Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Sureya Montgomery

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Sureya Montgomery

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PostSubject: Sureya Montgomery   Thu Jul 31, 2014 12:01 pm

Full Name: Sureya Montgomery

Birthdate: September 7

Age: (if an adult)

Country of Origin: USA

Current Home: Salem

General appearance: Sureya is very petite, with long, wavy red hair and bright blue eyes. She stands only five feet high.

Special Features: A cloud shaped birthmark on her lower back

Blood purity: half blood

Sexual alignment: Bisexual

Wand Type: English Oak with Unicorn Hair, 10 in

Personality: "Though she be but little, she is fierce," is the quote that best describes Sureya. She is a fighter through and through. The things she fights for, however, are not for herself. Her biggest priority in life is her friends and family. She is one of the most genuinely sweet people you might ever meet, some have even said that her heart is bigger than her brain. She will give anything to make others happy. This combination of traits makes her fearsomely protective, which can be a bad thing, because she sometimes wants to protect her friends from things they don't want to protected from. She also has a very hard time keeping her mouth shut about what she perceives to be injustices, which has, on occasion, gotten her into trouble.

Background: Sureya was born and raised in the town she is a namesake of, Montgomery, AL. This helped to establish her caring nature. She was taught from the cradle how to be a warm and welcoming Southern Lady. She manifested this through a talent for cooking and singing. She loves to make gifts of food for her friends.
     From her aunt, who is not magical,  but is a holistic healer, Sureya learned how to create soothing and healing mixtures from various natural sources. She carries with her in a special bag a small kit of essential oils for quick fixes, peppermint for headaches, ginger for nausea, rosemary for wounds. It has allowed her to help her muggle friends on multiple occasions, and she hopes to one day be able to expand on her talents to become a true healer.
    When it came time for her to go to school, there was a large debate in her family. Her grandfather wanted her to go to Hogwarts, where he had graduated and been followed by her older brothers. Sureya's mother, however, wanted her to attend Salem, from which she had graduated. After much discussion, Sureya put her foot down and made the decision to attend Salem.
Family: Mother: Name: Cassia Montgomery / Age:50 / Living or dead: Living / Blood status or species: halfblood

Father: Name: Ramsey Montgomery / Age:55 / Living or dead:Living / Blood status or species: Muggle

Siblings: (if applicable) Name: Ramsey Thomas Montgomery / Age: 21/ Living or dead: Living / Blood status: halfblood
Siblings: (if applicable) Name: Michael Montgomery / Age: 19 / Living or dead: Living / Blood status: Halfblood
Siblings: (if applicable) Name:(twin) Kyrie Montgomery / Age: 15 / living / Blood status or species:halfblood
Siblings: (if applicable) Name: Willow Montgomery / Age: 13 / Living or dead: living / Blood status or species: halfblood
Siblings: (if applicable) Name: Laci Montgomery / Age:11 / Living or dead: living/ Blood status or species:halfblood
Siblings: (if applicable) Name: Raymond Montgomery / Age:9 / Living or dead:living / Blood status or species:halfblood

Pet: (if applicable) Name: Pickle / Age:3 / Living or dead: living / Blood status or species: chihuahua

Family Background: Sureya was a part of a huge extended family, with a twin sister, three younger siblings: one baby brother and two sisters, and two older, both brothers. She is not the first magical in the family, with both of her brothers having graduated from Hogwarts, but she and her sister were the first to attend Salem. Her grandfather and mother were both magical, though her father and his family are not. This led to some issues when she was growing up.
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Mary McNeely

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PostSubject: Re: Sureya Montgomery   Thu Jul 31, 2014 12:25 pm



Thanks to lovely Ariel!
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Sureya Montgomery
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