Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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  Salem History & Sorting Quiz

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PostSubject: Salem History & Sorting Quiz    Sun Apr 06, 2014 9:02 am

Salem Academy for Young Witches and Wizards

Salem is the youngest of the three noted magical schools in the world today. Though there is some dispute as to which year Salem Academy was “officially” formed, most people tend to agree that it was somewhere between 1660 to 1690. Mercifully, there is no debate regarding the school’s founders, the three most famous American witches of their time, Eleanor Smith, Meredith Blackwood and Evangeline Cartwright.

Salem Academy for Young Witches and Wizards did not, in fact start out as a school but a refuge for the countless victims accused of practicing witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts in the seventeenth century. Though the Muggles doing the persecuting rarely ever caught a real witch (witchcraft was believed to extend to women alone), they did kill hundreds of innocent Muggle women and children which was a painful blow to the highly integrated wizarding society living alongside these hysterical Muggles. It was at this point that three housewives came together over their weekly cup of cocoa and gossip to discuss what they could do to help. Mrs. Smith thought knowledge was the answer for if the Muggles were enlightened about the existence of real magic, they would stop killing innocents. Mrs. Cartwright insisted that a campaign to win the people’s heart was more important and would serve better to end the witch hunts while Mrs. Blackwood merely said “we should just take the lot of them the night before they’re slated to die and make them disappear”. Unable to decide which approach was the best, the ladies unanimously agreed to apply all three methods which turned out to be for the best. In the end, Mrs. Smith who was good at studying legal documents found loopholes to earn victims a day or two of extra life. Mrs. Cartwright who had always been a people’s person obtained intelligence from public and officials alike on where the prisoners were being kept while Mrs. Blackwood was in charge of smuggling these victims away to a safe area due to her considerable skill with delusionment charms and invisibility spells.

The idea of a school was proposed when more and more young witches were sent to the place where the three founders of the Salem Refuge were hiding Muggles and witches alike. Even magical parents felt the need to send their daughters away – especially when said daughters were too young to control their magic. Near the end of the seventeenth century, Salem Academy for Witches was formed with three main Houses named after three of the most useful herbs a housewife at the time needed in her arsenal – Wormwood, Belladonna, Nightshade. Nearly twenty years later when the threat of Muggle witch hunting was gone and the founders had done well enough to attract students from all over the country, the school was made co-ed to allow wizards to study alongside witches.

Today, Salem is ranked among the top three magical schools in the world and had grown considerably in size and dimension to accommodate the students it plays hosts to every year. The three Houses in Salem somehow still maintain the virtues of the three founders (who died in the 1800s) with Wormwood being the House of the Wise, Belladonna being the House of the Charismatic and Nightshade being the House of the Vanished. One curious phenomenon noted in Salem history is the definition of Nightshade (the vanished) which, by virtue of being hard to define, ended up being the house where students who did not fit into the first two Houses went. For a while, Nightshade was seen as the “storage” house but because of this, today, Nightshades are the most close knit of all three Houses. Perhaps it’s because they know they are the oddballs of the world, perhaps it was because they were all of a similar disposition put together but today, Nightshades are each other’s family and anyone wishing to harass a Nightshade might as well be prepared to face the wrath of the entire House.

Salem Shield

In addition to boasting off its Houses, the Salem shield features a Pheagle, a legendary bird that is said to be extinct in modern times. The founders adopted the Pheagle as their school’s symbol in the hopes that Salem will become a home for anything and anyone that needs nurturing and protection from ceasing to exist.


Founder: Mrs. Eleanor Smith
Crest: A lit candle that illuminates knowledge and guides with wisdom
Colours: Lavender and Steel Grey
Statistics: Wormwood students usually go on to become Healers, Researchers, Historians and Mathematicians.
Fun Fact: Wormwood is the only House in Salem that scores collectively higher in standardized tests as compared to other Houses. A popular saying around Salem is “you wanna pass that test, go hang around a Wormwood for a days or two, maybe he/she will breathe on you”.


Founder: Mrs. Evangeline Cartwright
Crest: Sword and shield, the symbol of champions and victory
Colours: Green and Gold
Statistics: Belladonna  students usually go on to become athletes, singers, performers, businessmen, writers and Ministry officials.
Fun Fact: The Belladonna Quidditch team has traditionally been as infamous as Salem itself. Despite having been started by the witches who attended Salem when it was still an all Witch institute, the team obtained a reputation of fast flying, quick goal scoring and some very questionable parties after the inevitable victory that ensued from the first two factors.


Founder: Meredith Blackwood
Crest: The reflection of a puff of smoke as it vanishes
Colours: Sanguine and Silver
Statistics: No one knows what Nightshades do after they graduate because it is suspected that if it was known, it would, legally speaking, have to be reported to the law. However, since Nightshades tend to be the most generous alumni of Salem, it is understood that they must have done well for themselves.
Fun Fact: Since its founding, Salem’s Head Girl has always been a Nightshade. From the very first Head Girl, the founder’s daughter Deidre Blackwood, to its most recent one, Azalea Harrington, the seat of Head Girl has always rested with a Nightshade female.

NOTE: Due to an unbalanced amount of upper and lower class students at both Hogwarts and Salem, HAF will only be accepting students from 1st years to 4th years for the near future.

Question 1: What is Your favourite genre of music?

A: Classical
B: Pop
C: Alternative/ Metal

Question 2: How do you most like to spend your time?

A: Hanging around dark, hidden places
B: Studying/ Doing schoolwork
C: Hanging out with friends

Question 3: Who is your favorite superhero?

A: Superman
B: Iron Man
C: Batman

Question 4: Someone insults your best friend, what do you do?

A: Ignore it and tell your friend to do the same, you're both smarter than that bully and you know it!
B: Insult right back, only make it ten times worse by bringing in the person's mother or significant other
C: Ask the person kindly to apologize

Question 5: What Area of the School would be your favorite?

A: The Library/ The Room of Variation
B: The Rooftop/ The Lake
C: The Dungeons/ Night Forrest

What school year do you want your character to start in?

First Choice:
Second Choice:

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Salem History & Sorting Quiz
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