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Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Tristan Corran Walters

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PostSubject: Tristan Corran Walters   Thu May 01, 2014 9:23 am

Full Name: Tristan Corran Walters

Birthdate: Unknown.
Adoption date: August 31, 2012

Age: Unsure, but he claims to be 13.

Country of Origin: Unknown.

Current Home: Hogwarts (Cornwall, England during holidays)

General appearance: Hazel eyes. Short, messy, dark blond hair. 5' 3", but still growing. Skinny.

Special Features: Has numerous scars on his body, including a particularly long one on his left arm.

Blood purity: Unknown. Assumed be be half-blood.

Sexual alignment: Straight.

Wand Type: Oak, unicorn hair. 10 inches.

Personality: He is a quiet, shy boy. However, if you annoy him, he will last out physically as well as using magic, although he is not that good with spells. He is afraid of being touched by others, and will react rather violently if it happens. He never cries and never shows it when he is in pain. Once you've somehow earned his trust, he transforms into a happy, talkative boy, but so far this has only happened with Brooke (his sister) and his adoptive parents.

2013 Update: After being with the Walters' family for over a year, he no longer is afraid of physical contact with people, although he is still rather uncomfortable if he doesn't know the person. He's still rather shy and introverted at a glance but once he's gotten to know a person, he relaxes into a more open state.

He can be rater manipulative if he needs to be, as this was a trait he picked up while on the strees and finds too valuable to let go. He can also be particularly nasty if you hurt him or one of those he cares about; hurt anyone else and he won't bat an eyelid. Due to the fact that the Walters' family is a very generous one, he is slowly learning to be less selfish, although he still has quite a ways to go.

Tristan also has a tendency to be blunt when he speaks, not realizing that his words can hurt others.

Background: Aurelia found him when she was on her way to work (as a Healer) on August 24, 2012. He was by the side of the road, passed out, his left arm bleeding badly. Her mother insticts had kicked in and she had quickly taken him to the hospital where she worked. Checking him into a room, she healed his arm. He woke up scared and confused, but she soothed him and earned his trust. She soon discovered that he was homeless, unsure of who he was. The only memory he has of his origins is being thrown into a gutter when he was a young boy by a gentleman in a suit.

That night, she talked to her husband, Caleb, about it and they decided to adopt him. They then told Brooke, who was more than welcome at the idea. They brought her to the hospital to meet him, where he was still recovering, and they clicked. She's almost immediately assumed the role of protective older sister.

When Brooke went back to Hogwarts, he had been told to stay at home for a few more weeks to adjust to everything, but he had missed her, and convinced his (adoptive) parents to let him join her. So, after just having come back from Hogsmeade, Caleb again apparated all the way back, this time, with Tristan.

Family: Mother: Aurelia Bethany Walters / Age: 41 / Living or dead: Living / Blood status or species: Pureblood / Siblings: Only child. / Job: Healer

Father: Name: Caleb Tyler Walters / Age: 40 / Living or dead: Living / Blood status or species: Muggle-born. / Siblings: Only child. / Job: Works on the Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee. As he was born and raised in the muggle world, he knows what kind of stories the majority of muggles would buy and which they wouldn't.

Siblings: Name: Brooke Matthew Walters / Age: 16 / Living or dead: Living / Blood status: Half-blood

Family Background: Unknown. Adopted by Aurelia and Caleb Walters on August 31, 2012.

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PostSubject: Re: Tristan Corran Walters   Thu May 01, 2014 9:25 am


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PostSubject: Re: Tristan Corran Walters   Fri May 02, 2014 3:32 am

I don't even know what this is... I wrote it while listening to the sermon during my Christian Fellowship, so it's not my best. xD (This is only up cos Jake wants to read it!)

Having lived on the streets for so long, Tristan recognized different types of people by just a glance - those who would help, those who wouldn't, and those who he would avoid at all costs. Josh was the last kind. He had seen the older Slytherin numerous time around Hogwarts, in classes, halls and their common room, each time experiencing the same reaction.

There was something about him that set the warning bells in Tristan's mind off; every time Tristan saw him, his instincts yelled at him to run. Run and don't stop till he was sure he was nowhere near the other wizard.

Since he very well couldn't start running out of class, he tried to ignore his urges as best he could, but it made him jumpy whenever he knew Josh was in the same room as him. He didn't know what it was exactly, but his instincts - developed over his many years and experiences of being alone on the streets - told him there was something dangerous about the Slytherin. Something very, very dangerous.
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PostSubject: Re: Tristan Corran Walters   Sun May 04, 2014 3:52 am

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PostSubject: Re: Tristan Corran Walters   Thu May 22, 2014 10:23 pm

Stealing had become a norm in Tristan's world. It didn't bring him a sense of thrill, like it did for some, nor did it make him feel powerful; it was a means of survival. He stole bread and fruits and pies, so he could eat. He stole money, so he could buy clothes that he very quickly outgrew. He stole objects like watches and jewelry to sell.

It was only a matter of time, then, till he stole from the wrong person. And that day came early in the morning of a Monday, before the sun had even gotten out of bed. He had walked past a young man and picked his pocket.

The next few moments were a blur, but the next thing he remembers is running. How long he ran is a mystery. Finally, exhausted, he turned into an alley, stumbling into a drain. His arm was numb and the only thing he could see was red covering it. Struggling to keep his eyes open, he began to see blotches of black drift across his field of vision. Finally, he could not stay awake any longer, passing out.


Blinking himself awake, he tried to sit up, suddenly realizing he was no longer on the streets, but rather, in a bed. His entire body felt odd, tingly almost, and he shivered slightly, scared. Where was he? He couldn't tell. Sitting up only hurt his arm, and he recalled the young man on the road. Turning his head to assess the damage, he mentally prepared himself to see torn, gaping wounds, and he was shocked to find that entire area was wrapped in a white bandage.

Just then, the door opened and he immediately fell back down onto the bed, closing his eyes. Whoever that was, he hoped they didn't mean him harm. A soft chuckle reached his ears.

"There's no need to pretend. I know you're awake," a female voice, gentle and soothing, said.

Slowly opening one eye, he saw a woman standing over him, the Healer outfit immediately giving away his location: St. Mungo's.

"You're lucky to be alive," she said, reaching over to take his injured arm. He flinched at her touch, and she pulled back almost instantly. "Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you. May I change your dressing?"

Nobody had ever asked his permission before, and it was a new thing for him. Giving the Healer a single nod, he acknowledge that she could have her way, and her gentle hands unwrapped the bandages. "It's a very nasty gash you have there," she commented. He didn't respond, not knowing what to say.

A few minutes of silence passed, during which the Healer had cleaned and re-bandaged his arm. When she was done, he expected her to leave, but instead, she conjured up a chair and sat down. Confused, he turned to look at her, and found that she was smiling down at him. "My name's Aurelia," the witch said. "What's yours?"

She was... making conversation? That was also something new to him, and he stared blankly at her for a few moments before responding. "Tristan, ma'am," he whispered. With a short laugh and wave of her hand, she had told him, "Ma'am is so formal! Call me Relia."

With that, the ice was broken, and Tristan found himself opening up to her. When she left, a little over an hour after she first entered, he felt a sense of peace. Someone did care, he thought. The next day she had returned with a man, and they had spoken to him about adoption, and something about a sister. Foreign words like 'home', 'family', 'love', and 'warmth' rang in his ears for hours after they left, and he mulled over the meaning of it all. Two people he had just met wanted him as their son! Shaking his head, he had fallen asleep, the answer plainly evident - no, because once they realized what he was actually like, they wouldn't want him anymore, and he would be send back to the streets.

But the next day, they came back, this time, with a girl named Brooke. And she - that strange, odd girl - had somehow convinced him to change his answer without even realizing it, and he found himself saying yes. Yes to Aurelia and Caleb, yes to the metamorphamagus who somehow always made him laugh, yes when the representative from the MoM had asked him if he was sure, and yes to the judge when they went to court for the final approval.

And at exactly 2:21 PM on Friday, the 31st of August, 2012, Tristan with no last name became Tristan Corran Walters and finally found his family.
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PostSubject: Re: Tristan Corran Walters   

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Tristan Corran Walters
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