Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Tessa Di Angelo

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Tessa Di Angelo

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PostSubject: Tessa Di Angelo   Fri Apr 04, 2014 5:17 am

Full Name: Tessa Di Angelo

Birthdate: October 31

Age: 19

Country of Origin: Italy

Current Home: London

General appearance: Brown eyes, dark hair, nice smile, dimples, very fit, gorgeous

Special Features: Dragon tattoo on right hip, bellybutton piercing

Blood purity: Halfblood

Sexual alignment: Straight

Wand Type: 12", Dragon Heartstring, Oak

Personality: Has always been extremely lucky, hates helping people, is outgoing and energetic, Hates it when people tell her what to do, loves making new friends.

Background: Tessa saw her father murdered when she was 13 years old. However, Tessa lived a normal life of a wizard. She received her Hogwarts letter when she was 11 years old and was sorted into Gryffindor. She joined the Gryffindor qudditch team as a Chaser and graduated at the top of her class. But then her father was murdered, and she turned bad. Tessa became evil and insane with the need for closure and revenge.

Family: Mother: Name: ELizabeth Di Angelo / Age: 42/ Living or dead: Living/ Blood status or species: Muggle

Father: Name: Max Di Angelo/ Age: 45 / Living or dead: Dead / Blood status or species: Pureblood

Siblings: (if applicable) Name: Vanessa Di Angelo / Age: 12 / Living or dead: Living / Blood status or species: Halfblood

Siblings: (if applicable) Name: Luca Di Angelo / Age: 21 / Living or dead: Living / Blood status or species: Halfblood

Pet: (if applicable) Name: / Age: / Living or dead: / Blood status or species:

Other: (if applicable) Name: / Age: / Living or dead: / Blood status or species:

Family Background: Elizabeth and Max Di Angelo met when Max was on an assignment in Italy. Elizabeth was to be protected from a group of Dark Wizards who wanted her dead. Max, being a member of the Wizard Protection Program, was assigned to protect her. They ended up falling in love and getting married. They decided to live in Italy to be closer to Elizabeths family. But Max's work soon got in the way and they had to move to London. By that time, Luca was born and Tessa was on the way. Before Vanessa was born, they moved back to Italy to be with Elizabeths family again before Elizabeths mother died. She died a few months after Vanessa's birth. Soon after this, they moved back to London. A few years after their final move, Max DI Angelo was killed by a death eater by the name of Rocko Benson.
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PostSubject: Re: Tessa Di Angelo   Fri Apr 04, 2014 5:18 am

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Tessa Di Angelo
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