Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Ciara McGee

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Ciara McGee
Wormwood Third Year
Wormwood Third Year

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PostSubject: Ciara McGee   Thu Sep 11, 2014 5:10 pm

Full Name: Ciara Alexa McGee

Birthdate: 23th August

Age: 11

Country of Origin: America

Current Home: Salem

General appearance:
She is born with brown hair like her mother and brown eyes likes her father. Her hair is most of times straight but it can be curly when she wants. It's quite long and she doesn't want to cut it shorter too. She loves her hair.

She is 143 cm and weights just little bit over 30kg. She is quite thin but she isn't underweight for sure. She likes her body and so on very much.

She wears mostly jeans and t-shirts and such stuff on her free time. Dresses will be seen on when it's party or such other fancy things. She isn't really a tomboy for sure but she just likes jeans and leggins, these are more comfortable ones than dresses and skirts for her. She wears earrings all the time but other jewellery barely.

The make isn't never really part of her daily day. Maybe just mascara and pink lipgloss and all. She can wear any other make if needed on parties and such other fancy stuff.
Special Features: Nothing yet!

Blood purity: Halfblood

Sexual alignment: Hetero

Wand Type: 10 inches, unicorn hair and marple + flexible

Ciara is quite friendly, kind and sweet girl. She is only mean when you are or then hurt someone of her friends. She is very honest with her feelings and she tells out what she thinks most of times. She is not gonna lie to you ever. She can keep secrets for sure. She is very smart for her age, she just loves to read about new things and also study them. She can also remember things quite easily. She is quite brave one for age, she just is afraid of snakes and spiders, oh and losing someone close to her. She quite emotional girl, she can cry easily. She is very wisdom and also hardworking one. She never gives up easily, she has to finish what she is doing. Also she does always all her homework away on time. She also helps other with their homework if they struggle with it. She is even very helpful in other stuff.
Ciara is also very cheerful one, she smiles all the time and tries to make people happy around her too. Even if she herself haven't had best life she still is the cheerful kid.

Ciara was born as third and second daughter to Desmond & Saoirse McGee. She had older sister, she did die when Ciara was just five years old girl, she died because of cancer what she had. She now has just older brother and younger brother. The older brother Liam is very protective over her only sister also about his younger brother. They all have always got along very well, they hang out always together even if yeah Liam is oldest, he still plays with her siblings and brings them out with his friends. Also his friends like Ciara and Sean.

Ciara first of sign of magic was when she was almost three years old girl. She did magically did make herself a doll or so when she was bored and didn't had any dolls with what to play when she was alone. She had just stuffed animals. So yeah since then she knew that she was actually a witch, her older brother told it to her. Also she was very happy about it, she had though already her second that she was crazy. Yeah and years passed she did use her magic a little bit since then but not around muggles.

When she did get 11 then she did get a letter from Hogwarts. It was just a few months ago. She was accepted to Hogwarts like her older sister was before she died and her brother who is there fifth year now. It now soon will be her first year.

FATHER: Desmond McGee, 33, Halfblood, ministry of magical

MOTHER: Saoirse McGee(nee Miller), 32, Halfblood, healer

Nora McGee, 13, Halfblood, Older Sister [Deceased]
Liam McGee, 15, Halfblood, Older Brother
Sean McGee, 9, Halfblood, Younger Brother

OTHER: She has two aunts from her father side, and one uncle from her mother side + their kids.

Family Background: Her parents met in Salem school. At end of school year Saoirose gave birth to her first child and after that they(Desmond and Saoirase) did get married. After that came their other children. They were young back then but they still managed their life to be good thanks to their parents who are now dead.
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PostSubject: Re: Ciara McGee   Thu Sep 11, 2014 5:26 pm



Thanks to lovely Ariel!
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Ciara McGee
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