Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Sometimes lightning can strike twice (Open)

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Gavin Pierce
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Healer In-Training

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PostSubject: Sometimes lightning can strike twice (Open)   Fri Oct 03, 2014 11:57 am

Ever since the night that he and Mary had thrown their housewarming party, Gavin had been struggling with a strong bout of depression. He wasn't sure what caused it, or if it was something that had been there all along that he was only just noticing, all he knew was that every day it got worse and worse. Most days he barely had the energy and motivation to get out of bed to go to work or class, and even then very often he could only manage one or the other. Eventually he stopped leaving his room all together unless he absolutely needed to; he'd stopped going to classes, stopped talking to his friends, even Rocket who at first tried to lay in bed with him as a comfort got tired of his moping and stayed with Mary most of the day. Whenever someone inquired about his behavior he lied and said that he was simply sick.

This had been going on for close to three months when Gavin finally decided that he needed to snap himself out of whatever was getting him down. He knew that he had so much more to live for if only he could push himself forward. With great effort the nineteen year old pushed himself out of bed and washed as best he could without causing an electrical short. Ever since that night that Jake had found him lying in the rain he'd noticed that the discharges he caused when wet no longer actually hurt him, but it still affected the world around him. The last time he took a shower he'd caused a localized power spike that blew the circuit breakers for the entire building. He still wasn't sure how Mary had explained that one off to their landlord.

After some semblance of getting clean Gavin got dressed in his most comfortable clothes and headed out. He wrote a letter to Mary explaining that he'd be gone most of the day and stuck it on the fridge before apparating into a clearing deep in the Appalachian woods near where he grew up. As a kid this had been one of his favorite spots to just get away. To escape the abuse of his brother, to clear his mind, to ponder life. Simply put this was Gavin's special place, and it looked like it had been undisturbed for many years. Sitting right in the middle of the field Gavin started his breathing control exercises to calm himself. He knew that before he started moving forward he'd need to find out what was holding him back...what was making him so depressed.

Breathe in...

Before the party he'd been fine, enjoying the new city and making new friends. He enjoyed living with Mary and knew that being away from home wasn't the problem. For the first time in all his life he was feeling free to live and be himself and not fear being judged or hated. Even Jake, the person who's rejection he was most afraid of had seemed to start coming around.

Breathe out...

Jake his best friend and the person Gavin probably admired the most. Jake the subject of his first real crush on another guy. Jake the man that was dating the girl that Gavin had once considered almost a sister to him. Jake and Mari had come to the party together. Jake and Mari were together. And now no matter what, Gavin who was alone would always be the third wheel. That's what happened when you're best friends started to date. That was the inevitable occurrence in which Gavin's life had become. He was alone and the two most important people in his life past and present would be a constant reminder of that.

Deep in his mediation and self introspection Gavin hadn't noticed the electrical energy he was putting out. The arcs of lightning radiating from his body, or the bolts of electric force he was calling from the sky all around him. His hair was standing on end form the thick static in the air.


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Sometimes lightning can strike twice (Open)
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