Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Let the game begin. (Aragorn and Thana)

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PostSubject: Let the game begin. (Aragorn and Thana)   Sun Sep 28, 2014 11:46 pm

Aragorn sat waiting for his target, so far everything was falling perfectly into place. After going to the unknowing Alchemy Professor and explaining his 'situation' the man had assigned someone to help him with his N.E.W.T.S, and it was exactly who he had wanted. Thana Semele, a Wormwood sixth year.

His target had been perfectly assigned, she wouldn't think anything of it. Everyone knew she was one of, if not the best student in Alchemy at school. Easily proving that, it wasn't just Alchemy either, it was almost all of her subjects that she was topping. Quietly he sat in the study hall, waiting for his tutor to arrive. Knowing that she was going to be perfectly on time, as he had wanted it.

Thana was getting ready for her first lesson as a tutor, to a seventh year nightshade boy. She had to admit, she was surprised that Professor Alexander had asked her to tutor the boy, but had agreed to it. After speaking to the boy, who she knew as Aragorn, they agreed to spend a Saturday morning going over what would be needed. On their first meeting he hadn't showed, but he had told her something had come up so she didn't mind.

Walking in to the study hall she saw it was just them, something she didn't mind but wasn't used to. "Hello Aragorn" she told the boy sitting down, and pulling out a few books. "Are you ready to begin?" Thana asked, getting everything organised.

Aragorn looked up as Thana spoke, "Hello Thana." he replied, at the question of being ready he nodded. "Yes lets begin" he agreed. Their first lesson he had missed, but had explained that something came up. She hadn't said anything, only agreeing to another lesson in which he promised he would show. For over an hour they discussed what Aragorn knew, what he didn't. What Alchemic formula's he knew and what ones he didn't. Over the hour Aragorn tried to get to know her, to probe her. She provided nothing, keeping her personal life to herself. On the one occasion she did answer personal questions, namely one about her studying and her academic know-how she had simply replied. I was homeschooled before my sixth year so I became advanced in subjects that interest me. Aragorn found the news interesting and would play on it later.

[color=#996633] Listening to what the boy knew and what he didn't she found his knowledge was actually quite sound, with just a few areas of not knowing. She didn't however like the personal questions he kept asking. "Why did you transfer? Why didn't you come to school before Sixth year? " As well as more personal questions, especially about her gloves and her adoptive family. To all of them except her homeschooling question she simply told him to focus on Alchemy and not her personal life.

Finally after three hours of study and talking Thana looked at her watch and found there time was up. "Right, I suggest you look at Alchemic Practices in Ancient times. , it will help you with your essay." She explained to him, "Have a good weekend, I'll see you in class." Thana said politely before leaving and going back to her prefect duties. She was wary of the boy, but thought nothing of it. She guessed he was just trying to be friendly and get to know his tutor. [color]
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Let the game begin. (Aragorn and Thana)
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