Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Adrian Castella

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Adrian Castella

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PostSubject: Adrian Castella   Thu Dec 12, 2013 1:29 pm

Full Name: Adrian Darren Castella

Birthdate: October 21st, 1989

Age: 21

Country of Origin: England

Current Home: Gloucester, England

General appearance: 5'11", short and spiked red hair, a bit messy despite the spikes, freckles, hazel green eyes, mainly green but with some brown as well that shift with lighting. Slimly built, but strong.

Special Features: Skin grafting covered up most of the burn scars, but they are still visible all over his body if you know what to look for, though it takes a skilled eye to notice it. A tattoo on his lower back, one of a burning tree, with spindly branches, that is white. Basically he shot for the White Tree of Gondor burning, because of the dead tree that burned and fell on his home, setting it ablaze. Underneath it are the words: "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

Blood purity: Halfblood

Sexual alignment: Heterosexual

Wand Type: 12 3/8", Maple, Little Flexibility, Thestral Hair Core


Adrian Castella had been a friendly albeit shy boy who loved history and in particular ancient civilizations. After his parents deaths he became closed off from the world, though he was still polite most of the time unless provoked. Highly intelligent, resourceful, and driven, with a satirical humor that hardly anyone can see. Creative, though he hides that part of himself, and passionate about his work.


Adrian grew up in England with his parents in Gloucester England. Both of his parents were varying degrees of halfblood and were fairly well off though wouldn't be considered rich. His father Luke worked in the Department of International Magical Cooperation as a Linguist, and as such got to travel quite a bit. Sometimes he was able to take his family with them, though often he was unable to. His mother Christina was the author of several children's books, not extremely popular but they did sell. They were a fairly normal family for the most part, and treated him well.

Often when growing up, Adrian was left to his own devices as an only child. He did make friends, but most of the time preferred to discover the world on his own. Ever since he could read he'd been fascinated with the history of different cultures as well as their mythologies, for as it has been said there's a small grain of truth in every myth, if only you could find it. Greek and Egyptian were the most interesting to him, though anything related to it he found fascinating. Naturally, when he went to Hogwarts he started taking runes as soon as possible and worked hard outside of class to understand them. During school he also forced himself to learn different languages, his father assisting him when he could. He was a Ravenclaw, and although he did play Quidditch kept to himself other than that and trained himself to one day be a cursebreaker.

When he was fifteen, both of his parents were killed in a fire while he was home for the Christmas break. On his way back from a trip to purchase their gifts, he discovered a fire had started in the dying tree outside their home that had yet to be cut down. Unfortunately, it crashed into the house and set the upper floors on fire, before the flames spread to the rest of the home. Quickly wetting his scarf with snow, he wrapped it around his nose and mouth and rushed in, crawling on all fours to avoid the worst of the smoke. He was able to locate his parents in the living room, but was blocked from them by two heavy beams. Slicing through one part of one of them, he was able to create a small opening to slip through, and eventually managed to drag them out. Upon reaching the outside, both of his parents were burned to a crisp and dying, they soon did, unable to even tell him anything, simply looked into his eyes as they passed.

The authorities arrived and were able to save Adrian even though his burns and smoke inhalation had damaged him, it took him a month and half before he was able to support himself again, two weeks in the hospital plus a month of therapy. His hair took him a while to grow back, but eventually it did, and aside from the pained look in his eyes. The quiet boy who played chaser became the odd kid with an attitude and a tight hold on his emotions. Nobody was let in, until he was 18 and bought his Black Labrador Hyperion.

Soon all his effort and body was put into his Cursebreaker duties at Gringotts, as well as into his Mixed Martial Arts and weapons training. Often while on missions he would encounter difficult traps that could take anything from decoding a puzzle to battling a living statue to find the valuable artifacts or treasure, on occasion even other cursebreakers. The best that could be said of his relationship with the goblins and coworkers was a measure of respect to the goblins, the fellow cursebreakers only got polite indifference.

Something that he's kept a secret from everyone he's ever met is his love of the piano and violin. Classical music has spoken to him, and the summers he devoted to his musical training in addition to his usual schedule. If he wanted to he could probably play and win competitions with the melancholy and pain-filled pieces he knows by heart, but he refuses to let anyone see past his walls. Has even composed some of his own works recently, though he can only work on them between assignments.

Family: Mother: Name: Christina Castella (maiden name: Wainright / Age: 44 / Living or dead: Dead / Blood status or species: Halfblood

Father: Name: Luke Castella / Age: 46 / Living or dead: Dead/ Blood status or species: Halfblood

Pet:  Name: Hyperion / Age: 3 / Living or dead: Living / Blood status or species: Black Labrador

Family Background:

Both of his parents came from families with vary degrees of Halfblood history. They were friendly to everyone and maintained a fairly well off home, though not wealthy. His father Luke was respected in the Ministry for his linguistic skills and ability to make friends with almost anyone. Christina was known as the author of several children's books, and although not famous was respected as well.

Outside of his parents, he had no other relations. Luke had a brother who passed away at the age of three from a bad case of pneumonia that was left too long unattended, and his mother Christina was an only child. Adrian's grandparents also passed away before he was born due to various circumstances, two in the resurgence of Voldemort, one to heart failure, and the other from grief.

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Adrian Castella
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