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Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 The Professional's Handbook (must read for all Professionals on HAF)

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Azalea Harrington

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PostSubject: The Professional's Handbook (must read for all Professionals on HAF)    Thu May 01, 2014 1:09 am

The Professional's Handbook
which covers almost everything you need to know about being a high-ranking, qualified Professional at HAF

So ladies and gentleman, school is over and its now time to step out into the adult world and make a career for yourself. HAF offers you a wide range of working opportunities from waiters/waitresses to teachers to careers which require a more formal tertiary education. This handbook in particular pertains to those careers that require additional education after school.

In our efforts to make the site more interactive and fun, as well as set a career standard for everyone striving to make it into the big bad world, starting Game Five, we are unveiling the Unseen University, a professional development center for all young adults seeking formal education in a number of disciplines such as Healing, Cursebreaking, Aurorship, Potioneering and so on. Upon successful completion of each class at the university, students will be awarded a ★ on their professional qualification profile. Here is how the current standard works:

- : Rookie/Has been inactive in his/her career so far (this usually refers to fresh graduates from schools who have yet to gain any experience)

★: Has completed one course at Unseen University/is at the beginning stages of his/her career

★★: Has completed two courses at Unseen University/has some rudimentary experience in his/her work

★★★: Has completed three courses at Unseen University/considered fairly experienced in his/her chosen profession

★★★★: Has taken four courses at Unseen University/considered very experienced in chosen craft. Someone who has attained a four star qualification in his/her career is eligible to teach at the Unseen University.

★★★★★: A five star rating cannot be earned and the fifth star is awarded at admin discretion for acts of bravery, professionalism or excellent display of skill IC (in character). Five star rankers usually hold positions high in the Ministry and are regular/active posters on the site.

Working towards obtaining your star qualification gives you direction in your career so we highly advise you try and gain as many as possible. Every end of the year, there is a ceremony to celebrate the young adults who worked hard to earn their stars and we hope to see a lot of you attending. There's free alcohol, though you did not, of course, hear this from us.

And what if you're not a young adult looking to make a name for yourself? What if you're wizened and experienced in your field and would like to teach at the university and pass on your knowledge? Well, you can do that too.

However, seeing as the university is a strict institution, you must submit a teaching application first to any of the admin. Your application will be looked upon by the staff and a mutual decision to approve or disprove it will be made based on how qualified we think the character is. If approved, you will be given your own sub forum at Unseen University to teach in and if disproved, you will be given reasons for the denial so you can improve and resubmit your application.

Examples of teaching applications at the university can be seen in the university subforum itself.

We hope you enjoy this new feature of the site as much as we enjoyed coming up with it for you. If you have any questions regarding your professional development at HAF, please feel free to PM Azalea Harrington who will get back to you in a tick!

HAF Staff

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The Professional's Handbook (must read for all Professionals on HAF)
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