Hogwarts, A Future

Sixteen Years After the War has Ended, Two Wizarding Schools Exist. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Salem Academy
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 Zaire Turner

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Zaire Turner

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PostSubject: Zaire Turner   Mon Aug 12, 2013 11:09 am

Full Name: Zaire  Turner
Birth-date: 19th of July
Age: 32
Country of Origin: Illinois, USA
Current Home: London, UK
General appearance: Light brown hair, dark brown (nearly black) eyes, tall, muscular build, defined facial features, tanned.
Special Features: Tattoo of a Chinese Fireball dragon up his right arm, the word "strong" on his left wrist.
Blood purity: Half-blood
Sexual alignment: Heterosexual

Personality: Zaire is a very proud man, always full of confidence and a natural ability to charm the girls. The only thing that ever sometimes gets him down about himself is that he has acute dyslexia. He's usually very laid back, easy to get along with and the kind of person you wouldn't get nervous talking to, thanks to his soft smile. Despite his strong appearance, he would only go out to hurt someone who had hurt him or someone close to him first. He isn't scared of much, because fear is the opposite of strength, and he hates the idea of disappointing his father by not being strong.

sorry for the length

Background: Zaire was born into a family of strong-willed and short-tempered people. He had one older sister, a stubborn girl who walked around with a smirk on her face and didn't give into anything. His mother was just as though, not taking any crap from any man who tried to win her over, still committed to her Russian-born husband Eion (pronounced AY-on) even after he disappeared mid-way through her pregnancy, claiming it to be very important and unmissable.

For the first fourteen years of his life, Zaire never knew who his father was. All he had been told was that he was a great man, passionate and hardworking, yet still forgiving and humble. Even though he had never met the man, the brunette aspired to be the same kind of person; someone who could strike fear with a single look, yet be easy enough to talk to and fair to everyone.

He attended Salem Academy from the age of eleven, where he was sorted into Nightshade house. He went through school with no genuine troubles, leaving behind him a string of broken hearts after countless flings that left him as one of the popular boys. He would have a different girl on his arm every week, most of whom ended up in his bed or a broom cupboard at some point or another. One of whom was the head girl at the time he was in his fifth year; he called it congratulatory sex for being appointed a prefect, she called it "the best she'd ever had".

Throughout his Salem years, Zaire was a renowned prankster. Every year he would set some kind of booby trap for the new intake in the Nightshade common room, generally a plate of something that would teach them to be less naive and hopefully encourage trust between them and the older years he would plant, who would tell them not to eat it. He would also play tricks on teachers; exploding ink pots, potions in their drinks that would change their skin colour to blue or green, disappearing charms on their chairs; he loved it, though he was frequently under his professor's watchful eyes. He was never in any serious trouble, though.

It was on the day of celebration of Zaire's fourteenth year of life that Eion appeared out of no-where, knocking on the door with nothing but the clothes on his back to explain himself with. The same clothes he had left in, so his mother said. He was exactly how Zaire imagined he would be; an exact copy of the young boy aside from the height and the age. He grew up determined to be strong, be daring, put himself out there.

He was determined to be like his dad.

Mother:Willow Turner / 65 / Living / Half-blood witch (Half-Brazilian)
Father: Eion Kualesk / 65 / Living / Half-blood wizard (Russian)
Siblings: Libby Turner / 41 / Living / Half-blood witch (1/4 Brazilian, 3/4 American)

Family Background: Willow and Eion met the year after his graduation from Salem, when Eion decided he wanted to go traveling. He met the Brazilian witch while he was walking around the streets of Rio de Janiero, and unlike how he expected, she really wasn't interested in him whatsoever. He walked straight into her one day, knocking her on her back as she cursed and glared. He was staying in the city for a few weeks, really just wanting to appreciate it's beauty, and so the two met on more than one occasion.

Eion quickly realised that Willow was working as a barmaid in a pub he (for some completely unknown reason) found himself particularly drawn to. He visited every night, flirting with the woman shamelessly, trying to find out about her. On his last night, when he was almost completely wasted, he told her that he was leaving and asked if he could have something to remember her by. She said "how about I come with you?", being slightly tipsy herself, and they started to travel around together, starting as friends, falling in love, and getting married in the same place they first met.

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Zaire Turner
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