Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 My Maritza (closed)

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Mari Caldwell
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PostSubject: My Maritza (closed)   Tue Aug 26, 2014 2:39 pm

Felipe Ramirez had once been a man content with his life and full of love and joy, despite his grumpy and rough demeanour. Losing his wife when Mona was only just 20 years old had been hard but rather than lose himself in bitterness, the Metal Charmer continued working and devoted his time and effort into supporting his daughter and soon her wife and their children.

As the children grew and aged (much like himself in some ways) there was always a bit of a gap between the youngest and her sisters. The twins never had a problem asking for what they wanted or being generally outspoken, but Marilyn, or Maritza, was quiet. At first he had thought perhaps she was shy. That theory was soon dispelled when he saw another child making fun of one of the twins and his quiet, five year old, soft-spoken granddaughter stood up, walked straight up to the bully and punch them on the nose.

The way she simply turned around and went back to her book whilst even the twins looked on in surprised awe made him realise that there was more in Marilyn than they'd suspected. Now, he'd always thought, despite not being blood related, that she had quite a few similarities with himself and his late wife, may God rest her soul. But Felipe had always believed in spiritual bonds and thought it was perfectly within reason that Guadalupe's spirit could influence Marilyn just as biology would influence Mona.

Especially when one night he caught the now ten year old girl sat on the flat roof at night, wrapped in blankets, scribbling in a notebook and staring up at the stars. He'd brought her a cup of hot chocolate and sat next to her after recovering from the shock of the image brought to mind when he saw her; Guadalupe used to do the same thing. And he'd told her that, told her countless stories about her grandmother.

That very same little girl would be kidnapped, nine years later and tortured for a year.

It felt like it was going to kill him.

And then they got her back and he was so grateful he'd cried. No matter that she wasn't quite the same, he understood, and she was still his little girl. But before he could show her that Mona began destroying her all over again, Faith just standing by. He'd been appalled and disgusted by his daughters behaviour and left to calm down. Oh, how he regretted that night.

But how could he have known that in the dead of the night Marilyn would take off, that she'd not be able to bear it any longer.

He should have asked, his mind told him, he should have stayed with her that night, told her not to listen to her mother. But Felipe had fallen out with Mona and left, thinking he'd return to Mari the next day and tell her she was going to be alright.

Now, since she'd been under Ministry protection it was near impossible to find her. Mona and the rest had left, he'd not received any notice, but had one day shown up to find an empty house. No forwarding address. And he'd found he didn't want one; knowing both he and his wife were sorely disappointed in the woman they'd once called daughter.

But he refused to give up looking for her. She was his family and they needed each other, so Felipe knew in time he'd find her.

He wasn't as lucky as Jamie, who'd simply asked his parents where she was, because he didn't have their contact information. So he tried to keep an eye on the news instead.

And one day, he struck gold. Just as he'd been about to chuck the Prophet into the bin when he'd caught a familiar glance of dark curls. There was his Marilyn, in the arms of a quidditch star, listed as a new Auror student in England.

That very night he packed the newspaper and a few belongings and took a portkey to London, taking up a room at the Leaky Cauldren and trying to look for her. Marilyn was gifted as hiding, he knew, but that didn't deter the elderly man.

It took weeks. But he'd managed to locate her dance school and scope out when which classes where, which was followed by a week of trying to figure out which one she might be in.

The Metal Charmer also faced another problem; namely that he somehow had to find her, without her noticing, because if Mari thought she was being followed she might leave and relocate and he would lose her all over again.

The first time he saw her she was walking hand in hand with the man from the photograph (Felipe didn't like Quidditch so he really didn't see what all the fuss was about) and he'd nearly cried. It made him absolutely elated to see her so happy. He knew she couldn't possibly recognize him with the glamour he was wearing, but he found himself hoping anyway.

That night he followed her home at a distance, only up to her street so as to not raise suspicion.

When he went back to the inn that night he sat awake all night, trying to figure out the best way to contact her; he would do anything to be able to talk to her, even if just once.

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My Maritza (closed)
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