Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Thana's Letter.

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Thana Semele
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PostSubject: Thana's Letter.    Sun Jul 13, 2014 1:12 am

After leaving the school, Thana thought it best to send a message to the Headmaster. She knew that people were looking for, but she didn't want to be found.

Dear Headmaster Holmes.

As you will of figured out by now, I have left Hogwarts. I am sorry, but it is for the best. Unfortunately I revealed my true identity to your sister, something I regret.

We both know it will be safer for everyone if I do not return. I am only writing this letter to give my apologies and to let you know that I am staying away from people. I tried headmaster I really did, but no matter what I do I will always be Voldemorts Daughter.

Thankyou for giving me a chance, my brief time at Hogwarts has meant more to me than you will ever know. I apologise for the pain I have caused your sister as well, please inform her that it was not what I had intended. And tell her that she passed, she will know what I mean.



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Thana's Letter.
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