Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 The Wedding of the Year (Louis)

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PostSubject: The Wedding of the Year (Louis)    Thu Sep 11, 2014 12:04 am

The wedding had come quicker than Aria and expected. Donna was in a rush to get to the aisle, her excuse being that she wasn’t getting any younger, and she was damned it anyone would judge her for wearing white. Donna was by no means a budding virgin, but in their world, a thirty-eight year old virgin was deemed with skepticism . Donna was a spinster, and despite her beauty, the rumors began to go through their circles. Donna did a good job ignoring it, and Aria, out of respect for her, did too.

Aria did not make any sounds of protest as she was deemed the maid-of-honor. She powered through the overwork, the annoyance at nitpicking, and the anxious Donna. The most annoying thing, was that now everyone was beginning to talk about her. Why was she still single? They whispered. Was she having an affair with a married man? Did her parents not care? All these things were so tedious to her. It weighed heavily on her shoulders, but she tried, hard to keep a bright smile on her face, and a comforting shoulder for Donna.

Finally today was the day, and the wedding would commence. The colors had been deep violet, and had complimented her friend’s hair wonderfully. The flowers, orchids all over. The dresses were the same shade, and Aria decided to work with it. Her hair was down, and curled, the dress was a sweetheart neckline and tight around he midsection. It then flared out ending on her knee. A white sash and bow on her back was clear that she was definitely not the one to be noticed.

The wedding was beautiful, and spectacular. Donna was very happy, especially since she had waited so many years for him to finally make a move. And it had ended wonderfully. Aria on the other hand, she felt that if she tried hard enough, if she had kept going, and kept trying, she and Peter would had had a chance. Being a Todd had once been something she desired, to be part of it, but this fairytale was meant for Donna not for her.

Finally, the reception began, and the dance began. It was so bright and happy, and Aria finally grabbed what she wanted all day: a drink. Sipping her martini, she looked satisfied with herself and began to study the room. It was all too perfect, too perfect for her, they tended to be boring.
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PostSubject: Re: The Wedding of the Year (Louis)    Thu Sep 11, 2014 2:01 pm

As the summer faded, the Clement household moved from the black clothing that signalled mourning and moved to the lesser displays of the process. Black was still prominent, but dark shades of colours were allowed to come in to play now. It made little difference to Louis as he was usually in a suit, and to be perfectly honest the passing of his older brother was not as saddening to him as it had been to the rest of the family. As the family came out of the process in it's ever too long process (in Louis' opinion, that was not shared with the rest of the family), and invitation to a wedding had been sent to their home.

It addressed the family as a whole, but Louis had taken it upon himself to go as the show of face on behalf of the family. His mother was still in pieces after her favourite son had left the world, his father was too busy with trying to look after her, and it was beneath Lissette Clement to go to the wedding of a witch as old as the bride to be. Avoiding a scandal, his grandmere called it, but Louis couldn't really say anything, he was still a bachelor and he'd turned forty only months before.

So after dubiously taking up the black suit that was finely embroidered in the Clement house decorations, he was on his way to the wedding. Honestly, he knew little and less of the family after so many years away from the society he'd been so entwined with as a boy, he didn't recognise the names. All he could say was that somewhere in the wedding party was someone who spoke to his parents or his grandmere more often than he knew about.

The Frenchman had slipped through the doors after some Portugese Pureblood family and moved to the corner of the bar, ordering a cognac for the first time in over a decade without the necessity to add 'your finest' before he ordered. Standing out of the way was suitable for Louis, his presence would likely not be missed in the room full of people with far too much money. And more importantly, if he stayed out of the way, he couldn't have some poor woman throw herself at him for the pull of the Clement fortune. No doubt everyone in this society already knew of the situation he'd left not an hour ago, and right now Louis was not ready to deal with those kinds of people.

However, that idea became somewhat unstuck as Louis' eyes found a younger woman stood on her own sipping a drink he wasn't quite sure on and surveying the setting. After a few moments of just waiting for her to turn and look at him, Louis resigned to the fact he wasn't going to be so lucky and carefully moved through the mill of people until he was stood beside the woman. The Frenchman took a small sip of his drink and then decided to speak in a soft whisper. "Galleon for your thoughts, mademoiselle." A small smile touched his lips as he tried to determine what she was looking at before he glanced sideways at the witch in question. "Forgive me, but I don't really know anyone here, and seeing as I believe you may be in the same situation, I thought we could at least stand together to not look so... alone." The man explained, a small uncertain smile on his lips. It had been a long time since Louis had taken to a Pureblood event, and coming alone to his first one was probably not the wisest decision he'd ever made.

"I'm Louis Clement, by the way." He added not a moment later, taking the witch's hand and kissing the back of it softly.
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PostSubject: Re: The Wedding of the Year (Louis)    Thu Sep 11, 2014 3:05 pm

Aria in her part tended to avoid social events, and she'd forgotten why, that is until the reception really got into swing. She had women come forward, introduce her to their siblings, some even dared to mention fathers. Did she want to get married? Eventually, but in no way was she going to marry a man at the age of her own father. It actually insulted her how they thought she was desperate. She was thirty-five, and she made sure to keep her looks, her mother told her she was lucky for their looks. Out of her siblings she was the one the looked the most like her mother, and that in itself was a compliment.

Still, there was only so polite smiles she could give before she snapped at them. She was not going to be a wife of a widow that had children half her age. As soon as they left, she let an annoyed expression form and casually continued to sup her drink. She needed a new glass; as soon as another server came, a fresh glass was on her grip. She got the feeling she was being stared at, but she knew how she looked, and she knew that the more glaring sign was her ringless finger. Sighing she simply smiled and kissed Donna who passed by to thank her. Her friend owed her big, but from the look of it, it was worth the painful socializing.

Her caramel colored eyes took notice of a man walking her way. He was a man that sounded like the romance books, tall, dark and handsome. Very handsome. She tended to sway towards the blondes, but this man was by no means hard on the eyes. Still, acting casual, she studied the scene before her.

"Galleon for your thoughts, mademoiselle."

Before she even realized, the man she was admiring was beside her. And more than that, he was forming a conversation. He had a charming smile small, but inviting. She reciprocating a smile of her own and chuckled.

"Wondering if the bride would notice if I disappeared from her. But seeing as I'm the bridesmaid" signaling her dress, "I'd say so"

It wasn't the wisest decision for her to be so open, but she saw his ringless finger too. A woman at her age had become an expert on scoping those signals out. Too many times in her early years she'd fallen for the missing ring, but a tan line. But this time no sign whatsoever.

"Forgive me, but I don't really know anyone here, and seeing as I believe you may be in the same situation, I thought we could at least stand together to not look so... alone."

His words made her feel somewhat pathetic; was it so noticeable she was alone? Looking around, she knew every single person by name, and family origin, but that was about it. She knew their marriages, and in turn they knew her single life. Pathetic. She was, but the fact that she had someone near her it would mean the vultures would back off.

"It's absolutely fine" she replied, "My name is Aria Del Mar, now you know one person"

Her expression softened as he kissed her hand lightly. Oh French, how lovely.

"Well my pleasure" she breathed out.
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PostSubject: Re: The Wedding of the Year (Louis)    Fri Sep 12, 2014 2:26 pm

"Wondering if the bride would notice if I disappeared from her. But seeing as I'm the bridesmaid."

"I think she has enough guests to make it quite easy." Louis replied, looking around the hall. Another wealthy family with far too many connections, it seemed. "It depends how much you mean to her, but, gauging on the fact you're wearing one of the prettier dresses in the room, I would hazard a guess at you being bridesmaid, or maid of honour. Which means... she'll miss you." He summarised, taking another sip of his drink. It was supposed to be light and carefree, though Louis wasn't sure he'd quite grasped the notion of the joke in that moment. Ah well, he'd tried.

"My name is Aria Del Mar, now you know one person."

Louis took the name and processed it with a small nod of his head that was barely there. Spanish, he concluded after a moment. From what he remembered from many years ago the family was one that associated with the people his own family did, so in essence, she was probably one of the best people he could have picked to talk to in that moment. "So very nice to meet you too, Aria." Louis replied, his smile genuine, as he let her hand go and turned to assess the room with her. "You'll have to excuse me for not knowing very much about this circle, I'm really only here to get away from the dull affairs of home life. Would you care to fill me in?" Louis asked, looking to the witch hopefully.
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PostSubject: Re: The Wedding of the Year (Louis)    Sat Sep 13, 2014 12:52 am

"It depends how much you mean to her, but, gauging on the fact you're wearing one of the prettier dresses in the room, I would hazard a guess at you being bridesmaid, or maid of honour. Which means... she'll miss you."

Aria laughed at his compliment, however awkward as it may be. Though, he wasn't wrong, Donna would definitely miss her, after all their history went as far back as her first day as a transfer in Beauxbatons. Her lip twitched at how long ago that was, and how to this day, their friendship only grew stronger. If her thirteen year old was looking back at her thirty-five year old self, couldn't believe that it they still cared. She supposed she was sentimental.

"Well, I'm glad my dress is catching attention" she replied coyly.

While she introduced herself, she went through the names in her head of pureblooded families. Afterall the only people in the whole hall that weren't purebloods were the ones serving them food. Clements...oh yes. French, but the name Louis didn't catch her attention. She had met Clements before, but usually it was another man, Dominic. Her eyes widened for a second and took a longer sip of her champagne. She'd heard about his passing, who hadn't. Turning to face him, she wondered if she should give her condolences once more. Her brother had sent a long letter paying their respects to the family, as per tradition, and by the way he looked it would ruin the lighter mood in the older man.

"You'll have to excuse me for not knowing very much about this circle, I'm really only here to get away from the dull affairs of home life. Would you care to fill me in?"

Finishing her glass, she handed it over to the server and figured that she'd ignore such tradition and follow his simply request. Looking over the room she wondered who to start with first.

"I wouldn't mind at all" she replied chuckling, "I know these people like the back of my hand. Now let's start with Donna Smith, I suppose Roberts is the correct surname now, she's my best friend, known her since I transferred to Beauxbatons, married Charles, her teenage sweetheart after merlin knows how long. Her family is the bright red hair and loud personalities, so rare in functions such as these"

As she went through the different people her eyes brightened as she spoke more to him. She was naturally an extrovert, but she hadn't spoken to a man without wanting to sleep with them since her early teens, let alone someone that wasn't Peter. She whispered the names of the people that passed by quietly, so he could realize why they mattered, apart from their last names.

"Oh and they're here" she whispered frowning, "...my sisters"

She was appreciative that she was not in their line of vision, the faster she could avoid them the better. She didn't want them to get ideas or start pushing men towards her way. Disgusting how their subtleness was quiet, but riled her more than anything.
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PostSubject: Re: The Wedding of the Year (Louis)    Sat Sep 13, 2014 4:01 pm

"Well, I'm glad my dress is catching attention"

Louis paused, thinking about amending his statement to say that it wasn't the dress but the young lady inside it that made it beautiful, but Louis decided against that. He wasn't trying to impress the woman beside him, because he didn't much have a talent in that department. Not to mention she was probably very happily married, or the minimum of engaged. Likely he was way past the age of male suitors for the woman beside him, so the Frenchman merely gave the witch a timid smile in return for her comments. "Je suis désolé." He told her softly, he hadn't meant offence, he'd just been trying to stay away from the idea of being just another man looking to try to get in to her good books. Seemingly something he had failed whole-heartedly at doing.

The notion of the witch being at Beauxbatons made Louis look sideways at her, a little surprised, but not in a bad way. The name of Roberts and Smith sounded vaguely familiar, but he wasn't sure whether they were one and the same people. When told that her family were the red heads of the group, Louis could pinpoint them almost instantly, which made his life so much easier. He'd avoid those people as much as possible so that his presence didn't stick out like a sore thumb. "The Smiths." Louis acknowledged softly, looking around for the bride who seemed to be with the man she'd married. The Frenchman motioned in their direction. "The happy couple?" He asked, making sure he hadn't made the wrong assumption. That would be rather embarrassing, congratulating the wrong man.

As Aria continued to explain the social circle, Louis either followed her motions when first shown the people, or watched her talking excitedly. The younger woman was beautiful in a manner that was only amplified as she spoke. So much confidence, such an air of knowledge that if it had been another time the Frenchman might have found alluring. But he was growing old, and he knew that there was a line between him and this woman, so he never even began to formulate an idea of anything more than a casual friendship that was building. He took in all the information quickly, never having been one to need information remarked to him twice, and almost all of the information was information worth knowing. Something Louis had to become reacquainted with since his role in the family had changed dramatically.

"Oh and they're here" she whispered frowning, "...my sisters"

At this comment, Louis looked away from Aria to take in the ballroom. Subtlety was not an issue as he located the women who looked similar to the witch stood beside him. He could tell from the tone of voice that perhaps they weren't the people that she wished to see, and that sparked something of a question. "You'll not go to greet them?" The Frenchman asked softly. Of course, he knew all about family conflicts, but he would never encourage them. But it was nice to finally have a safe environment to ask the witch something about herself, because there was absolutely no way Louis wished to try to force his questions on her.
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PostSubject: Re: The Wedding of the Year (Louis)    Sun Sep 14, 2014 2:22 am

Aria looked at the man from the corner of her eye as he took in her comment. She meant it in a harmless way but it seemed that he hadn't understood her teasing. He seemed a bit tense and overthought her comment, she wondered if that was why he wasn't used to the social circle. She figured that it was because his brother used to make the rounds. Oh yes a definite bachelor when he was in his prime, she remembered briefly admiring him from afar, but never once approaching, her eggs all in Peter hoping he would just ask.

"Je suis désolé." He told her softly and Aria looked surprised.

It seemed that in her extroverted nature, she didn't truly take into consideration that it could be taken as him insulting her. Her cheeks reddened in embarrassment for the both of them, for her big mouth and him being the poor victim. Poor man, he probably had a girlfriend who wouldn't be too happy hearing he'd compliment strangers. She was so improper sometimes, maybe it was her age, or her nonchalance, but she never considered the complications.

"Oh no, it's not...trust me I took it as a compliment" she said lighting touching his arm. "No harm, no foul"

Hoping he would understand that it took more than a compliment to her person to bring her to a rage, Aria continued her description of the people in the event. She noticed how his eyes followed every slight movement she made to signal who was who. That was something new; she wasn't used to actually being listened to without a patronizing or flirtatious way from a man. It was refreshing. It was a shocking realization that despite it being refreshing it meant that he hadn't found her up to par.

'You can't be everyone's cup of tea Ari, get used to it' and her conscious was right.

She was getting desperate. Shaking her own conscious she continued and pointed towards everyone until he asked about the married couple.

"Well the gorgeous Donna is married to the handsome blond Charles, who is the one with the violet pocket square. Very happy indeed" she explained.

Her happiness did dampen at her siblings, even going as far to mention it to the man she had just met. Her sisters were chatting up Donna who in a second would point her direction. Looking a bit put out, she looked over at him and smiled softly.

"You'll not go to greet them?"

"I'm sorry Mr. Clement about this, but tradition stands" she said and patted his arm before dashing off to greet her older women.

Immediately she was surrounded by her obnoxiously big family. Light hugs were given to her, dozens of kisses on each cheek and a false smile on her own. Her sisters had come with their husbands, to push her towards the direction of marriage. As if she opposed to it. She wanted to be wedded, that wasn't the issue, but she didn't want to be her sisters, with their lives being so stationary, and letting themselves go to some degree.

"You're surprised to see us?" Teresa asked.

Aria laughed softly, and shrugged.

"You tend to not be so big with parties since you got..."

"-watch it, we both know who the most beautiful of us is"

"Of course, me" her sister Angelica interrupted Teresa.

Rolling her eyes. It was her sister Veronica who looked interested in Louis who she'd left behind. Aria, immediately was pulled aside and was given a look. Smiling falsely she cut her off.

"He's just a newcomer, the new Clement I-"

[i]"Go back, by all means, go"
her sister grinned with a hint of mischievousness.

Aria huffed hating the way they managed to make her feel fourteen all over again. Touching her cheeks in embarrassment she straightened her back.

"Look, I am in no way interested, I just needed someone to talk to, but if you're all going to keep clucking I should at least go back, he's all alone here and it seems so am I"

"She always had a flair for dramatics" her sister murmured as she began to turn.

Walking back to Louis she gave him a shy smile, as she picked up a new glass of champagne thinking that perhaps she would need more than two glasses.

"Apologies" she said hoping to gain some control.
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PostSubject: Re: The Wedding of the Year (Louis)    Sun Sep 14, 2014 3:20 am

"Oh no, it's not...trust me I took it as a compliment" she said lighting touching his arm. "No harm, no foul"

The apology, it would seem, would go around in circles. But as the witch touched his arm and told him not to worry, Louis did as he was told. His family had always brought him up on the respect of women, something that had been odd for many other Pureblood families when they first met the Clements. But it was how they ruled so well, by using the female mind to gain power.

"Well the gorgeous Donna is married to the handsome blond Charles, who is the one with the violet pocket square. Very happy indeed"

Louis followed the witch's eyes to find the man in question and nodded. He now knew who he needed to speak to to send the well wishes from his family. "They do indeed look very happy." Louis agreed, noting the smiles on both of their faces. An errant thought moved to what could have been, but Louis quickly repressed all thoughts of her. She was his past and he would firmly keep her there, one way or another.

And tonight, that would be in the form of alcohol, he'd decided as he switched his now empty glass for a flute of champagne. It was a good champagne too, he noted from a small sip of the glass.

"I'm sorry Mr. Clement about this, but tradition stands"

"Of course." Louis nodded as once again the witch misunderstood his words. He watched her leave and go to her family before he averted his eyes from the younger woman. She was nice, and made him feel a little more comfortable in the room of people he hadn't known very much about. Next time, he decided, he would make sure he knew as much as he could before he came to such an event, if only to make it seem like he fit in to this society.

Turning his attention towards the bar, Louis took a seat, his eyes flitting around the different groups of people in the room, most of whom he had little interest in. His eyes, however, remained away from Aria and her family, because he was quite sure he felt eyes on him from their direction. What they were saying was little to no interest, and he could most likely here the conversation directing towards the loss of his brother. Perhaps a little naïve of the Frenchman, he'd never been in a position to be pushed towards others in such situations, this was the first, and honestly he only believed the witch to be nice towards him.


"No need to apologise, mademoiselle." Louis replied softly, the smile on his lips true to his words. It didn't bother him, solitude, in fact he was probably one of only a few who could feel more than comfortable alone in such a large group of people. "So, I couldn't help but notice you spoke of Beauxbatons earlier, and yet, unless I am mistaken for which I will apologise, you're from a Spanish family... Why Beauxbatons when you had Lugarmago?" Louis asked softly, both schools had their history, and though the Spanish school had recently perished, he didn't see why the witch before him would have moved. Schools were always a family tradition, and yet Aria had decided to break that tradition. He was interested, something that he didn't try to hide.
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PostSubject: Re: The Wedding of the Year (Louis)    Sun Sep 14, 2014 4:30 am

Aria ignored the feeling that she was being watched. She knew that out of all of them Veronica would bring her so much annoyance being the closest in age by seven years. And it seemed that the day she was born,Veronica would not get off her back. Casually glancing back, a smug smile was on her sister's face. Glaring back at her, she mouthed a curse word, letting the woman know she was pushing it. Of all the sisters she had the biggest temper. She figured it was because she was the baby of the family, and to be heard, one needed to be loud.

She did feel bad about leaving Louis on his own; she personally took no pleasure in being alone for too long. Always trying to find some sort of way to cope with it, and in her thirty-five years, the only fix would be a warm body in her bed, to give her some comfort. She took a long sip of champagne realizing she had some issues she needed to work on, and this wasn't the moment nor the place. Those feelings and in a wedding setting usually ended with her calling Peter and things would get messier.

"So, I couldn't help but notice you spoke of Beauxbatons earlier, and yet, unless I am mistaken for which I will apologise, you're from a Spanish family... Why Beauxbatons when you had Lugarmago?"

Her thoughts were interrupted by his question. She was happy for some sort of distraction, not wanting to dwell on those bothersome thoughts. She smiled as he enquired about her life, briefly wondering if it was out of politeness or genuine interest. Either way, she would take the nice segue to another conversation.

"You see...fun fact, in case you didn't know." and based on the little knowledge of the social group it was obviously he didn't "I am the youngest of seven. All have attended Lugarmago, and have achieved their own merits in that school. Once it was my turn to attend, I couldn't do it, it is one thing being behind the shadow of one person but seven..." she closed her eyes, "I needed an escape and the perfect place was Beauxbatons where I gained my own merits and popularity third year onwards. Best decision I've ever made. Soon after I graduated, France was my home"

Turning over to face him she studied his face. He was older than her, she could tell, by his distinguished air about him. Peter could never pull it off even with his age over her. But she realized that he was probably a student himself when she was, but never did she ever hear about a Clement while her studies occurred.

"What do you do, if you don't mind?"
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PostSubject: Re: The Wedding of the Year (Louis)    Sun Sep 14, 2014 6:08 am

It was not a subtle gesture that Aria turned back to look at her sister, Louis' eyes followed briefly, noting the look on her sisters face and then deciding not to look again. Oh Merlin... Louis could only hope that he'd read that look wrong because he most certainly didn't want to have to be dealing with that right now.

But he didn't have to wait long for the witch's attention to turn back to him. Was he grateful for that? Only time would tell. But so long as this didn't materialise past social, he would be eternally grateful.

The explanation of her move brought a small, knowing smile to his lips. The Clements had been going to Beauxbatons school since it's inception. They funded it on an alumni agreement to make sure all the children that went there weren't to go under. His uncle sat on the board, if he remembered correctly, but that would likely be yet another responsibility he'd have to take on seeing as he was fast becoming the only one capable of continuing the line. Something that was also drawing little and less hope as he grew older.

"I fear we had much and the same idea. Except you had the luxury of getting out. My brother was always more academic, with his... condition, books became his solitude." He supplied, though Louis was quite sure that he would have been just the same as an only child. "Though, you made a wise decision, Beauxbatons is a beautiful place, exceptional learning area too." He replied, a fond smile on his lips as he remembered his school days. He didn't tell the witch he never finished at the school, Merlin knew she probably thought very little of him already. "And France is probably one of the best places to set up home." He added, his experience of travelling made him realise that he did not feel himself unless he was back in France, in the Clement Manor on a summer's day.

"What do you do, if you don't mind?"

"I have the misfortune of teaching idiots to suck eggs." Louis replied, chuckling softly to himself for a moment before he answered seriously. "I work for the British Ministry of Magic, teaching the aspiring Aurors everything they need to know before they go out in to the field. But, I also work as the French Ambassador to the Ministry too." He explained. "Not that it is necessary to work, I just find it cures boredom." He admitted, because that had been his sole purpose for going to the Ministry, that and protection from his family, but that was a different kettle of fish altogether.

"And you?" He asked softly, trying to fit the witch beside him in to a job, but completely failing.
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PostSubject: Re: The Wedding of the Year (Louis)    Sun Sep 14, 2014 3:44 pm

Aria always considered herself to be very perceptive when it came to people, but she noticed that as he took in all she said, he had this expression that didn't just seem to be polite. It all made sense once he began to explain the fact that he was in the same boat. She was the youngest of seven, her brother already being the heir, her and her sisters' jobs were to find a family to form their union. All her own sisters were very popular in school, and thankfully they were never in Lugarmago when she was attending. The age different had served her in that, but never once could she make a differing opinion, or slack off because she would be compared immediately to how her sister's did. At home, the beauties were compared, from their qualities to their inequalities and how to fix it. As soon as they were married, it seemed that the one with most flaws suddenly had become her.

The words that stuck out to her as he spoke about his family was that she was lucky to have gotten out, implying that his life wasn't as, luxurious as expected. Then again there was never perfection in any family. Dominic Clement was a bit of a recluse, at least when it came to knowing about him, everyone only spoke about looks, or intellect but other than that not much was said. Louis, she realized, was in the shadow of a man who had purpose. Her own culture was different than his, more children meant more power, but she'd learn from Peter early on, that in British and sometimes French culture, one child would suffice. She frowned slightly, wondering exactly how they got into a deep conversation so quickly. This wasn't like her.

Thankfully his tone changed, a wistful smile on his face as he spoke about Beauxbatons; at least that was a good topic, lighter than expected and nostalgic. She smiled remembering her own misadventures in the castle, feeling like she never knew who she was until that school. She took interest and briefly wondered if he himself lived in France. It wasn't something that she would dwell on, it didn't matter, it couldn't matter.

Once more a lighter topic rose, employment. Usually she would ask because she would be curious about their net worth, except this man was just an acquaintance. His job was definitely something interesting. She had attended that school herself, at first trying to be an auror, then going into healing, never did she do anything with it, and it was a small regret she held.

"And you?"

This was when she felt awkward. When she was in her twenties she could say her job was a socialite, with a flip of her hair and a wanton smile, now it was a bit embarrassing. She never did anything as powerful as what Louis did.

"I am not currently employed" she said a bit embarrassed,"I do things on the side such as do some painting. I also do freelance potion making, since I do have my healing license. Never did really do anything about it...but I'm not as young as I used to be" she said chuckling, hoping that it would be enough to cover her embarrassment.

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PostSubject: Re: The Wedding of the Year (Louis)    Sun Sep 14, 2014 4:37 pm

The information on what the witch did was limited and not tied down to one place, which simply meant, in Louis' eyes that the witch didn't work. He wondered if that was through choice, her parents choice, or simply that she couldn't find a job. Though, he gathered it was probably through choice, given the backgrounds.

"That all sounds delightful." Louis replied with a warm smile. "Did you study at Unseen University for your Healing licence?" The man asked, there had recently become a position at the school to teach such things, but he didn't voice that because it wasn't his place to suggest she get a job. He didn't know the woman well enough to know that she was even seeking employment, so he moved away from that topic.

The comment on her age did stick out though, and Louis only looked amused. "I believe, mademoiselle, that you are only as old as you feel. Or, that is at least what I keep telling myself recently." He explained, a soft laugh leaving his lips a moment later as he thought about it.

It was in that moment that the evening entertainment, or at least the first dance, sparked in to life and the newly wed couple took to the floor. Louis' eyes left the witch beside him to look for a moment, and like most newly married people they had opted for a very boring sway as opposed to a dance. The English, it seemed, were beginning to lack in their mannerisms. The dance was relatively short, for which the Frenchman was thankful. Until he realised formalities. Looking sideways at the witch, Louis decided to go with the all or nothing. This was, he'd come to the party, spoken to someone, and if Aria agreed he'd dance. He could then leave and know he'd fulfilled his duties.

"Would you like to dance?" Louis asked Aria, holding out his hand and looking to her with a questioning glance. It had been a while, but the Frenchman was sure he could hold his own in a formal dance.
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PostSubject: Re: The Wedding of the Year (Louis)    Sun Sep 14, 2014 6:45 pm

Aria had rarely felt embarrassed about her lifestyle, it was one she was raised to have, one of pampering and being a princess until she became a bride. It was later in her life, her early thirties that she realized she'd barely done anything in her years other than study. Taking a long sip of her champagne she wondered why she cared so much just now. It was probably her age, something she definitely wanted to avoid thinking about.

"Did you study at Unseen University for your Healing license?" The man asked.

She nodded and smiled slightly. She hadn't start living till she entered Unseen and found her own identity and found her first real love. So many things were thrown her way during her time at the university and she wouldn't take any of that back.

"I did, right after Beauxbatons, I wasn't ready for the 'real world' and went off to take healing there. Best years of my life really" she said smiling.

At his wise words, Aria laughed softly; she didn't feel thirty-five, she didn't know exactly how a thirty five year old should act, but she just tried keeping herself active. Tried to make herself move active to stay youthful.

Their conversation was cut short as the lights dimmed and the first dance began. Her breath was taken away by the way that Donna and Charles began their dance. It was short, some hiccups here and there, but their love was almost tangible. Her eyes were bright studying just how they held one another, she wanted that, as pathetic as that sounded, the husband and the kids with due time. As soon as it started it was over, and the lights began to rise once more, enough to create that romantic feeling. She clapped as everyone else did and smiled at the couple.

"Would you like to dance?"

She almost jumped at his question, she realized she had forgotten the fact that she wasn't alone. His question though, made her smile; she loved dancing and if it was going to be with him, well it wouldn't be too hard.

"I'd love to"

Hopping off the bar stool, she stretched her hand lightly towards him with a gleam in her eyes.
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The notion of the real world being outside of Unseen University was an amusing assumption on the witch's behalf. He'd never had that luxury, nor did he particularly want it. "I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Personally, I never went before teaching there, but the students seem happy enough." He commented, though to be perfectly honest he wasn't sure if that were the case so much in his classes at times, but that was neither here nor there.

With the short pause in conversation with the slow dance, Louis took the time to look sideways at the witch he was stood with. She was sweet enough, but Merlin he was feeling his age around her. Though as the lights came back in to action enough for people to see, he averted his eyes back to the couple, and joined in the small round of applause that followed.

"I'd love to"

Louis was pleased to have at least managed to get the witch to agree to dance with him. Taking her hand, Louis led her to the dance floor, spinning her gently in to the hold for the Vienna waltz. The music was relatively slow, so it wouldn't be too much trouble for Louis to quickly find his steps once more. "You like to dance?" Louis asked as they flowed with the music, he had noticed the small gleam in her eye. Most of their kind could dance, but whether they enjoyed it was another matter entirely.
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As she was led to the dance floor, the music began to slow down, in the Viennese Waltz and her body soon shifted in the proper position and was allowed to be led. Her foot began to move towards the classic clockwise position and began to feel the music. A hand was holding on to the tail of the dress to move easier and let him lead as he should. As he spun her, she head was held high, though a smile blossomed on her face in enjoyment of dancing.

Dancing had always been a big part of her life. Her father had taught all of them how to dance, as expected, but it was only her that for one brief moment wanted to become a dancer. She had practiced classical dances to more adventurous such as tango, yet still, it wasn't proper of her to take on the career professionally.

"You like to dance?"

She laughed softly and replied, "It's my favorite past time. It never fails to bring a smile to my face"
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The dance was comfortable, but then it always was when you had a very capable dancer in your arms, which Louis had noted almost instantly as they'd moved together. His own smile reflected hers as they moved, more because it was nice to see her happy than his own personal enjoyment. Because as he spun he could only see one woman before him and it made it oh so hard to remember that she was never going to take up such a role in his life again.

"It's my favourite past time. It never fails to bring a smile to my face"

"That, I can see. If I may, it makes you look so much more radiant when you smile." Louis told the witch, more matter-of-factly than flirting. He'd never flirted really, just passed compliments to those who deserved them. As far as he could see, this witch deserved praise, she was kind and a joy to be around, so compliments were necessary. "What else makes you happy?" Louis asked, deciding to make the most of the time they had together in that moment.
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Aria enjoyed the way that she was led in the Viennese, it had been a while since she felt graceful. It was also uncomfortable how easy she let herself be led by a man she just met. He was a natural, but then again, every good pureblood in existence knew how to dance and seem graceful. Either way, her smile was very genuine, and even more so as he complimented her so kindly.

The way he said it caught her intrigue more than anything. It wasn't a compliment filled with honey, and something that leered behind it. But rather it was one that was more of a statement and she appreciated it.

"Thank you, but when I have a good partner it becomes all the easier"

"What else makes you happy?" Louis asked.

Aria thought about this for a bit. What did she enjoy? She enjoyed pleasures, she enjoyed feeling loved, but those were not exactly proper to reply. Instead she went towards the more mundane tasks.

"Dogs" she replied softly, "I have a soft spot for animals, however quirky they may be. I also enjoy reading things in the medicinal field, can never learn enough really. And my occasional shopping trips" she added with a small smile. "You?"
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"Thank you, but when I have a good partner it becomes all the easier"

Louis had the grace to accept the compliment with a slight bow of his head. He'd never felt like a particularly good dancer, because nobody liked to pay much attention to Louis when he was younger. Things that he excelled at were usually overlooked because Dominic couldn't do them. Or, he couldn't do them well. "I'm glad you think I'm good." Louis replied softly as they turned on the spot.

Though, reflection right now was not somewhere Louis was going to go, simply because he couldn't think of home in that moment.

The answer he received from Aria was one that didn't overly surprise him. Women liked to shop so there was nothing out there. His mother liked animals, though she was more of a cat person that dogs. But medicine... It wasn't overly usual for their kind to pick a career. However, it seemed from what the witch had said she most certainly swayed towards the topic. "It sounds like a wonderful mix of interests. Though I would wager that occasional would not be the right word for a lady and her shopping trips." He replied lightly, the smile on his lips growing just a little with that notion.

When the question was turned on him, however, Louis didn't exactly have an answer. "I'm married to my work... quite closely. Either with the Ministry or taking on responsibilities at the Clement manor. But that... makes me happy." He replied realising just how flimsy his answer was. He had little and less time for hobbies, when he wasn't at work, he was reading up on things for work, or doing duties as the heir to the Clement line. Merlin he'd become so vastly boring...

A slight frown at this realisation touched the man's features, deciding that it most certainly wasn't okay.
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The Wedding of the Year (Louis)
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