Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Our Final Words (Closed - Trigger Warning Character Death)

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PostSubject: Our Final Words (Closed - Trigger Warning Character Death)   Sat Aug 09, 2014 12:20 pm

Louis had been working tirelessly ever since the attack on Salem. Writing reports, making sure that everything was documented correctly, that his Aurors had been debriefed sufficiently. But most of all, sending people out to track down the few that had gotten away after getting authorisation from Mycroft. Louis was beyond tired, and Vanessa had been watching him closely for the last few days.

It was one morning, as he sat eating breakfast, waiting for Vanessa to come downstairs, that a letter had arrived. A letter holding the Clement seal. With his name written so very carefully on the front. Louis had gingerly taken the envelope, just looking at the neat calligraphy that he recognised almost instantly from his Grandmere.

It had taken the wizard a whole ten minutes to build the courage to open the letter, and another full five minutes to unfold it. Louis' hands shook with fear as he tried to take in the words before him.

Dear Louis Charles Philip,

Your presence is no longer a request. We are now insisting that you come home to France. There will be no arguments this time, I am afraid. An escort will arrive for you this evening, Louis. Please don't let me down and make a scene, I have missed my grandson.


Lissette Clement

Louis was shaking more as he sat looking at the letter. There had been no mention of Vanessa. Nothing to say she would be coming too. Louis placed the letter down on the table, a soft sigh leaving his lips. Nobody in the world could defy his grandmother, for as old as she might be, she was the most powerful woman Louis knew.

Vanessa had come down only moments later, and upon seeing Louis in such a state had taken the letter and read it carefully. The thin line of her lips showed that both of them knew what was happening. "I will ask the servants to pack for us." She told him stiffly, leaning down enough to kiss his lips before hurrying off without so much as touching her breakfast. Leaving Louis in a silence that was becoming increasingly tense.


As the evening rolled in, Jake changed in to a tuxedo, knowing that after all these years, he was not going to give his family even the slightest point to pull him up on. After combing his hair through, Louis made his way down to the main hall, meeting Vanessa who had equally dressed for the occasion. Louis was nervous, to say the least, but as Vanessa took hold of his arm, the Frenchman knew that nothing could go wrong.

But he was wrong, so severely wrong, as his Grandmere's men entered the hall.

Louis watched them, his stance defiant as he waited for the instructions to come. "You won't be needing an escort, monsieur." The lead of the group explained, waving another of the men forward. Louis pushed the witch behind him. Keeping her safe.

"There's no need for violence." Louis told the men, his voice a low growl as he told Vanessa to leave to their room and to lock the door. Clement house staff were loyal to their house, but Louis did not trust his family enough to think they would think of Vanessa as the same anymore. It seemed enough to deter the men as Louis moved towards them, taking up the command. "Let's go." He intoned quite clearly, his heart thundering because he knew, he already knew.

They apparated back to France, back to the palace in Versailles that had been his home so many years ago. A place he had not return to for twenty three years. It didn't look as grand as it had so many years before, but Louis took that to being his distaste of his family after so many years and merely followed the men through the house.

It came as no surprise that some of the house staff paused as he passed, but Louis' eyes remained to the front, knowing they would be heading to his Grandmere's withdrawing room.

But for the second time in a day, Louis had been wrong as they climbed the stairs. Confusion touched the Frenchman's brow, but he didn't speak. As the group stopped in front of Dominic's bedroom, Louis paused, putting his hand on the handle before pushing it open. His Grandmere sat by her eldest grandson's side, not touching the boy, but watching him intently.

The older Clement had always been the favourite, Louis summarised as the door closed behind him. The man stood still, almost to attention from his years of training in the army and now the Auror corps.

"You're earlier than expected. Perhaps you've grown up in the years you've been away." Came the icy tones of Lissette Clement. Louis didn't not satisfy the witch with a reply to that, she wanted to goad him in to the childish retorts she was used to. But Louis was a man now, and he would not be goaded. "I fear you've come home too late, Louis." She added, looking away from Dominic's still body. Louis' eyes could denote his brother way still breathing, but very shallowly.

The older witch rose from her seat, still sure on her feat despite her age. She moved from the room, pausing as she came alongside him. "Welcome home." She told him, though despite the words it was as cold as Louis remembered. "Don't think we will be letting you go back to her now, you have responsibilities here." She added, sweeping from the room and leaving Louis to digest what had just happened. A sinking feeling crept through the youngest member of the Clement family. He knew what had just been said, and despite everything, family came first in the Clement house.

A small machine beside his brother's bed was beating gently and Louis moved to his side. Dominic didn't move as Louis moved beside him, whether he knew of Louis' presence didn't matter, the younger Clement had been waiting for too many years for this moment. Pulling the chair his grandmere had just located to the edge of the bed, Louis sat down next to lifeless form.

"You know, I thought with the years of not seeing you my hatred would go away. That wasn't the case. You're still a feeble man who relies on others. But not only that, you could never accept it when I overshadowed you. Your baby brother Louis, overshadowing you at school, with friends. Merlin even your betrothed wife couldn't come to you because she'd always been mine." Louis hissed, ignoring the slowing beep of the machine. "I hope that this hurts, Dominic. For all the times you hurt me, I hope that dying... hurts." The man whispered, ignoring the tears rolling down his cheeks.

For even when hatred filled you like it had filled Louis over the years, Dominic was still his brother. Still a man he wanted to protect from the world. Without needing to be told, Louis knew Dominic was leaving this world. Slowly, so very slowly, Louis' hand reached out to Dominic's and held it whilst he waited for the beep to go to a flat line. It was in the last few moments, that Louis managed the words. "Prendre soin, le grand frère."

Louis stayed for longer than was necessary before he turned the machine off that had been flat lining for more than an hour now. Making his way downstairs, to his grandmere's withdrawing room. His parents were waiting, along with the woman he was expecting. Nothing but coldness stood between them for a fair few minutes, until Louis spoke.

"Dominic has gone." He whispered, his eyes meeting each of there's with a determination not to allow more tears to roll down his cheeks. "I'll move home and fulfil my duties as heir to the Clement name." Louis added, his jaw set. No answer came to that, only a small triumphant smile from his grandmere before Louis turned on his heel and left the room. He needed to get away, but there were no comfort in these walls.

The only place he had was his old room which had not changed from the day he'd left. His room, and a life of solitude, because he knew that Vanessa could not come with him. Vanessa would not be allowed in the house, and mourning one person had become two.

It was highly unlikely, that Louis Clement would ever be the same man again.

But what was a life, when you had power?
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Our Final Words (Closed - Trigger Warning Character Death)
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