stomach.
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PostSubject: Re: Interrogation - Part Two Individual Assignment (Jake Newbury)   Sun Oct 12, 2014 7:51 am

It was plain to see that the man before him was trying not to throw up, his face had contorted in to the expression must people had when they felt the need to throw up. There had been a dry heave, and then the man seemed to have regained enough composure to not throw up. Or as much as one could in such a position. Having knocked the younger man on to his side, it was now that the pain in that arm seemed to be playing havoc.

"Jake Newbury. Auror in training. Squadron six-eight-one-five."

Well, one answer came. It seemed the boy knew enough to only give the information they were permitted to. It wasn't helpful information, that was a given, but it was something. "Well, Jake, are you going to give me your mission?" He asked, waiting again only briefly for an answer before his boot made contact with the younger man's stomach once more.

He already knew it was much to easy, so the man left.

But there wouldn't be any relenting, as the next phase stepped up.

A Boggart was allowed in to the room.
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PostSubject: Re: Interrogation - Part Two Individual Assignment (Jake Newbury)   Sun Oct 12, 2014 9:47 am

Jake had simply waited as the man before him chose what was next, he had no control on external causes of pain, but he had control of his mind. Jake was quite aware of that much. He was not thinking about anything other than his name, rank and squadron number, repeating them in his head.

"Well, Jake, are you going to give me your mission?"

Jake went to shake his head but he was stopped by the agonising kick to his stomach that brought up his lunch. The vomit made the young wizard muscles ache more from the movement of the convulsion, and he let out a small whimper in pain. His eyes were streaming with tears as he tried to endure the pain, but it hurt, a lot. Not only his stomach, but his shoulder too. He was trembling, his body growing more and more tired with the various methods of pain he was being inflicted with.

And he'd probably just thrown up the last amount of food that was going to give him the energy to get through all this. The sound of the door closing confused Jake, he had not been righted to the stress position. Nor had he given the answers they wanted. Why would they...

Straightening himself up from the floor, Jake cradled his left arm with his right. It was tender, but Jake managed it, though in hindsight he wished he hadn't. Before him stood someone who was most certainly not supposed to be there. Though, for Jake who was exhausted and looking for any kind of respite or comfort, he'd taken it to be real, almost instantly.


But as the form of Victoria stepped forwards, he noticed that this...

"This is all your fault, Jake." Came the voice of the younger witch as he took in the wounds of the witch. "It'll get worse too, if you don't talk..." The witch explained, her voice still as soft as it usually was. Everything was perfectly Victoria apart from the clear signs of torture being inflicted on her.

"No..." Jake whispered, shaking his head as he tried to move away from the being. "No... you're not here..." He tried, knowing logically that his sister was away from this place. Safe and never going to be hurt.

"I am here, Jake. You can see me."


"Why didn't you just tell them, Jake? Keep me safe, like you always say you want to."


"Jake, look at me." The soft voice continued, she'd moved closer to him, and Jake was shying away, his breathing coming much more laboured as he tried to get away. Shaking his head as he moved back, only to com in to contact with a wall, he cowered against it. His breath caught, making him gasp for air. He was panicking, truly panicking as his mind tried to decipher what was real.

"No. Vic is safe." Jake told himself, not looking at the thing before him.

"Jake... just tell them..." Victoria continued, looking towards him with eyes that pleaded for him to cooperate.

"No." Jake replied again, his voice breaking as tears started to roll down his cheeks. This was becoming overwhelming. His mind was battling with itself, for the real and the fake part of this and then what was still happening. Everything was clouding his judgement in a manner he didn't like. He was sure he was going to be sick again. Jake thought about giving in, getting out of here, but he knew he couldn't. Bringing his knees up to his chest despite the pain it caused, Jake put his right arm over his head, trying to block her out.

"Jake, please help me."

A dry sob left Jake at that, shaking his head and murmuring to himself that it wasn't real again and again. But this hurt, it hurt more than a kick to the stomach, more than his shoulder. Ignoring Victoria's plea for help would kill him, he was sure of that. Even if it wasn't real, he couldn't help but feel terrible. "I can't..." Jake managed, managing to keep himself from dry heaving once more.
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PostSubject: Re: Interrogation - Part Two Individual Assignment (Jake Newbury)   Sun Oct 12, 2014 12:18 pm

The group watched the young man intently, he was holding against the physicality of the situation, throwing up was not a weakness, merely a natural reaction to these types of things. Pain was quite evident, and as the minutes passed, the Healers were muttering between themselves more frequently.

As the Boggart came in to play the people behind the glass consulted their notes briefly. Merely checking for anything that might make them worry. However, nothing was brought to light so they continued, simply watching the scene before them. This was now moving in to the psychological boundaries of the man before them.

His fear was one that many could probably relate to, but even with that knowledge they didn't relent.

Waiting until the young man was on the breaking point, a team of three interrogators rushed in to the room. One pushed the Boggart away as the other two moved to pull Jake away from his curled position. One putting pressure on his already bruised stomach to stop him from curling away, the other putting more strain on the shoulder.

"Tell us your mission. Now." The commanded, repeating the words in raised voices as they tried to encompass two techniques in one. Pain and intimidation whilst he was weakening, or in their eyes anyway.
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PostSubject: Re: Interrogation - Part Two Individual Assignment (Jake Newbury)   Sun Oct 12, 2014 12:45 pm

The words of the Boggart were making it harder for Jake to breath. Which in itself felt ridiculous, but it was causing him pain hearing the voice of his little sister telling him to give in. That if he did she wouldn't get hurt. But he couldn't calm down, because he was panicking. What if Victoria wasn't okay? What if she was in this situation?

He wasn't helping himself.

So as soon as the door opened, Jake flinched, trying to make himself smaller. However, the force at which the two people came at him meant Jake was overpowered through tiredness quickly, much too easily. The pressure that was applied to his stomach and his shoulder was making him feel sick again, and his eyes were watering with the stinging pain.

"Tell us your mission. Now."

"Jake Newbury. Auror in training. Squadron six-eight-one-five." Was Jake's response, and in reply to that, more pressure came on the areas they knew were weakened. Jake whimpered in response, tears now spilling from his eyes.

"Tell us your mission. Now."

"Jake Newbury. Auror in training. Squadron six-eight-one-five." He repeated, his voice shaking as tried to speak. He wanted them to stop, really he did. The third had made his appearance, kneeling next to Jake's head. Simultaneously, both of them shouted the demand for information, making Jake struggle because he really disliked so much noise, so many people in his space. Everything about this situation was uncomfortable.

The whole thing continued for a long period of time, Jake had no judgement, but he simply knew his breathing was becoming shallower, his ears were ringing, and everything was coming in and out of focus. But throughout the screaming for information, Jake kept repeating the same sentence, not budging no matter how many times he was shouted at.

Everything was coming closer to blackness, and Jake was contemplating accepting losing consciousness.

It was another ten minutes of complete agony and shouting, being kept conscious by the men around him by slaps to the face. Until finally he slipped in to a blackness he hadn't really known before. But here... here he was safe.
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PostSubject: Re: Interrogation - Part Two Individual Assignment (Jake Newbury)   Sun Oct 12, 2014 2:06 pm

Louis watched the young man from behind the glass, studying his actions and nodding approvingly with each phase. He ignored the Healers behind him, telling him to stop the interrogation. Louis ignored the protests, wanting to see Newbury's capabilities. Which were, Louis now saw, quite a lot more than Louis had expected him to do, in actuality.

By the time Newbury had passed out, Louis was being screamed at by the Healers.

Then, and only then, did Louis stop the exercise. After waking the boy up, the three interrogators left, and Louis moved to he room the opposite end of the room. Separation was key in this scenario. Standing by the door, Louis motioned for the boy to come in to the room. "Come on in, Newbury. Take a seat." Louis told the boy.
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PostSubject: Re: Interrogation - Part Two Individual Assignment (Jake Newbury)   Sun Oct 12, 2014 2:46 pm

Jake didn't feel like he'd been out cold for long... Perhaps it had been a long while, but as his eyes opened, he felt very queasy because everything was spinning. He was trembling, he could feel that much. But the pain was not increasing, it was levelling.

"Come on in, Newbury. Take a seat."

"Sir?" Jake asked, looking around for the voice which came from another door. Managing to sit up, Jake felt his whole body screaming, but after pushing himself to his feet, he followed the orders he'd been given without question. Taking a seat, he cradled his arm to himself.

"The exercise has now finished, Ne-"

"Did I fail?" Jake asked, panic quite evident on his features as he looked to the Frenchman. "I didn't tell them anything, sir. Nothing at all!" He insisted, trying to establish why they were now done.

"You didn't fail, Newbury, please calm down. You have passed with flying colours, actually." Louis explained, trying to calm the boy. "You are here to acclimatise to reality again. I am here to explain that you are no longer in interrogation practice, you are safe. Now, I need you to calm down, and then I can let you go. But first, is there anything other than a medic that you need, or do you have any questions?" Louis asked.

Jake shook his head, which made everything spin once more. He stopped, long enough to remember something he needed to know. "Sir, my sister, she's okay, right? That was a Boggart? I'm quite sure but..."

"Victoria is quite safe." Louis responded with a nod. "It was a Boggart, as you correctly identified. Your sister is safe at Hogwarts."

The explanation should probably have been frightening, but Jake was simply relieved. Well, slightly. "Sir, I think I'm going to be sick again." Jake told the man, and almost instantly a bucket appeared. Jake didn't waste time, what was left in his stomach came up, and he hissed in pain, but he felt more than a little better now. "I'd like to go to the Healers now, please, sir." Jake continued, and with a nod, Louis sent him on his way. The Healers were accustomed to calming people down, and it was quite clear the young man was in pain.
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PostSubject: Re: Interrogation - Part Two Individual Assignment (Jake Newbury)   Sun Nov 23, 2014 5:45 am

This assignment is now closed.
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PostSubject: Re: Interrogation - Part Two Individual Assignment (Jake Newbury)   

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Interrogation - Part Two Individual Assignment (Jake Newbury)
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