Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Master Shifue

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Master Shifué

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PostSubject: Master Shifue    Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:39 am

Full Name: Quantatatïshifuésous, last name unknown. Referred to as Master Shifue.

Birthdate: 13 August 1975

Age: (if an adult)

Country of Origin: Unknown, believed to be Russian.

Current Home: (this could be either one of the three schools or where your character currently lives)
Pheonix Monastery, Tibet.

General appearance: (hair, eyes, skin, height, body type, etc) Pale skin, grey eyes, 6’7, greying hair.

Special Features: (birthmarks, scars, tattoos, piercings, etc) Several large scars across abdomen, several tribal tattoos.

Blood purity: (take note that purebloods are monitored closely on the site. If you wish to make your character a pureblood, please read this thread and follow accordingly. In the meantime, you may leave your blood status blank until your family history has been approved and added to the pureblood index) Muggleborn

Sexual alignment: Straight

Wand Type: Used to own a Rosewood, Pheonix Feather, 13 inches.

Personality: Short paragraph on your character's personality. At least 3 sentences.
Master Shifue is a lonely soul, he is a hard man who demands dedication. Shifue is known for his great temper, and is often heard on top of the mountain yelling at his students. However hard he may seem, he is deadly loyal and finds the best in everyone. He is not prejudice against any person, simply looking to help them in their ambitions.

Background: Three short paragraphs on your character's general history.

Master Shifue’s background remains unknown to all except Thana, all monks know of his story of joining. A terrible accident happened when he was a young man, and he was found nearly dead high up in the Tibetan Alps. The old master of the Pheonix Monastery accepted and initiated him into the temple, allowing him to train. Eventually becoming the second in command of the temple.

Due to Master Shifue’s ability to see good in all people, he was assigned to train people with gifts they couldn’t control. He has trained vampires, werewolves, elementals and all matter of people and creatures to control themselves.

Master Shifue is known for training his pupils for long outrageous periods. Often setting trials and tests that will push their body and mind to the limits. His assignment of the most dangerous and unruly pupils has not deterred them, instead he trained them and taught them to be the best that they could.

Family: Mother: Name: Unknown / Age: n/a / Living or dead: unknown/ Blood status or species: Unknown

Father: Name: Unknown / Age: unknown / Living or dead: unknown / Blood status or species: unknown.

Siblings: (if applicable) Name: / Age: / Living or dead: / Blood status or species:

Pet: (if applicable) Name: / Age: / Living or dead: / Blood status or species:

Other: (if applicable) Name: / Age: / Living or dead: / Blood status or species:

Family Background: One or two short paragraphs. Unknown.
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Mary McNeely

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PostSubject: Re: Master Shifue    Mon Aug 04, 2014 8:09 am



Thanks to lovely Ariel!
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Master Shifue
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