Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 A piece of home in a foreign place (oneshot)

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Allegra Montez
Hufflepuff Sixth Year
Hufflepuff Sixth Year

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PostSubject: A piece of home in a foreign place (oneshot)   Thu Oct 02, 2014 8:06 am

It was the second of November when Allegra trekked down the the green houses with a small wooden box. In the box was a tin of sugar skulls (to be shared with her friends), a copy of a baby picture of Sofia and some small decorations. Now all she needed were some herbs and flowers, the marigolds she'd grown in her common room, but some magical herbs were necessary to strengthen the magic surrounding the small altar she was making, since she couldn't actually be at the celebrations back in Mexico. Since her parents were about seven hours behind her, their festivities hadn't quite begun, yet. But they'd already written her a letter along with the box.

Your mama and I are doing well, and of course your friend can come visit us around Navidad, we are happy to meet your friends, estamos muy emocionados. We put some more of Lupa's treats in the box you can use for your ofrenda, and sugar skulls for you and your friends, I think this year they taste especially good! I hope my english writing is well enough, your mama has been correcting me over my shoulder, so I will end my letter here so she can continue! Te amo, Allegra, we miss you very much! See you soon! ~Papa

How are your lessons going? I'm very pleased that you've made friends, I knew you would find some quickly. I look forward to meeting your new best friend Victoria, she is American? That is very interesting! I'm proud that you're exploring other cultures, going to school in England and your friends are American and French! That's very amusing, my love. Your father is very excited to meet Victoria, he promises to get the ingredients ready by then to make chocolate, perhaps Victoria's parents would like to come for a visit as well, they can stay with Tia if they'd like. She says to tell you she's proud that you're doing so well, we all are. We miss you but soon you will be home again.

Dressed warm against the cold, Allegra picked the herbs carefully and set them in the box, adding some pretty stones she found walking past the lake back to the castle. Shivering slightly when she was finally back in her dorm room she set the box on her trunk, gently arranging the herbs and stones at the bottom, tilting the box to stand like a shelf, sugar skull bag on her bed, the photo of Sofia in the middle.

The way the box stood on the trunk it was facing her where the girl sat on her bed. Getting comfortable she drew the curtains and cast a silencing charm around her before laying on her stomach and telling her sister all about her new school and her new friends and plans. Wondering where Sofia was and asking their ancestors to assist in bringing her to them someday. There she spent most of the  day before meeting Victoria and Bea for dinnertogether, sharing the sugary treats with them happily.

Wherever Sofia was, Allegra hoped she was as happy as she felt in that moment.

And though she didn't know it, around that time Marilyn Caldwell was holding her boyfriends hand and taking a portkey to a Villa in Mexico, happy as could be.

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A piece of home in a foreign place (oneshot)
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