Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Waking up. (Thana's healing)

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Thana Semele
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Wormwood Prefect
Thana Semele

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PostSubject: Waking up. (Thana's healing)   Fri Aug 22, 2014 12:53 am

Silence. Blissful Silence, Thana laid in the hospital bed blissfully unaware of what was going on around her. She had been found by one of the Auror's after the battle, and brought to St Mungo's but she didn't know that. She was off in her own world.

Thana looked around her, looking everywhere .."Is this heaven?" she thought to herself. " No, this isn't heaven. " A voice replied, Thana looked around. She smiled softly once she saw who it was. "Hello Mum" Thana said, seeing her for the first time in over ten years. Hello there my brave brave girl" Her mum replied, "Why don't we take a walk?" she asked, gesturing to her daughter. Thana took her hand and walked with her.

It seemed they walked forever, in...wherever it was. It seemed to go on forever, it was white all around her. Pure white. "Mum where are we, and why are you here?" Thana asked, wanting to know. Her mother smiled before gesturing to a seat she hadn't seen before. Thana sat down and waited, she knew her mother would take her time. She always had.

We are not in heaven, and nor are we in hell. We are simply in your world......You visit here when you use your gift, just not as far as this.
She explained to her confused daughter. Yes darling I knew of your gifts when I was still alive, I wanted you to not have to worry until you were much older. Sadly hope wasn't on our side" Her mother said, looking and holding her daughters hand. "Mum I have so many questions......"

You always did, you were, and still are an inquisitive child....well not so much a child anymore are you? I know you have questions, some I can answer some I cannot. Firstly your abilities come from our family line. I know you have watched and learnt much these past few years, you are correct. It is Isolde, it is a pure form of spirit energy. It is something that can be used for bad and good, as you sadly had to learn. I am sorry for that darling, your father and I didn't want you to experience that. Its why we left our families. As you now know, you are the last ShadowBane. Your father and I are very proud...

"But...I'm dead.....So I was the last ShadowBane, " Thana interrupted, getting a friendly glare from her mother.

Not yet darling. As in all things in your life you have a choice..You can choose to move on, come to me and your father. And everyone you lost. or....

"Or what?" Thana asked, her mind confused beyond knowing.

Or you can choose to go back, back to the land of the living. Thana's mother finished, smiling at her daughter. She was so proud of her, of the young woman she was becoming. Thana sat and thought hard, wishing she knew what to do. "Mum what should I choose?" She asked her mother.

I cannot make the decision for you, all I can say is that if you go back. You have your friends, Apollo, Lucas, and Shifue to go back to.

"And if I choose to go forward?" Thana asked, wanting to know what was waiting beyond.

That I cannot tell you, you know that. You will simply...move on" Her mother told her, hugging her daughter. No matter what happens, I will always be with you...in here She said, touching her daughters chest. Where her heart had been pierced. You have a whole life ahead of you, you were given a second chance. And now you are given another. Choose wisely my daughter. We will meet again my darling. Thana's mother said, getting up and walking away. Having to leave her daughter for a second time.

Thana looked up as her mother left. "Mum...MUM! Come back, ........please" she said, wanting her to come back. She watched as her mother left her, disappearing into the whiteness. She sat, she didn't know how long or how much time had passed. She sat, with a heavy heart. She wanted to see her family again...But she had so much left to do and give. She made her choice. She stood up and walked a few steps before she started falling.

Nothing touched her, everything flew past. Her memories, her life. She was weightless, continually falling. She didn't know how long she fell for, nor where she was. She stayed falling, it wasn't until she heard voices that she stopped. She felt pain, searing pain. She felt her body again, it hurt. Everywhere hurt. Blood started pumping through her broken heart, healing it. Fixing it.

Somethings happening! Come on, we have to get Lucas and Shifue.

Thana heard a voice in the distance, hearing the two names. Soon she heard footsteps, then a soft hand stroking her face.
I'm here Thana......Its alright......I'm here she heard a voice say, she knew it was Lucas.

We are all here Thana, we need you to wake up that voice belonged to Shifue.

The pain kept going, as it did so did Lucas's touch. He stayed with her, holding her and stroking her face. She knew others were there as well, she could hear soft voices.

Finally, after hours of pain everything stopped. The pain stopped. Her heart started beating regularly, her breath came back. She gently squeezed Lucas's hand.

And opened her piercing blue eyes.


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Waking up. (Thana's healing)
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