Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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Thana Semele
Wormwood Prefect
Wormwood Prefect
Thana Semele

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Aragorn couldn’t believe it he had been played. HE HAD BEEN PLAYED! Janique had played him and he had been stupid enough to fall for it. It didn’t matter anyway, she had meant nothing to him, not really. It was time for his real plan to come into place, his proper target. Thana. He had everything planned, and everything was set perfectly. Still furious at what Janique for she had done him he went and found Thana. It didn’t matter that it was the middle of the night, he still knew where to find her.  “Thana.” He said, going behind her and letting her know he was there. He watched as she turned around. As she went to leave he put on his sad face, “Please…..dont go I just want to talk.” He told her.


Thana was walking down from the Astronomy tower, she was teaching a first year how to identify the different stages of the moon. She had gotten permission to have him out late one night, it was around midnight. She was walking back when she heard her name called, turning around she saw it was Aragorn. Not wanting to talk she was about to continue walking, until she heard what he said next.  “Please…..dont go I just want to talk.”. Begrudgingly Thana stayed where she was. They were on the sixth floor, next to the Prefects Common Room. “What do you want Aragorn?” she asked, she didn’t really want to speak to him but had more decency than to downright ignore him.  Thana waited for his answer, packing away her books. She had on a simple black top and skinny jeans and as usual fingerless gloves.


What do you want?” Aragorn couldn’t help but smile in the dim corridor, typical Thana. So withdrawn, but polite enough to stay. He kept silent for a few moments, making sure that he wanted to do this. Of course he did, he had planned it for months, since the first day he had seen her. “May we talk in private?” he asked her, “How about the Prefect Common Room?” Aragorn suggested.


May we talk in private? How about the Prefect Common Room?” Thana wasn’t sure that she wanted to talk to him at all, but agreed to it. As for the Prefect Common Room that was another matter, Thana could enter whenever she wished but that was because she was a Prefect. Aragorn however wasn’t. But no one was around, if he wanted to talk in private she would at least grant him that much. Just not the Common Room, “Umm I can’t let you in there, but the Ancient Runes classroom is nearby.” She offered to him.


Aragorn listened as she offered the Ancient Runes classroom, it would be enough. It was still away from everyone, which is what he wanted. “I guess that will do.” He said to her, following her to the classroom and walking in with her. She seemed nervous, but considering what he had done to her so far it was understandable. He just hoped she wouldn’t be too nervous, otherwise that would put her on edge. Which would make it harder for him to go through with his plans and that was something he didn’t want.


Thana led Aragorn to the Ancient Runes classroom, wondering what possibly it was that he wanted to say to her that was so private it had to be said in a classroom away from everyone? It didn’t make sense, and a part of her told her not to go with him, but she was interested in what he had to say. Maybe it was too apologise for his indecent comments and for attempting to pin her against the wall that night in the Astronomy tower. “So what did you want Aragorn?” she asked him, closing the door behind her and waiting for him to answer.


Aragorn watched, satisfied as she closed the door behind her. “Sealing her fate” he thought to himself grimly. He couldn’t wait to begin, and waited for the invitation. Not that Thana would know she was inviting him.  “So what did you want Aragorn?”. Aragorn couldn’t help but smile an evil smile, finally after months of planning it was time. Quietly drawing his wand he watched as she looked out the window waiting for his answer. “You” he answered, raising his wand and casting a spell to throw her against the wall. Lazily flicking it again to bend metal that was hanging to keep her secured in place. “For months I have watched you. Waited. Planning. I have been waiting for so long to do this.” He told her, moving closer. Surprisingly he didn’t see fear in her eyes, instead he saw hatred. Gently he moved in even closer, putting his hand around her waist and to her wand in her back pocket, surprised to find a phone in there as well. “You won’t be needing these.” He told her, lazily dropping them and kicking them away. Making sure the room was soundproof with another spell, he then stood back and admired the girl he had captured.

Aragorn pulled out a file from his bag, “Now lets see what we have here.” He taunted, lazily flicking it open. “Thana Semele, adopted daughter of Faowind Senior and his bitch” “DON’T YOU DARE SAY A WORD AGAINST THEM!”  came her reply, he only smiled. “Transfer Ravenclaw, who until last year didn’t exist. Let me tell you Thana, I know more about you then what you know. I know you changed your identity, I know you don’t get close to people, I know you are the sole inheritor of ShadowBane Manor and have money. And no that’s not why I am doing this, if that’s what you’re thinking. Money holds no value to me.” Aragorn said to her, waiting for her reaction.


“You” Thana didn’t know what was happening until it was too late, suddenly she found herself against the wall with metal holding her. Her mind was confused for a few moments, before she realised what was happening. It had all been a trap. Everything. The extra lessons, the questions. Even just speaking to her. It had all been a trap. At the dishonourable mention of Mrs Faowind she couldn’t keep her mouth shut. “DON’T YOU DARE SAY A WORD AGAINST THEM!” she told the bastard who was holding her. Listening as he continued, he knew about her name and her house. Surely that couldn’t be why he found her so interesting. Dreading to ask, but knowing she had to she asked the question. “Then why are you doing this?” she asked him.


“Then why are you doing this?” Aragorn couldn’t help but smile again, “Ah but see that’s the best part. Is when targets like you don’t know why. The fact is you interest me, and I have solved almost all of your puzzle. Except a few things, in your file it says you were once betrothed to your now adoptive brother Lucas. How would that work when you are closer in age to Jareth? I have a few questions, questions I believe could be answered if we remove a few layers.” He told her, enjoying her facial expressions as he walked over to her. He leant in over her, his body pressing against hers. “Why don’t you date Apollo? Everyone knows you are crazy for each other, or is it because you have something to hide?” he asked, kissing her neck. Enjoying as she tried to fight, happily he slapped her across the face. “Lets find out some answers shall we?” he asked her. Moving to her gloves, he enjoyed how she fought him.


Thana listened as he told her why he was doing this, horrified at how much he had found out. As he kissed her neck she fought with all she had, useless against the metal that held her. As a result of her struggling she earned a slap across the face. “Let’s find out some answers shall we?” she heard him, say. Struggling as much as she could against him, she watched helplessly as he removed her left glove. Hanging her head when she heard the sharp intake of breath come from him.


Aragorn loved how much she fought him, and slowly removed her left glove. A result of more watching her, she was ambidextrous he had noticed but preferred to use her left hand. He took an educated guess and slowly removed the glove, pulling it up and ripping it off. He couldn’t help but have a sharp intake of breath, oh this was perfect….Now he knew why she wore long sleeves or gloves, it wasn’t just the cuts that he guessed were on both arms but the beautiful mark that was on it. Suddenly everything clicked, why she didn’t get close to people, why she barely passed DADA, why she was so quiet and reserved, why she was once betrothed to the oldest Faowind son, everything made sense. He smiled as she hung her head, her secret now known.

“So that’s why you inherited the ShadowBane Manor, you never died. Of course no one would believe it, you’re the disowned ShadowBane’s daughter. Of course, it explains everything. Your accent, your knowledge, oh this is brilliant. Brilliant.” He told her evilly, this was so perfect. He could guess how it happened, she would have been put into a coma or something of the sorts for almost twenty years. “Well my little Death Eater, you already indulge in sins of the Dark….Shall I help you indulge in another? Apollo may not be enough for you, but I will make sure you never forget me” Aragorn said to her, enjoying how with renewed strength she fought against him. “That’s it my little Death Eater, fight me. It will make my taking you even more beautiful.” He told her, happily slapping her again before putting his hands on her. One touch and he knew exactly what her problem was, she had never been with a man. “Well lets change that” he said, his hands running up  under her shirt and his mouth kissing her neck, biting it as he went. “Fight me Baby” he told her, enjoying grabbing her and scratching her as he went, his hands going higher until his hands were just under the top of her ribcage. Looking deep into her eyes he happily ripped off her shirt, revealing more secrets underneath. She had large dragon tattoo on her left side, something he enjoyed seeing. “My my, so many secrets.” He chastised her, picking up his knife that he had on him and running the flat side of the blade over her stomach. “One scream, one scream and I mark you forever. Do you understand?” he asked her, revelling in how she flinched away from him.

Slapping her face again he made his point clear, he was serious. He went back to biting her neck, making sure he drew blood. Smiling as he felt a tear roll down her face, “That’s it cry for me.” He whispered in her ear, before moving his hands down her stomach. Going lower and lower, until he went to forbidden territory. Touching her he felt her instinctively close her legs, not that it made a difference. He had got what he wanted, now all he had to do was finish it. With his free hand he unzipped his own pants.


Thana listened and watched in horror as Aragorn touched her arm, then was filled with even more dread once he started touching her. Going in forbidden places and ripping her shirt off, she felt the blood from where he had bitten her run down her neck. It was bad enough that he had gone to her waist and above, taunting her with the knife, cutting her here and there. That pain she wasn’t as scared of as what else he was doing to her. Then she felt him go down her body, to places he had no right to go. Instinctively she tried crossing her legs, but it was too late he had her.  Her final moment of fear came when she heard him unzipping her pants. Every part of her screamed to do something, to escape. This couldn’t happen, she grew truly desperate when he pushed himself onto her. This was not how she was going to lose her virginity.

With everything she had she pushed against him, then in a last bid effort she summoned the power she had in her. The power she had sworn never to use against someone, she summoned her Isolde in one hand and aimed it at him. Throwing him back and dislocating her thumb so she could remove herself from the metal that held her. Her mind was foggy, and what happened next was nothing but a blur. She was so hurt, she couldn’t help the change. Her wolf form took over and attacked him with a growl.  “You Bit-‘ was all she heard before she changed into her animagus form and attacked him. She bit at him and dug her claws in, before she even realised what she was doing. She kept attacking, defending herself so he wouldn’t get back up. Then a switch went off and the wolf inside went. She saw what she had done, immediately changing back to human. Aragorn lay on the ground, with blood all over him. Thana practically jumped away from him, “h..help” he muttered before passing out, Thana couldn’t move. She was numb. She stood and watched as he passed out, unable to help him.

Every part of her told her to help him, but a part, a small part told her to run. She did as that part told her, grabbing her phone and wand from where he kicked them before leaving him and going back to her dorm. She didn’t think, she couldn’t Thana stumbled down to the bathroom and stood under the scalding water. She leaned against the shower, and cried. She felt dirty, and needed to wash every part of him off. Thana let the scalding water go all over her, she didn’t feel it. All she could feel was what he had done, even though he hadn’t completed the act he had come close. He had touched her, violated her. She scrubbed all of the blood off, but still felt him there. Finally after an hour she got out, and went to the mirror. There she saw the marks he had given her, and for the second time that night used her Isolde. But this time it was to heal herself, and namely the marks that he had given her. It didn’t matter, she could still feel him. Quietly she walked from her and Michelle’s bathroom they shared and went to the room that they also shared and laid down on her bed, crying herself to sleep.


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