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Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Hooked on a Feeling (Closed)

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PostSubject: Hooked on a Feeling (Closed)    Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:03 pm

The sun was streaming through the curtains, giving the feel of an early morning. The walls were a pale apricot color, white accents all over, the walls filled with family pictures, paintings, anything that created a feel of home. At the center, a four poster king sized bed, and at the center held a couple. The man was blond, strong and face upwards, on his chest laid a woman, whose brown hair covered her face, but didn’t impend her breathing. Her body was curved against him, both naked, too tired from the previous night to even put anything on.

One of those streams brought the brunette and unwelcome alarm. Groaning softly, she shifted, grunting in annoyance that her own hair did nothing to shield her. Sitting up, Aria blinked a few times trying to get the feel of the room. It was early, that much she could tell, looking down, she realized she was naked. That woke her up, confused she turned to her side to realize she wasn’t alone.

Oh that’s right: William. They had gotten back together, at least for that night. She hadn’t regretted it, at least not till this morning. That stupid third glass of wine always got to her. She pulled her knees up and covered her face in frustration. She had told herself it had only been one time, a miscalculation, except that had happened last Valentine’s too.

Looking at the man she sighed and wondered why they always returned to one another. She remembered when she first met him. She had convinced her parents to continue her education at a university. They were already annoyed at her decision of Beauxbatons instead of Lugarmago, but the fact that she wanted to seek out education rather than a husband? That was unacceptable. Until she had told them a boldface lie, of her wanting to go to school to find a successful and educated husband there. They and agreed. She went on to get a degree as a Mediwitch, only to never put it to use. It was more of a show, a nice decoration on her wall, showing she wasn’t just some pretty tramp with money.

But it had been in uni where she had met Peter. From the moment she met him, she knew that he was trouble. He was so charming, intelligent, great sense of humor, but had the magnetism that really attracted her. He was also an aspiring professor of potions. She had decided that this was the man that was going to spend the rest of her life with. And for the four years in uni they had been going strong, except he hadn’t bothered to even mention a marriage. This hadn’t bothered her at first, liking her freedom, that is until her third year where she began to drop hints. It was going to be perfect! Peter Todd l son of Damon Todd, the next Minister of Magic in Spain. It was perfect. Except when it wasn’t. He wasn’t interested, telling her that while he was happy, he didn’t ever intend to marry. That had soured things, but she had stayed knowing that he had given her everything she wanted except for a ring.

But once the interest of monogamy ended for him, that  had been enough for her to walk away from him at the age of twenty six. She had been devastated and for the first time had made her break down and question herself. Their separation hadn’t lasted long, soon enough they kept coming in and out of their lives. And now, at his age of forty he was still looking for her. Promising her something that he would never give her, she never believed him, that is until he got that third drink of wine. That always made her remember how perfect they were together. Oh they were good, really good, in bed, but never in a relationship. As much as she would rant and rave about not being like her sisters, not desperate for a ring, she did sometimes think about it. Wondering what the weight of a nice diamond ring would do to her left hand.

A groan and a sigh made her realize that Peter was awake. She turned to look at him, his eyes opening up and looking at her in a lazy way that used to twist her stomach in the most pleasant way. Now it just made her think that despite what the degree on her wall said, she was mental. He smiled lazily at her and she couldn’t help but smile back. He tugged her arm and she crawled slowly up his body to give him one of those kisses that she would miss once she kicked him out of her bed. Those kisses signified no hurry, a comfortableness that both didn’t deny having. Moaning softly she pulled back and kissed his neck.

“As fun as this is, I need a shower” she mumbled.

“Come on Ari, stay in bed longer” he whined.

Slapping his chest lightly Aria sat up, unashamed by her nudity and climbed out of bed. She swayed her hips towards her bathroom. Closing the door behind her she let out a shaky breath. This was not good, not good at all. Turning on the water she climbed in immediately and tried to get her mind in order. Having him stay would be the worst thing ever.

Her sisters had warned her that there would always be a third person involved in their relationship, that being Peter’s need for adventure, his need of other women. And they were admittedly right. She wasn’t getting any younger herself, she wanted security of some kind, affection would grow as it always did. But Peter wasn’t the right person. She promised herself it was just an error, and wouldn’t happen again.

“It can’t happen again for your sanity Aria” she mumbled as she washed her face.

Once all the traces of him were gone, she stepped out, wrapping the towel around herself. She hoped he was gone, she couldn’t stand another fight so early in the morning. Opening the bathroom door she popped her head out, and sighed in relief realizing he was gone. Peter was good at getting her cues. Walking out, she untagged the towel around her and instead began to dry her hair.

She went through her usual routine, and decided she needed to go out. Her friend Donna had scheduled dinner with her, and she was desperate for someone to  basically reassure her that it was the right thing to do to try and let go of Peter. For real. She wasn’t eighteen anymore, she was 35 and in no way closer to getting over him. With a spin in front of her mirror, she grinned, her cream blouse buttoned all but three buttons letting her bust peek through it, tucked under a black pencil skirt, showing purpose. Her hair had dried, her brown ringlets falling down her back. Rose nude lipstick made her feel like she was ready to get out of her home.

Walking out of her flat, she left the maid instructions, to clean until there was no reminder of Peter. She didn’t want to come back to have his cologne on her pillows. Any trace that would make her pine, and she was better than that.

Apparting to her meeting spot, she found the older woman there already waiting for her. Angel had been her friend since Beauxbatons, and had shared everything about one another, from successes ,their first loves, to their failure in the romance department. Donna Monae was a tall imposing redheaded woman, who at the moment had a relationship that was actually functioning. It surprised both women, but Aria was actually happy to see it working. Walking over she hugged her tightly as they sat down to have a drink. It was too early for alcohol, so iced tea would have to do.

Donna was smiling, her ginger hair straight and on point, but Aria noticed she put more effort in her make up than she usually did. She had plans after this. Smiling nonetheless they began to chat
nonetheless. Gossiping about what they read in magazines, to what was going on in the lives of their other friends. All the other women were married, having children, and maybe that's what brought Donna and Aria closer, the idea that they were singled out for being...well single.

"You're glowing" Donna teased.

Aria lowered her gaze and sipped her drink, already knowing that Donna had gotten the picture, and fast. A knowing grin appeared on the woman's face and Aria sighed.

"It happened again didn't it? Oh Ari, when are you ever going to learn? He's bad"

"I know, I swear it's the last time. I can't keep doing it."

Donna patted her hand and instead changed the subject which Aria was immensely grateful for. Soon enough, it became the appropriate time to actually drink alcohol and they were happy to do so. She knew that there was something her friend was keeping from her. Probably looking for the right timing.

"What is it?" she asked suddenly.


"Donna come now, I know you. What news are you keeping from me?"

Donna smiled knowingly and removed the gloves only to throw her left hand out excitedly. Aria gasped seeing the shining diamond ring on the woman's finger. She wanted to feel happy, and she was, it was her best friend after all but...but why hadn't that happened to her? A bitter taste began to form in her mouth and took a sip of her margarita.

"That's wonderful Donna!" she managed to say once she got her mind in order.

Donna was thankfully oblivious to it all, instead gushing about it and began to tell the story about how Thomas finally proposed. Thomas and Donna had gone steady for about three years, like Peter it was on and off, but honestly, she never expected for him to actually do it and propose. It all seemed so surreal, but Aria smiled brightly nonetheless, ignoring the pain of her cheeks as she did so.

"It'll happen to you soon, just you wait" Donna said finally reading through Aria's guise.

She shrugged it off, instead asking for another drink once her glass got empty. She didn't want the pity, but it was clear that Donna would be just like their married friends. Would look down at her for not being able to keep a man, for not even close to having a child.

"You know I don't want to get married, that's in the past. All I want is to get Peter to just...stay away"

Donna nodded, ignoring the blatant lie between the pair. That's why they were good friends, they got one another very well. After the news, Aria managed to fake a few happy topics before she wanted to go home. Kissing each other on the cheek Aria was off. She had planned to go shopping after their lunch, but it wasn't going to happen. She wanted to just kick the maid out of her house, and curl up on her bed, eat ice cream and have silence.

Apparting home, she did just that, kicking everyone out, throwing the letter from Peter in the trash before she even opened it. He would send her an owl hoping to meet up again. No, it wasn't happening. A bottle of Kahlua and ice cream in bed seemed like the right thing to do. Crawling on her bed she ate away her sorrows, looking at the width of her bed and realizing that it was too big for one person. For the first time in thirty-five years she felt like maybe her life wasn't as great as she thought, and worst of all, her biological clock was ticking.
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Hooked on a Feeling (Closed)
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