Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Bethan Fielding

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Bethan Fielding
Hufflepuff Fourth Year
Hufflepuff Fourth Year

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PostSubject: Bethan Fielding   Sat Sep 20, 2014 8:19 am

Full Name: Bethan Marie Fielding

Birthdate: 16th July 1999

Age: 13

Country of Origin: England

Current Home: Hogwarts

General appearance: Bethan has reddish-brown hair which falls in waves just past her shoulder. She’s currently in the process of growing it out. She has big, wide brown eyes. For her age, she is small and petite, standing at about 4’11. Her attire often consists of jeans and a range of colourful tops - that is, when she’s not in her school uniform.

Special Features: There is a small scar on her head, which she can usually hide with her hair, from when she ran headfirst into a wall as a child.

Blood purity: Half-blood

Sexual alignment: Unknown

Wand Type: Oak, Dragon Heartstring, 11 inches

Personality: Beth is a happy-go-lucky, friendly character who absolutely loves people in general. She’s optimistic and does her best to always look on the bright side. She loves animals and couldn’t bear to hurt any living thing. However, she cares far too much about what others think of her and will take extreme measures to fit in. Quite sensitive, it doesn’t take a lot to make her burst into tears. She's incredibly clumsy and always falling over her own feet.

Background: Beth was born and raised in the middle of nowhere. That is, a small farm in Devonshire in England. Her family wasn’t the richest, but they got along just fine and Bethan was always very happy with her life. She was home-schooled by her mother from the age of five because it would have been difficult to get her to a school up in the nearby village every day. Still, she had plenty of friends from there and took part in quite a few weekly extracurricular clubs over the years, from tennis to swimming to drama to art.

At the age of five, she discovered her magical ability when she made a chicken fly one day on the farm. She was absolutely terrified and ran inside to tell her mother, who shared with her what it meant. After that, she was super enthusiastic and eagerly awaited the day when she could go to that magical place called Hogwarts. Shortly after her ninth birthday, she discovered that she had inherited her mother’s seeing abilities when she saw a vision of herself cradling a newborn baby in her arms. Nine months later, her mother gave birth to a tiny baby girl, who she fell in love with immediately.

Although she knew it was coming, her scream of delight and excitement when she received her Hogwarts letter was infectious - toddler Amelia decided to scream along too. At Hogwarts, she often finds herself missing her family but adores the school and homesickness never lasts for too long. She's in third-year at the moment.

Family: Mother:
Name: Jeanette Fielding (neé Brand) / Age: 39 / Living or dead: Living / Blood status or species: Half-blood (Seer)

Name: Robb Fielding / Age: 41 / Living or dead: Living / Blood status or species: Muggle

Name: Amelia Fielding / Age: 4 / Living or dead: Living / Blood status or species: Unsure of whether she has magical ability at the moment

Name: Billy / Age: 2 / Living or dead: Living / Blood status or species: Owl

Family Background: Jeanette Brand was the daughter of a muggle woman and wizard, who was a Seer, just as many generations of family were before him. She was raised in London and met Robb Fielding when he was attending University and she was training to be a Healer and they were neighbours in an apartment building. The night before they were married, she told him about being a witch and Seer. Being open-minded enough, he went through with the marriage and they moved back to his home village in Devonshire to take over his parents’ farm.
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PostSubject: Re: Bethan Fielding   Sat Sep 20, 2014 8:30 am



Thanks to lovely Ariel!
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Bethan Fielding
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