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Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 February 2013 Vienna, Austria (Tarragon & Alys)

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PostSubject: February 2013 Vienna, Austria (Tarragon & Alys)   Wed Jun 18, 2014 1:51 pm

Tarragon Zeverai

The polo club had been heaving when the Zeverai family had arrived, the stands filled with people who had come to support the charity of the day. If truth be told, Tarragon had lost track with the many different charities the family was supporting now. All Tarragon knew is that he would be spending the afternoon on horseback trying to score goals with a stick.

Tarragon had left his wife and daughter in their VIP box and gone to join the representative team of Austria, battling out against Germany. The game was only between the Ministry officials that Tarragon had pulled together along with many and more of the surviving Purebloods in the two nations.

Throughout the game, Tarragon had wondered why he had not picked Quidditch for this, it would have been easier and less humiliating on his behalf. Though, the ex-Muhe had to admit he hadn't done as badly as most. It had, however, been much too long since he'd ridden a horse, perhaps he could change that by buying a horse for his little girl. Alys would likely not be too fond of the idea, but Tarragon had never liked denying his daughter anything that she could be given.

Even if that meant getting something for himself under the cover of Shiera "needing" it.

"And the winners at the end of the game are... Austria!" The commentator announced over the speakers, making Tarragon smirk slightly. From what he could remember, the losers had to contribute extra to the cause, not that money had ever worried Tarragon, but he knew some people were not at such liberties to paying extra.

Moving to the stands, Tarragon waved his wife over. "Where's my little girl? She can ride with Papa!"
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PostSubject: Re: February 2013 Vienna, Austria (Tarragon & Alys)   Thu Jun 19, 2014 9:20 am

Alys D Zeverai

Shiera Zeverai

"Daddy!" The little girl laughed and pointed towards the polo field, despite the crowd, locating her father correctly as he took the winning turn on the field.

"Yes my darling, that's Papa," Alys assured with a fond smile, reaching to fluff Shiera's hair which the little girl found annoying even at her age. Shiera Zeverai may not have hit her second birthday but she already knew what she liked and disliked. And now it was clear that she liked her Papa and highly disliked her hair being messed up. If Alys had ever harboured dreams of a normal child, they had gone the instant her little girl was born with a taste for fine things, just like her father.

"Papa win!" Shiera squealed, for once not caring that her dress would get dirty as she rose to her tiny feet, trailing her pink dress behind her in he grass. "Papa win big."

"Now now," Alys intoned, watching the men group up to settle whatever amount they had decided on the charity. "Papa's playing for charity, so it doesn't matter who wins. What's important is that we help the charity."

The little girl cocked her head to one side, contemplating her mother as if she had said something highly unusual.

"Where's my little girl? She can ride with Papa!"

Shiera squealed, holding her arms out expectantly to her mother who bent down to scoop her up and hold her close. "We're going to hold on tight to Papa," she warned before approaching her husband and laying a quick, congratulatory kiss on his cheek. "And we aren't going to be naughty while he's riding," she added, handing the child over with another warning look at Tarragon.

"Don't go too fast."

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PostSubject: Re: February 2013 Vienna, Austria (Tarragon & Alys)   Thu Jun 19, 2014 12:30 pm

"We're going to hold on tight to Papa,"

With the kiss on his cheek, Tarragon smiled at his wife for a moment before his attention turned to their beautiful daughter. "She knows, Alys." Tarragon replied softly as he took his daughter carefully. He always treated his daughter with the upmost care, the same as he had with Alys. The women in his life were the most precious things he had, much more so than anything else the Zeverai fortune could give.

"And we aren't going to be naughty while he's riding,"

"When is our princess ever naughty?" Tarragon replied, kissing his daughter's cheek who in turn let out a soft laugh and cuddled him. He was pretty sure she replied with a "never" but the giggles had made Tarragon far too proud of his daughter to think about it.

"Don't go too fast."

"I won't go too fast." Tarragon replied, giving his wife a reassuring smile as he placed Shiera carefully in the saddle in front of him. Using his free hand, Tarragon moved his daughter's hand to the saddle, showing her where to hold on with her little hands. "Hold on tight now, princess." Tarragon told her, giving the horse a light nudge to move on.

Instantly the giggles erupted from Shiera, her small hands holding on for dear life as Tarragon held her around the waist with one hand, the reins with another. They were only trotting to the stables and they would be back, but Tarragon knew it would achieve two things. A very worried Alys until she saw them coming back, but an equally elated Shiera for the rest of the day.

"Faster, daddy, faster!" The youngest Zeverai instructed, and with a soft chuckle, Tarragon obliged. Merlin forbid he would not give his daughter something she wanted. The trot spend up in to a canter, Tarragon's grip tightening a little on his daughter until they reached near the stables. He'd be in trouble until Alys saw the smile on their daughter's lips. But it was worth it.

It took them only a short while to put the horse 'to bed' as Tarragon put it, and after Shiera had fed each of the horses more than their fair share of sugar lumps, the duo left the stables hand in hand. Shiera talking excitedly about the horses.

"Did you see Sir Jump-a-lot, Daddy?" Shiera asked, looking up to her father as they neared Alys.

"I did, but I think you should tell mummy all about it." Tarragon insisted when they were close enough for Shiera to run on ahead.
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PostSubject: Re: February 2013 Vienna, Austria (Tarragon & Alys)   

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February 2013 Vienna, Austria (Tarragon & Alys)
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